The guys making animated comments on the arena stage

THE CONCERT, STEP BY STEP – Part 1 by Daniela

After giving you a quick overview of the whole concert in the Arena on June 5th, here I am back to you, to tell you every moment.
Jo Ann has already translated the “chat” of the boys and Susan has already given you other explanations.
I will recall to you the smallest details of my beautiful evening and I will linger for a long time, because I do not want you to lose even a moment of this fantastic concert.
I start by telling you that Saturday started with the best wishes, a beautiful day, the sky of an intense blue, and so much emotion for the concert that I would see in the evening. A perfect start.
I have already told you other times that Verona is very close to Brescia where I live (only 50 miles), so my husband and I would have gone in the early afternoon and returned after the concert.
Here in Italy there is a curfew at 11pm (from 16 June it will be abolished), but the government had given special permission only to those who were in the Arena for the concert, to return to their homes by 02:00 am.
Right after lunch, I tried to rest, knowing that the evening was long and certainly exciting. But the sky turned gray, the sun was gone, and a little later it started drizzling. An annoying drizzle, but light and really boring. Damn, I hoped it wouldn’t rain in Verona, I was thinking about the guys, after so much work and such a long stop, this inconvenience was not welcome.
The light rain, which almost did not wet the earth, came and went. Every now and then a few drops and then nothing, just to make everyone nervous.
Ready for the evening, and with the best expectations, my husband and I left for Verona.

Daniela Perani with her husband, Beppe

Arriving, without any problems, we park the car quickly and head towards the Arena.
It goes without saying that Verona always has a magnificent charm. It is a beautiful town that preserves the flavor of the ancient.
Among the old alleys of beautiful Verona, we can all still think of Romeo running to go to his Juliet. The great entrance gate with the scalloped walls, which still continue through the city, and which once closed the whole city, are magnificent.
After the city gate the huge Piazza Bra, with the beautiful buildings that surround it and in the center, the ARENA is imposing and memorable.

View of Piazza Bra

The first thing I have to do is contact my friends who are waiting for me to be able to greet me, some of them who have really come from far away, from the US.
The first one we meet, right in front of the Arena, is Laura with her husband Ugo, they are Italians, from Trieste, but Laura met me through Flight Crew, they are our readers and it is really special that we met like this.
Soon after I go in search of my American friends.
Here they are, beautiful and happy, together at the coffee table, looking forward to the evening, Deborah, Wendy and Joanie, whom I already knew personally and Judith, whom I had never met.

IL VOLO friends at table before the concert

Only a few words of greeting, unfortunately, because Nonna Maura is waiting for me in front of her hotel, but what a pleasure to see my sweet friends who have faced such a long journey to be here.
Yes, because Il Volo is also this, the pleasure of meeting each other, of making friends from one end of the world to the other.
So let’s go to Nonna Maura’s hotel, I remind you that she is 90 years old and arrived in the morning by train from Rome. Fantastic Maura, she would not miss a concert of Il Volo and her beloved Gianluca for anything in the world.
Also Maura and I met thanks to Flight Crew, isn’t that great?

Maura Pucci, Daniela, Beppe and friends at table before the concert

The weather continues to give us a few drops of rain, so my husband goes back to our car to get some rain dusters, in case they were needed and then we approach the Arena, the entrance time has already started and the adrenaline starts to rise.
The controls to enter the Arena are meticulous. There are different entrances depending on the places awarded. They check us for fever, documents and related tickets, and if we have the FFP2 mask (only that is allowed) then they see the camera that my husband is holding and tell him to take it in the car, because otherwise they won’t let him in. So my husband goes back to the parking lot to deposit his camera. When he comes back, we can finally enter the Arena.
We reach our seats, we are in the central row, right in front of the stage, row 11, excellent position. Between one occupied seat and another, due to Covid rules, an empty seat is expected.

Daniela wearing her mask and standing at her seat in the arena with the stage behind her

The orchestra pit (the space between the stage and the first row, where the orchestra is usually placed) is empty, but in the center a round stage is positioned, as if it were a protruding extension, of the current stage, on it  already in placed, 3  microphones with the auction, it is clear that often the guys will sing from there, and it is right in front of my position.
On the rear stage, the whole orchestra is positioned. A huge backdrop that continuously changes color and position with two large lateral pillar columns and two large lateral videos, completes the scene. The whole at the top is covered by a roof in which hundreds of lights are placed. If it rains, at least the guys will be protected.
Everything has a really great impact.
A voice on the speakers often reminds us that we must keep the masks well worn and that we cannot leave our seats to greet other friends.
While we wait, I look for the various scattered friends and raise our arms, we greet each other in the distance, and then, we wait patiently for the scheduled time to arrive.

Closeup of Daniela wearing her mask with the stage behind her

Fortunately it does not rain and it will not rain all evening. There is a good temperature, everything seems to be going well.
At a certain point the boys enter the stage, normally dressed in jeans and a jacket. We are amazed, but they greet us smiling and tell us that they are waiting for the connection with the evening news. Meanwhile, they smile, they tell us they are excited, we take advantage of them to take pictures of them.
The boys look at the audience and recognize their American friends, greet them and say “you came up here for us”, they are happy with this and then on the other side, Alicja from Poland and they say “Ah, also from Poland”.😁
Left to right: Ingazio, Piero and Gianluca greet the fans before the concert
Here is what appeared during the television broadcast.
The guys say they are happy and honored to be doing this concert, so they say hello and invite people home to watch the evening.
After the connection with the TG1 news, the boys greet us and go to change their clothes and get ready. A voice tells us that we have to wait for television time, because this concert is live.
Meanwhile, I see Nonna Maura in the front row, lucky her, she is right in front, I’m really happy for her. Ercole and Eleonora arrive, Gianluca’s parents go in front of the front rows and Eleonora stops to greet Maura.

