Left to right: Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio


Il Volo, in these days has returned to continue their work.
The rehearsals for the Morricone event must continue.
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have reunited in Milan, where they can also work in the recording studio.

Back Together: Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio in masks

A jump to Sony ….


Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca in masks walking in to Sony studios

Group photo of Il Volo with Sony Music Italy

and at work in the recording studio.



Gianluca at Sony Music with headphones on

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca looking at the recording studio screens


Black and white photo of Left to right: Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio singing in the recording studio

Together with Saturnino (musician and composer) perhaps for some collaboration?

IL VOLO and Saturino at a restaurant

Dinner in hotel.
(dinners are allowed at this time in Italy, only if you are a guest in a hotel)
I want to try to explain this little skit to you:
An aperitif was poured to the boys and Piero welcomes it as if it were a romance and sings:
Piero = Morelli, what a generous wine, I swallowed too many glasses (and raises the glass together with Gianluca)
Gianluca = Gian tonic (he gave his name to the aperitif)
Piero = (still singing) I go out in the open (because in the evening in Italy, at this moment, you can drink an aperitif but only outdoors)
Ignazio = (after hearing Piero and Gian with opera tones, he speaks in Sicilian) Damn, Morelli I’ll drink the Gian tonic !! laughs

Morelli = Damn, you’re in a bad way tonight !!
A few moments of leisure with the owners Morelli and great chef La Mantia.

Left to right: Gianluca, Morelli, Piero, La Mantia and Ignazio

Repost from Morelli hotel: Thanks Il Volo for letting us fly with your wonderful voices.”
Morelli (with glasses) is the owner of the hotel, La Mantia is a famous chef who, due to the pandemic, has closed his restaurant in MIlan, and his friend Morelli has made available to him the use of the kitchen of his hotel.
And now a nice moment for American friends !!
Our tireless Gianluca delights us with two short videos:
from the hotel terrace with a panoramic view of Milan
and in the beautiful Piazza Duomo in Milan (our original video preview was blocked, please click on the link below)

Piazza Duomo in Milan

Guys, seeing you so smiling fills us with joy and makes us face the days better.

Ignazio and Piero holding up their drinks

As for the reopening of the concert season at the Verona Arena, there are still many difficulties, because since April 26 the government has allowed the reopening of the theaters but with a maximum of 1,000 people. The mayor of Verona wrote and published a long letter to the parliamentarians of the Veneto (his region) asking them to intervene on this and save the Arena season. I remind you, that the Arena contains about 20 thousand people and making shows with 1,000 people is really senseless, also there is always the curfew at 22.00 (10:00 pm).
Here is an excerpt from the mayor’s letter:
“I bring to your attention, both in my capacity as Mayor and President of the Arena di Verona Foundation, the problem of the ‘opening’ of the Arena Amphitheater and its ‘capacity’ in anticipation of the start of the next opera and extra-opera season In fact, the draft of the Law Decree relating to the ‘reopenings’ starting from next April 26 provides for a capacity of the theaters not exceeding 50% of the maximum authorized. (1,000 people).

It is clear that with these limitations  it will be necessary to review the entire Arena programming for the summer of 2021 which foresees for the extra lyric, as the first event on June 5, 2021, the performance of  Il Volo  broadcast also by an important American television station with more than 90 million viewers, while the premiere of the opera season with Verdi’s ‘Aida’ was set for 19 June 2021.
About a month after the start of the Arena season (opera and extra opera), it is not possible to change the ambitious programming already prepared in every detail and on which the organizational machine has already started.
Therefore, I ask you to take an active part in all the appropriate locations, in order to allow the next Arena season to take place.”

Left to right: Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio in the Sony Music studio posing for a photo

We don’t want to disturb you during the recordings or rehearsals of the tribute concert, but keep in touch with us fans, seeing you is a joy and knowing that you are working for us too, makes us so happy.
As for the Morricone tribute concert, we sincerely hope that everything goes as hoped and that the audience (even if only 6,000 people) will be able to attend live.
The Flight Crew will keep its readers informed on the evolution of all this.

Black and white photo of Ignazio playing a guitar

Gianluca in the recording studio

Black and white photo of Piero singing in the recording studio

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

60 thoughts on “WORK IN PROGRESS by Daniela”

  1. Thank you so very much for all the beautiful photos of our handsome guys, Gianluca, Pietro, Ignazio. Do they ever age???!!! I enjoyed seeing them in the recording studio, and relaxing and being together.
    Let’s hope and pray the concerts can resume soon. I am waiting for the date they will serenade us in New York. From my heart to God’s ears.

