After the cycle of concerts in the US, I noticed many new names following our site, and I believe some are new fans, who have joined us, after having heard Il Volo sing live in the last concerts.

Maybe not all of them are updated on Il Volo, like us who follow them daily, and so I wanted to go back a little bit in time when Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were not yet IL VOLO, indeed they didn’t know each other at all …… the inspiration was given during that television broadcast: TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE – year 2009.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, have been presented in this transmission, as solo singers. And here they are in some of their performances:

Piero Barone sings “PIOVE” by Domenico Modugno.

Oh my God, Piero, you were 15 years old, I would say rather plump, and those ears …… but you already showed security, and we want to talk about the voice? An enchantment, even then, surprised us and was a contrast between you, with childlike features and this adult voice.

Really very particular, I would say a kid to keep in observation !!!

And here is Ignazio Boschetto singing “È LA MIA VITA” by Al Bano.

Wow Ignazio, what a difficult song, but I had no doubt that you could do it very well. Al Bano is known for having a very high tone of voice but you have not been less than him, quite the contrary.

Your voice had no problems, and you immediately enchanted everyone.

But let’s talk about you, a still clumsy child, forced to wear sizes of adult clothes because of the weight, but those dimples, what to say have fascinated everyone, as much as your voice.

This kid, to be taken into consideration!!!

And now Gianluca Ginoble sings AVE MARIA.

Gianluca, what a sweetness, your voice is so caressing and so deep, that it touches us in our soul.

The deep admiration for Bocelli’s style is felt in the execution.

14 years old, good and handsome. You seem shy but so terribly sure of your voice. 

What a great power.
Another one to keep definitely observed!!!

Three really promising children.

In the various stages of the broadcast, the director decides to create duets, and the result is not at all disappointing.

Piero Barone and Simona Collura sing CU’MMÈ , beautiful Neapolitan song.

Gianluca Ginoble and Sara Pischedda sing L’ABITUDINE.

Ignazio Boschetto and Massimo Ranieri sing QUANDO L’AMORE DIVENTA POESIA.

I did not understand why in Piero and Gianluca, in the duets joined small girls, also participating in the transmission, while instead Ignazio, in the duets was associated with already famous singers, guests of the evening.

However, our three guys even in the duets have pointed out their skills and then ………… why not try to make a song in a trio:

And so Roberto Cenci the director of “Ti Lascio una canzone”, thought well of trying to unite these three children with powerful voices in a trio, and make them sing O Sole Mio.

O SOLE MIO, the first time sung by Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, 25 April 2009.

O SOLE MIO – Click Here

Wow, what strength, what power, these children could make a fortune ……. but someone at that exact moment, a great manager of famous singers, Michele Torpedine, was watching television while on the phone with his friend Tony Renis ……….. this is the beginning of IL VOLO, and everything else is history !!

Sometimes I think of the extraordinary randomness, which made Piero, Ginaluca and Ignazio, coming from different places, be registered in the same year for this show.

The randomness of the director who wanted to try to combine their voices.

The coincidence that Torpedine was watching TV on the phone with Tony Renis.

A long series of fortuitous circumstances, which made the project take shape in a short time, was April 25, 2009, this year has been 11 years and we are still enjoying these beautiful voices …… and it’s not over yet !!


Credit to owners of the photo and all videos.

62 thoughts on “BEFORE BEING IL VOLO by Daniela”

  1. Nancy just said exactly what I was going to say, it was meant to be, and I am truly grateful for the many hours of pleasure I have received from the result of IlVolo. Thanks Daniela for the videos.

      1. Gee I only pray that they are happy to stay together & don’t separate like many other groups & try it alone !!!

  2. Daniela, thank you so much for your stories about Il Volo. Your research for facts is most appreciated.

  3. What a special treat!!!
    Yes, I am a new fan introduced by my niece!
    I couldn’t open the sole mio link, but greatly enjoyed their first duets! May G, I, & P continue
    to shine so bright in all the do ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

    1. Chicago Love, I sensed that you were new to this site and I am very pleased.
      I too had problems with starting “O Sole mio”, but now everything is ok.

  4. Wonderful to remeniss (sp) again with these three young men. And to think that their talent is just a small part of their values, character, love for everyone, and their hard work to achieve their dream. They make my heart sing

    1. Kathy, you are completely right, their talent is wonderful, but surrounded by many positive things, such as their character, education, love !!

    1. Sara, they are so tender, and certainly their voices, which were already powerful and very beautiful, are now so mature and demonstrate study and commitment to improvement.

  5. It was wonderful to see these old performances again. But I remember so mzny that were lost, taken down by Rai. Maybe there were some of Ignazio with the young girls. I remember several of Gianluca with the girls. And one with an older gentleman. There was even one with all three guys with a fourth boy. It was not pleasant at all! Too bad we can’t see them all again.

