A Little Spring Cleaning…

Hello out there!

Spring is in full swing just about everywhere!  Here in Detroit, spring came several weeks earlier than expected and many of our flowering trees are already starting to fade, where they are usually in full bloom, just about Mother’s Day!  The grass is green and has already been cut a few times in our complex.  But that’s ok I’ll take any warmth we can get right now!

It’s the time of year where headlines read to do some spring cleaning, clean out the clutter, organize your mind to a clearer you!

Ok, so you decide to listen to them.  You’ve stared at all your clutter during this pandemic, and it only seems to get worse.  You have no motivation – it will be there tomorrow, what is the point?  However, as the clutter piles up, it just makes you more anxious and you are longing for the day you can add another picture of the guys to your collection.  🙂

How many times have we thought – “I’m going to clean out that junk drawer today!”  Only to go through each item, handle it lovingly and put it back in the drawer, but now it is at least organized a little bit, so you can shut the drawer more easily now?  🙂  And why, is this?  It is because every little thing you picked up, held a memory.  Whether it was that lost button you always meant to sew on, a marble you found on a walk in the woods, a small little trinket your grandchild gave you – or even, some little souvenir you bought at an Il Volo concert; that one precious ticket stub from Verona, or Taormina, or New York!  It’s silly and childish, but you can’t throw it out.  Because everything you picked up, held a memory; best of all – it made you smile.  🙂

You keep those memories hidden in a drawer and every time you decide to clean, all of these wonderful memories come flooding back.  The way you felt when you first saw them.  The memory of the anticipation of the first meet and greet.  Your first front row seat.  These are just priceless treasures we cannot throw out.  We recall happier times and we all certainly need this right now.  Some folks have a memory box to keep things in, just like your special drawer.  As we get older, we are afraid we will lose our memories, and unfortunately, some of us will – but we will be instantly reminded of these moments.  Those precious seconds and moments that make up our lives.  How can we throw this stuff out?  How do we explain to our children, spouse, or grandchildren what this means?  It’s like throwing out our lives.

So, I encourage you to keep all of these memories, in hopes of making new memories – hopefully soon!  Take more pictures to remember it by and add them to the drawer, or your phone albums.

I challenged each of you a while back to organize your memories and send us a picture!  Rose Marie in Ohio, took me up on this challenge and  the cover picture is one of the pictures she sent me!

Below is the other one!  She bought a special bookcase of shelves, just to show off her precious memories!

It doesn’t have to be that elaborate, just something simple.  I think most craft stores still sell those shadow boxes?  Get a few of those and make one for each concert you attended, or each tour, if you went to more than one concert!  The possibilities are endless!

I think Pat said she was close in finishing hers?  🙂  Ok, Pat – the challenge is on!



14 thoughts on “A Little Spring Cleaning…”

    1. I’ve heard that old buttons can be very valuable! When I was a kid, my grandma had this small tin of buttons and I would play with them all the time. I even remember what a few look like. I remember this small little caplike pink one and this clear acrylic one that was kind of an octagon shape with this tiny purplish crystal in the middle.

      Thanks for the memory!!

  1. It is great to read your positive story on memories – my feelings are in line with yours totally. Here in New Zealand we are entering winter – a great time to start a spring clean.
    My husband and I have tickets to the September IV concerts in Taormina but it is unlikely we will be able to go once again. Our government is very strict on non essential travel.
    My fingers are always crossed for the world to heal as suddenly as this virus seemed to start!
    Kia kaha

    1. Hello way over in New Zealand!! Wow, so far away, yet, this blog brings us all so close! 😄

      In regard to the concerts, looks like they are being postponed once again. Ilvolomusic posted again today on Instagram. 😢😭😫

      Thank you, good luck with your cleaning!

  2. Jana, I didn’t realize how many Il Volo things I have till you wrote this. On my CDs I rotate them in my car and on the DVD’s I rotate them in my house. I could make a rotating area and just pick out what I will take or see today. Our guys bring such pleasure to each day with the melodies and lyrics that are so beautiful when sung with all their voices.

  3. I know what you mean! I have my own 5 ft bookcase chockful of stuff and more stuff I cannot even fit into it!!

  4. Thank you Jana for a lovely article which I can really relate to. Some of the smallest or most unusual items can bring back so many beautiful memories just like listening to certain songs.

  5. Really a nice and very truthful article. Jana you are completely right certain little things, they reopen the drawer of memories.
    I’ll try to bring together everything I have from Il Volo and I’ll send you a photo !!

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