    Love, Elisa M. from Warwick, NY

    1. Elisa Marie, sure that kids get older, but for us they are always our kids.
      It is always a pleasure to read your comments.
      When this pandemic is under control everywhere, concerts will resume.

  2. Thank you for the update. What happened to Ignazio’s left eyebrow ?

    1. Renée, it is a question that we have all asked ourselves, but to which unfortunately I cannot give you an answer, because nothing has been said or written about this.

      1. Thank you anyway. Please keep up the good work!

  3. Nice article Daniela! You are so good at bringing us up to date on what’s going on!

  4. Hoping for the arena season to go forward with far more audience than 1000, especially the June 5th Morricone event which we all look forward to with much anticipation. On another topic. Daniela, does anyone know what the seemingly small bandages are about Ignazio’s eyes in recent pictures? Just pure curiosity on my part, but I find them distracting. Thanks for the current update on the arena issues.

    1. Fingers crossed, Mark, because in the 6000 I could be there too, but in the 1000 I think it’s impossible.
      Unfortunately, nothing has leaked about the reason for the patch on Ignazio’s eye, at first I also seemed to see the slightly blue eyelid, maybe it’s just a simple blow against a door, but no one knows the real reason.

      From the latest updates, there seems to be a good chance for 6000 people in the Arena.

      1. Actually, I don’t want to think it, but am wondering if he is getting preparatory work for wearing piercings? God, I hope I’m way of base with this suspicion, but he seems to be attracted to extremes. We know he likes tattoos. I have to think that because of the genre of his music and presentation that he wouldn’t deface his face.

  5. Happy May Day, Daniela and Pat!🌼🌻🌷🌸 I was so happy to receive your email this morning. Daniela, thank you for bringing us go-to-date on our guys and on the status of the arena issue. I was especially pleased to learn what Ignazio said in the video of the toasting skit.

    Happy weekend! 🎶🍷

    1. Thanks Mary Jane, here in Italy it is Labor Day.
      Yes, the boys are very funny, and Ignazio is more than anyone.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the updates.

  6. Thanks Daniela. Sorry things are still hard in Italy. I live in a mid size city and we are going on with life. Are so grateful. I volunteer at a Thrift Shop and we require mask for everyone shopping and working. I have my shots and hope this will get me thru this. Hope that they will allow
    Verona’s season to start. Hope at least maybe the scheduled filming of the concert goes on and we can get to see it in the States. Stay safe.

    1. Hi Regina, things are better here in Italy, but the vaccines are still too slow, so the reopening is very gradual.
      I haven’t had the first vaccine yet.
      As soon as there are updates on where you can see the concert, we will let you know immediately.

  7. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date on the concert and album preparations. I am anxiously waiting to hear when and where the American version of the concert will be show. All my best to you for keeping us informed and to the “boys” for their hard work. Love them so very much.

  8. Thanks Karen for the compliments.
    As soon as there is certain news on where to see the concert, we will inform you immediately.

  9. Hi Daniela. Thanks for the photos and the information about the Arena concert. Surely they will allow more people to attend–Hello? This is an outdoor venue!! I’m so in hopes that you will get your vaccine soon. It seems we will soon have (if we don’t already) a surplus. I know we are sending some to the desperate situation in India, but I’m hoping additional doses will go to the E.U.
    P.S. It’s so good to see Ignazio smiling again…..

    1. It ‘s absolutely nice to see Ignazio smile again, you are right Judi. I’m pretty sure they will agree to welcome 6000 people to the Arena, only 1 month away from the concert.

  10. Thank you so much the news and beautiful photos. I can’t wait the CD and really hope that the concert will take place with the audience. 🤗😘

  11. Thanks Daniela for the nice update. I know they have been working hard on the new music, and I an so eager to hear the new cd. Praying that the Verona concert in June can happen as we are all anxiously waiting to see this one, which is supposed to be aired by PBS in the US.
    Hoping that Italy recovers well and vaccines soon will be available .
    Stay safe and love to you and your family

    1. Yes, Janet, it looks like vaccines are coming faster now. PBS has confirmed that it will be filming, so it will surely be broadcast by you.

