Site Reminders…

Hello Flight Crew Ilvolovers!

Just a few reminders for those that read and post comments on our site.

Our site’s motto is “Share the Love.”  Please remember that when you are posting comments about someone or something, please keep it respectful.  If you are not sure, try replacing your name, in place of the person or thing you are referring to, and think if you would want your name published in that context for all the world to see?  (in case you were wondering, the last post from June 5, has been viewed by 70 countries on all 6 continents!)

We don’t know for sure, but we have been told that family and friends of the guys read this site and maybe even on the RARE occasion, the guys themselves. 

We’d like to maintain the high integrity this site is known for.  We are not FaceBook (although we have a FaceBook page – your comments there, should reflect the same), or the latest tabloid news site.

We respect everyone’s opinion and know that not everyone will like everything, but let’s keep things friendly.  It’s ok to disagree, but please keep it respectful.

We ask that you remember this for all future posts and the wonderful stories and translations we have coming to you from Daniela, Susan, Giovanna, and others!


If you have a concern, please feel free to send it to our address.  This email is not public and is usually only read by me.  🙂


Pat, Daniela, Jo Ann (Giovanna), Susan, Jana

17 thoughts on “Site Reminders…”

  1. I am very curious as to the guys are not touring again till 2022 so what are their schedules like now do they get together to practice, making any guest appearances etc?
    I am so enthralled with their singing (beautiful), their love for each other, their closeness with their families & their humble attitude never forgetting where they are from. Their talent is amazing

  2. Thank you for the reminder. It is disheartening to read disrespectful comments. There is a way to disagree with an opinion without coming across unfriendly.

  3. Hi – I don’t have the official answer, but I’m sure they have been advised and are following the Covid restrictions imposed by their country and the rest of Europe. I imagine they will continue to do special appearances, as requested and it looks like the occasional Euro concert, like the one coming up soon! 🙂

    We don’t get a lot of heads-up on any of their special appearances, unless it is posted by them or the IlVoloMusic site.

    We promise to post things as soon as we know them! 🙂 Often folks that follow FaceBook know before we do….

    They are definitely an inspiration for many!

  4. Well said. So sad there are so many disrespectful people in this world.
    I enjoy reading what you write. Thank you for your time and patience. Blanche Graff

  5. It’s sad that you need to post such reminders, but please continue doing so when needed. Il Volo are gentlemen, respectful, polite, kind and that’s what we’re looking for when listening to them or reading about them. There’s more than enough trash going around as it is!

  6. Elisa Marie

    Dear Daniela, Pat, Jo Ann, (Giovanna), Susan, Jana,

    Thank you for discouraging any disrespectful comments, Here (on this site) there is wide space for fans all over the world to share the

    We are “Ilvolovers” because our guys spread so much love around the world through their music. Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero are gentlemen, true role models, and above all they are genuinely kind, family-oriented individuals who inspire us. We admire them. We love them.

    Best regards to everyone,

    Elisa Marie

  7. I absolutely love this site and IL volo. They are amazing and I listen to them all the time. I hope they come back to Florida as I missed them last year. I dis not know who they were. My cousins sent me an email that read the sons of the three tenors. I listened to the song which was ok mondo and I LOVEEEEEE THIS SONG. It moves me so much. I know all the words and song it in Italian a language I love and always wanted to learn. RH’s k you for all the posts and I pray RAI will allow the US to see the concert or air it again. I purchased RAI here in Florida for that concert andI Italy did not shown it here.

    Ciao and Grazie Mille for the posts.

    1. That email, with the video of the very young Il Volo, has been circulating for a while now (I received a copy of it about a month ago). Although we know the information about them being the sons of the three tenors is completely false, the email serves the purpose of introducing il Volo to people who otherwise might never hear about them.

  8. Agree so much with you! And Thank you again to all of you for the huge job you put in trying to keep all og us up to date with the guys’ doings, translating and sharing personal experiences. It is so much appreciated!❤️ And Thank you for letting a Danish fan from Denmark be part of your Universe.

  9. I agree wholeheartedly with you that we should all show respect to one another. Not being face to face, it would be so easy to do otherwise. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve corrected a couple of people in their comments, but hope I did it respectfully.

  10. It really sad when you have to print a reminder to be respectful. My world now are these three guys, they have seen me through a lot of tough times and I always look forward to all of the articles on this site All your hard work is appreciated and would be really sad if we didn’t have access to all your translations and reviews, so be nice everybody

  11. Does everyone know that, if they click on the icon beside their name, they can write a personal profile and put in a picture of themselves? This way we can really get to know one another.

  12. Oops, just to let you know I am not a white pussycat but there is another photo of me on the Amalfi coast during the trip to Sicily and Italy in 2012.

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