And here, Maura did not wait long with the second part of her publication.

Very well Maura, I think this will start a nice debate.


Why do you like Il Volo so much?

The answer is found in a video on Youtube: “Il Volo. The ten ingredients of global success” published by Trishia on 9 January 2017. 

Who is Trishia? It is the pseudonym of Patrizia Ciava: a flagship for the Il Volo fandom. Graduated in philosophy, writer and winner of literary awards, teacher, lived in various countries of the world, a career of the highest level in the Public Administration. Among her institutional tasks is the promotion of Italian “excellence”, of the Italian language and culture. 

Here are the elements that make up the success of the group, identified by her:

1) Three prodigious voices 

2) The ability to excite 

3) Spontaneity and sympathy combined with talent 

4) Empathy with the public 

5) The ability to joke and to create a friendly atmosphere 

6) Collaboration with other artists 

7) Friendship and team spirit 

8) Charm and elegance 

9) Availability towards fans and simplicity 

10) Love for family and for Italy.

I could only add that their knowledge of English and Spanish helps to maximize the possibility of interacting with the public in every part of the world.

That said, let’s see if the definitions of “popular” offered by the vocabulary of the DEVOTO (vocabulary name) fit the music of our group.

Popular is what “represents the continuity and importance of an unbroken tradition, as opposed to what is innovative.” 

Here I would like to make a “distinction”. 

The definition is general. Wanting to refer it to music, in regards the first part it adapts to the music of Il Volo: “represents the continuity and importance of an unbroken tradition”. 

Then popular music, understood here as traditional, should be “opposite” to what is innovative, and this, in my opinion, is a commonplace, a convention, it’s only another genre of music.

Music is a universal category in which all genres, ancient and modern, born before or born after, have found their place with equal dignity, joining, rather than opposing, each other and satisfying every taste and need.

I think I also interpret the thoughts of the components of Il Volo, who have always respected all types of music and all the singers, not “opposing” nor considering “against” anything or anyone.

It is popular, those who “enjoy sympathy and favor in a remarkable way”.

Let’s say that the music of Il Volo and its performers are …  very, very popular.

Popular is “something that opposes aristocratic choices and discrimination”.

POP is only an abbreviation of POPOLARE. Pop music is what was once called “light music”, that is songs. Vasco, Pausini, Ramazzotti, Ferro etc. (Italian singers) sing pop music and they are pop singers, and they are Italian … Their music is therefore national-popular. 

And journalists and music critics should know that.

Instead, the giornalist, uses the expression “national-popular” in the derogatory sense, identified precisely as to define the music of Il Volo, praising the new genres imported from the United States (rap, trap indie).

These journalists, many of them with white hair, are only intent on tickling the tastes of teenagers, discriminating, not between beautiful and bad music, as they should, but based on the date of birth of that music, in a momentum of “youthfulness”, to appear fashionable and in step with the times.

Il Volo, predominantly interprets the ITALIAN classical musical tradition, with SONGS in the Neapolitan language and dialect, and this justifies, as already said, its nature as a national-popular. But we cannot forget that their repertoire also contains songs of the classical tradition of the Spanish language (Cielito lindo, Historia de un amor and others), and English (Smile, My Way and others).

How about coining a less restrictive and more appropriate neologism for their music? This: INTERNATIONAL-POPOLAR.

All of the above considerations are strictly personal opinions. If you want, and as always, the debate is open.


Credit to owners of all photos and video.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. There is so much beautiful music that is native to Italy and I hope that IL VOLO will dig into the past and continue to come up with concerts that bring back the music. As I said before the boys are talented and they can sing in different languages and genres. I so love them when they sing Latin music.

  2. Told Gianlucca at Boston meet greet the simple fact “ you alone are carrying the torch for this music” He of course agreed knowing he has commented to that effect several times. Look around, there is nobody else.

  3. I agree with Maura. These songs ought not to be forgotten.
    “Al De La” from the movie Rome Adventure would be another very romantic song for them to sing. I also love their new italian songs. They can sing anything and make it really lovely. They make my heart sing.

  4. First and foremost I am crazy about IL Volo. I love their songs, the way they sing them, and I hope the the songs never die out. Even Modern Pop songs as well as the arias and light opera. I love to hear them sing Smile. I think they can sing any song really. There is a song I dearly love, guess you would call it a pop song… called Feelings… I would love to hear them sing this song… I can see their faces, hear their voices, and I think it would be a best seller over and over. But I’m not gifted in knowing what works and doesn’t for them, but if they ever read these posts that are about them and their music, I hope they see this one. Feelings oooohhhh Feelings! <3

  5. Maura, interesting article with true insights. Sound reasons and I personally think they put a lot of thought into what they sing and to whom they sing it. A reason why their market is so wide spread. The songs they sing in America are different than some of the songs they sing in South America. Ignazio once said that Gianluca had a gift of knowing what was good for them to sing. I also believe Mr. Torpedine has his finger in the wind all the time assessing what is good. I hope he will be with them for at least the next 5 years and will mentor Ignazio with his new production company. For me, it made a big difference when “the family” took over Bocelli’s career and not for the good. I love Il Volo and will follow start to finish. How could I not.

  6. Thanks, Maura, Daniele for the post. I also liked Trisha’s list of 10 ingredients for Il Volos international success. I may put that in my IV scrapbook. I also agree that their knowledge of Spanish and English is a huge plus.

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