    1. I hope with all my heart that the new CD is successful, Kay, because it will definitely be a different genre than they have always done so far.

  12. Thanks as always to you Daniela and Pat for this very informative post. Our guys seem to be hard at work with a little time for relaxation . Loved hearing them sing our National Anthem!! As for Ignazio, I think he looks a little too thin and of course everyone is wondering about the patch on his eye. Hopefully, it isn’t anything too serious. I am thankful that my husband and I have gotten our two covid shots and send prayers to you that you will get your shots soon.

    1. Thanks Annette, I haven’t made an appointment for the first vaccine yet, because I’m finishing a cure, three more days and then I’ll be done.
      It seems to me that Ignazio’s thinness has improved compared to February and I too hope that the patch on the eye is a small thing.

    2. I thought Ignazio looks thinner too and very tired. I am worried about him!! I think getting him back on stage will do wonders for him.

      1. Thank you, Daniela, for responding to my concern. Perhaps I was looking at older photographs. I really appreciate all the information you share!

  13. Daniela and Pat, Thanks again for putting this all together in one place. It makes it easier to follow their comings and goings and then to top it off you provide us with much needed translations. I too am wondering about Ignas eye.

  14. Thank you for keeping us informed about what is going on with the boys Daniela and for the translation. They were having so much fun and it’s nice to know what was being said. I can’t wait for the concert and hope that it can go on as planned and PBS will be able to show it.

    1. Cathy, even if it were without an audience, the concert is confirmed and the PBS filming too, so don’t be afraid, in any case it will be done.

  15. I’ll trade a smile for bad-aid concerns any day.
    2 months since Vito passed. Igna looks happy.
    Love to the guys and to the crew,

    1. Martha, I think that for Ignazio, it is good to think about work and to have his friends around too, everything is a little more bearable.

  16. Thank you Pat and Daniela for letting us know what is happening with the planned Morricone tribute concert and the work in progress. Hope all goes well. It’s so nice to see Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca smiling and doing what they do best – making beautiful music! They do a wonderful rendition of our Star Spangled Banner.

  17. I love hearing them sing your hymn, Margaret, and I think they really enjoy singing it. I find them enchanting and natural.

  18. What tension for our guys to be working so very hard on an important concert and to not know if they will be able to present it! This disease does seem to drag on. Thank you for the wonderful pictures and the updates on what is happening in Il Volo Land.

  19. Such welcome and happy news with pictures and videos. It’s a real treat to see them enjoying working and being together! Keep us posted on your vaccination (soon I hope), on Ignazio’s eye injury, and anything else you learn. Thank you for all you do in keeping us up to date.

    I have heard them sing the U.S. anthem before and they really have the most beautiful version! Unfortunately, the only full length version I have heard is recorded outside at a ballgame and the crowd interrupts their singing. It would really be nice to have one perfect rendition to enjoy over and over. I’m suggesting this in case they read the posts!

    1. They also sang the anthem at a concert in Boston in April 2013 that was right after the bombing of the marathon there. That concert is (or was) posted on youtube. They sang the whole anthem–yes the crowd responded but not in the middle like at the ball game.

    2. Yes, Sally, a nice full version of your anthem would be great.
      I will keep you updated on the latest news, even if unfortunately, as far as concerts are concerned, they will not be good!

  20. O Daniela! There are photos in this post showing tapes on both eyebrows. Agreeing with Mark, I really hope he’s not up to something. A lot of us care from the comments.

    Now I have to look into something new. What do you know about the lovely Maestro Grani? He seems to be a pretty important part of the IL Volo machine always smiling and keeping a low profile. Just thought I’d ask the expert.

  21. Boston Girl, there are photos showing both patches on Ignazio’s eyebrows, but not at the same time, in fact it depends on whether they are selfies or not. The eyebrow with the patch and his left, where the watch carries.

    Maestro Grani is really a kind person and very friend of our guys, he teaches them, protects them and defends them. I got to talk to him on the afternoon of Notte Magica in Florence, he made a really good impression on me.
    I attach the photo to you, I hope you can see it.


  22. WOW! Now that is a beautiful photo of a beautiful girl and a world class concert pianist. I am honored. Thank you. I watch all those old videos and Grani keeps things going all around without calling any attention to himself. These are the people that make the show great, right?

    OK, Now you can tell us about the bus? Does it live in some secret location in the USA? Takes a lot of $how$ to keep that thing going!

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