    1. You’re right Laura, many videos have disappeared, I have not found Ignazio with girls, it is not fair that RAI remove certain videos from circulation that would be happy to see

      1. RAI is famous for exploiting the moment. They are very jealous of their vast library of videos.
        Usually, one can find an infinity of videos on YouTube of anything one wants to watch…not much of RAI material, except snippets of talk shows. They (RAI) are probably combining a documentary of il Volo, their lives and stories of their humble beginning.

  6. Sarah Hunter, that is a lovely image of the angels crying from wonder and happiness. The guys make me very emotional and sometimes I just cry tears of joy. Welcome to the newbies on this site. Our ladies go all out to keep us up to date.

    1. I agree RoseMarie, the image of the crying angels is really beautiful, for happiness.
      And with our guys, the angels will be very happy.

  7. Hello Daniela!!! I am so very thrilled at the genius of Michele Torpedine putting these three very young men together, each one talented beyond their years in their own right. I am awestruck over the three beautiful voices and am so thankful that their respective families have raised, watched over and guided them so beautifully and so well! Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments from their beginning. I am a “Forever Follower” from America…but know that my heart is in beautiful, romantic Italy. Grazie, Daniela!!

    1. Certainly Michele immediately thought of activating Cenci’s intuition and with the support of Renis, it all began. The role of families has been very important. In short, everything worked.
      I hope that one day you will come to see our Italy.

  8. Thank you Daniela. I get teary when I think that if that fortunate stream of events had never happened when they were performing on Ti Lascio Una Canzone they might never have become Il Volo. They were born to be together and to inhance our lives everyday with their magnificent voices and beautiful, loving hearts. We are so lucky to have them and our Il Volo family in our lives. We all miss them and hope they are able to soon enchant us in concert again. In the meantime thank goodness that they share so much of their lives with us on Social Media!!💕😃💕

    1. Joan, I am convinced of this, their strength is the union, they showed it immediately, they were good on their own, but when they were united, the fairy tale began.

  9. I first saw Il Volo on PBS Detroit Opera special in either 2009 or 2010. I knew nothing about them but was so impressed by their beautiful voices and wonderful presentation of such good Italian music. What impressed me even more was their stage presence. Here are three young teenagers, just barely older than my grandchildren, they’re in a foreign country performing on stage with the stage presence of a Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett. Watching these old videos. reminded me of that

    1. Barbara, sometimes a photo or video is enough to remember many beautiful things and we like to listen to you in your memories about this trio. Here in Italy, we have lost their first years.

  10. Thank you Daniela! If I’m not mistaken, Gianluca auditioned for TLUC the year before and was turned down. Imagine if he had actually made it, we would not have Il Volo!

    1. Lisa, do you know I didn’t know about this? Luckily it was not admitted, you see, sometimes coincidences, everything was ready for the three of them, in 2009.

    2. You know Lisa, based on what you wrote, I searched for news and reread the book. Actually Gianluca auditioned for TLUC in 2008, but in November, when the first edition of that program was already over. Director Cenci liked him very much and when the auditions began, Gianluca was called and admitted directly, without doing further auditions, as the others had to do.

  11. Things happen for a reason. They are truly blessed with their voices. And it was meant to be. For them to get together and share their glorious voices with the world. Piero’s voice gives me chills. I have heard many singers throughout my life. And these boys, (now grown men) simply blow anyone out of the water. Any other singer , opera or otherwise, would be honored to be able to sing with Il Volo. Looking forward to many more decades of their music.

    1. Exactly Maria, the reason was that they had to be united, their beautiful voices required it, and we are here to listen to them and rejoice.

  12. Hi Daniela
    I”m one of the grannies who have been following Il Volo from the very beginnning. In between the time I saw them on some promotional video and the eagerly awaited Detroit concert, I searched youtube for Ti Lascio una Canzone videos of the boys. As for duets my favorite Gianluca one is the duet with Sara Pischedda singing Vivo per Lei.
    There are too many other ones to mention, but the fans here can go to youtube and find them.

    1. Hi Penina, I know you follow them from the beginning. I did not follow “TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE” and I must say it was not easy to find the videos. If I had found Gianluca Ginoble and Sara Pischedda in “Vivo per lei”, surely I would have used that.
      Thank you for putting the link for everyone !!

  13. These young boys have always had a destiny, they just didn’t know it. I believe Gian and Piero were put together with young girls for two reasons. First, they were/are smaller. Second, they neither one have voices that pierce the air line Ignazio. They had power, but it wasn’t full power yet. Ignazio needed to be paired with some one larger with a sharper voice. He more than held his own with Ranieri. For my money, Piero had the toughest song to handle in the duets, but for overall sound……Ignazio. I never tire of watching and listening to these marvels of music. Just….WOW!

    1. Leslie, your exam is correct, together they have reached maximum power.
      I don’t think any of us get tired of hearing their magnificent voices.

  14. As far as I am concerned, there are no other vocalists who can compete with IL VOLO. Never in my life did I imagine I could love this kind of music, but their voices proved me wrong. They sing with love in their heart, compassion in their souls, and merriment to the audience. They are simply the best of the best. I wish I had known of them when they first started out…. I missed the first 9 years… lucky for me I found them celebrating their 10th year together. I have no favorites, I love them the same, but see differences in each. This makes them unique. I regret not knowing of them until now. But I pray God gives me another couple of years to enjoy and love them even more. They each have a gift and I hope you find in life happiness, love, and contentment. Big hugs and a big smackaroo on the cheek my three Prince’s.

    1. What can I say, Sassylady, I too have lost their first years, I have followed them since 2015 victory of Sanremo. But I believe that, through videos, books and memories, I found a lot of them, on the other hand those years, here in Italy, were not very well known.

  15. Looking back on their beginnings again. It never gets old. My husband and I saw the 1st PBS performance and we knew we would find and follow their careers as they were so talented and sang melodic songs with beautiful language. My husband is gone now but, I am a forever fan. Mr. Torpedine has managed them so well as they grew up and became more and more famous. Bringing Italy to us is wonderful. They are all 3 different and yet the same. I just love their voices and harmonies.

    1. Kay, I agree that Torpedine has followed them very well. Unfortunately, the matter with Renis has not been resolved as well.
      The three of them certainly have different voices and different characters, but this is precisely a component that together makes them unique!
      And their harmonies are certainly fantastic.

  16. Thank you for this bit of history. Seems to me that Ignazio is a natural
    stage performer who has confidence built on his community theater
    background (there are old clips). He seemed secure singing next to a pro, where as G & P had yet to develop a physical stage presence.

    1. Yes, Martha, perhaps his size, but also the events of his family, forced him, in spite of himself, to mature very quickly, and not to be intimidated by contact with adults and people already known to the audience. But in the end Ignazio has preserved the joy of the child.

  17. Thank you Pat and Daniela for these videos. It’s great to see some of them again! I truly believe Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were put together at the same time and place by God and were helped along by professionals who recognized their extraordinary talent. And look at all the happiness and joy they have given so many through the years!

    1. In fact, Margaret, they have given a lot of joy and serenity to many people, I don’t know to what extent they are aware of this.

  18. Thank you so much Daniela for your time and effort in putting this story together and with the links to the videos. It is thrilling to see them so young and in formation so to speak. their voices a little trembly at times, Ignazio with his upper lip over his front teeth, and sometimes Gian’s shyness coming thru. You can see the greatness in their voices at this age and thank God others saw their potential and gave us IL VOLO!!!. Loved this!!!

    1. Christine, you said something that I noticed too, they in the high notes, sang with their mouths shyly open, on the contrary, the first of NOTTE MAGICA, in the high notes, Ignazio opened his mouth so much, to be able to take everything the breath possible, I think that, that evening they were really very excited it was a hard test and it was their first time that they performed such an important classic (Nessun Dorma), under the eyes of so many people, not only fans, but also many people ready to criticize them.

  19. Thank you so much Daniela and Pat for the post and sharing the videos. Eleven years ago Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were such cute children with huge, strong voices. When I watch videos from those times, I get the impression that the picture doesn’t match the sound. How it is possible to sing in such beautiful and mature voice at such young age. And now they are getting better and better if it is possible at all and give us joy by their wonderful singing. Thanks again. Baci e abbracci

    1. Jolanta, I agree with you, the voices so beautiful nopn corresponded to children. As for beauty, I would say that Piero and Ignazio have also worked a lot on their image, improving considerably.

      1. Daniela, yes they are very handsome now where before they were cute. GG has always been handsome.

  20. Thanks Daniela. When going down the memory lane it is nice to go back to the beginning. I has been a fabulous 11 years following the boys.

  21. Dear Daniela Thanks for taking the time to introduce where Il Volo came from to new members of the Flight Crew. It was such a pleasure to see these old clips once again to see how young they were but as everyone seems to say their voices so amazing at such young ages. What a joy it has been to see them mature and grow and be better than ever.

    1. Luckylady it was really a pleasure to see their success increase and they become bigger and better. We will wait for more progress.

  22. Grazie mille, Daniela and Pat. I’m pretty new to Flight Crew, but not to Il Volo, as I watched (and loved) the first PBS special and have been a big fan ever since. I lost my husband that same year (2011), and went back to Italy on the same trip we had taken in 2010. I asked our tour guide about them, and as she was also a fan (especially of Piero), she put their first cd on the bus sound system. They have brought me consolation ever since (especially Ignazio!!). I loved seeing the old videos, and I also think Ignazio left Massimo in the dust. No wonder he still knocks me out now! And this holiday weekend (U.S.), I converted two more family members to Il Volo fans (I’m working on them all)!

    1. Judi, can you believe me if I tell you that I hear many stories of people helped to endure the flight of very dear people, by Il Volo.
      Brava, it’s very nice that you keep trying to make our kids known.

  23. I loved them in 2009 and I love them a whole lot more in 2020! 11 years of listening to their glorious voices and I will be listening to them for the rest of my life and I hope that is a long, long time from now. I love you Piero, Gianluca. and Ignazio, Stay safe! – Allene

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