Maura Pucci is greeted by Eleonora Ginoble before the concert

I also see Michele Torpedine in front of the stage.
Ernie also passes in front of me and also Gaetano Barone, whom I then see, joins his wife already in the front row.
Shortly before the concert begins, Caterina and Nina Boschetto also arrive. Nina is now leaner and prettier with longer hair than usual.
People continue to enter and the Arena is filling up with the 6,000 admitted people.

View inside the arena from the stage showing the audience

It begins to get dark, the lights of the stage come on, every now and then you can hear the voices of Piero and Ignazio who from behind the stage make the warble (warmup) for the voice: iiiiii eeee aaaa ……
In silence, the 70 members of the orchestra take their place on the stage and in the orchestra pit (i.e. in front of the stage) the choir takes place, making two wings on either side of the central round stage.

Here we are, everything is starting, what emotion!

View of the arena stage from the 11th row.

The preview is projected on the screens, where Piero Ignazio and Gianluca, in the back of the Arena backstage, meet the actor Marco Giallini and talk about Ignazio’s shoes, nice skit, the boys say they are excited.

Marco Giallini and the guys talk backstage

And here they are, the lights create the atmosphere, three silhouettes can be seen at the end of the scene, it’s them !!!  😍

IL VOLO arrived on the stage

The boys advance and the music begins, the applause that welcomes them is a little hesitant, I think we are all a little inhibited due to the Covid restrictions and also the live television. But Gianluca, in a strong and confident voice, begins to sing.
His voice is beautiful and Ignazio and Piero follow, and everything becomes magic. Chills on the skin, the beautiful music of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, fills every corner of the Arena and the voices of our boys, rested after the long period of inactivity, are stronger and safer than ever.

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero singing on the arena stage

The scenography is beautiful, while the boys sing, on the screens and on part of the scenography, the images of the film scroll, the lights constantly change colors. The voices of the choir rise high.
Piero Ignazio and Gianluca are very elegant in their beautiful midnight blue D&G tuxedos with lapel pins, a beautiful elegance that is increasingly rare in today’s young artists.
The boys are also visibly excited.
The song is beautiful, at the end there is a big round of applause.
Ignazio is the first to speak, these are his exact words.
“Good evening!!
You really can’t understand how happy we are to return after a year and a half of silence, to wait for this very day to arrive. Surely all the guests of honor are all of you tonight. Thank you so much for coming, thank you very much.” (applause)
The emotion of the boys is evident, Gianluca admits that their legs are shaking.
Piero thanks the Morricone family.
And we proceed immediately with the second song “YOUR LOVE”.
This song, for all of us, is full of profound meaning, given the moment it was sung in Sanremo. It is really moving to see Ignatius who, from the beginning of the song, caresses with his fingers the ring he wears in his right hand, a wedding ring, which we think belonged to his beloved father. Even his eyes often close, as if to make eye contact with the one who is no longer there.❤
It is a very intimate and touching moment, as well as the beautiful music and the words, which seem to be written on purpose:

“….. Your strength has made me strong,
though life tore us apart
and now when the night seems long,
your love shines in my heart …..”

(video made by Deborah Georgini Beaupre)

And then, immediately below here is a tribute from Notte Magica, Ignazio asks the audience who was there that evening, of course I raised my hand !! Piero remembers the beautiful evening in Florence in Piazza Santa Croce, remembers the master Placido Domingo who directed them and begins “NESSUN DORMA”.
At the end of the “Nessun Dorma” there was a long applause and the first beautiful standing ovation .
The standing ovation excites the boys a lot, they hug, they thank and Piero says: “So, you make us excited, they have a lot of effect, these applauses, after a year and a half.”

Enter the actress Laura Chiatti and, with the boys there is a nice “curtain” (nice dialogue) that Jo Ann has translated well.
Laura introduces a short video, an interview with Morricone, where the presenter tells that Morricone that he has a very intense relationship with “doing” (in the sense that he works very hard) and Morricone replies that “doing” (in Italian FARE), is not just a verb, but is the union of two musical notes: the FA (F) and the RE (D).

Laura Chiatti and the guys chat on the arena stage

Ignazio presents the song “SE TELEFONANDO”, which, as Susan has well described, was written by Maurizio Costanzo, set to music by Morricone and sung by Mina many years ago. Beautiful and timeless song.
Ignazio explains that Morricone thought of this music, while he was in the post, queuing to pay a gas bill, and then he concludes by saying that he (Ignazio) only goes to the post office to pay the fines. 😁
The guys making animated comments on the arena stage

Left to right: Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca singing on the arena stage

Upon returning, the exchange of words on Ignazio is beautiful: he is always a disaster, but also he has an incredible voice, then Piero introduces “IL MONDO”.

While Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca sing Riccardo Cocciante enters and they sing together, but what about, Cocciante performs a verse of the song, but when he finishes the verse, Ignazio begins and for me, Ignazio’s voice is truly unique and powerful.
Cocciante met Morricone personally, but he doesn’t want to remember any anecdotes, because he says that the greatness of an artist is in his works. Then he plays a beautiful song of his.

Left to right: Ignazio, Gianluca, Riccardo Cocciante and Piero singing on the arena stage

Marco Giallini enters, he says is very impressive to be in front of the audience of the Verona Arena. Together they introduce “SE”, the song taken from the film Cinema Paradiso. A scene from the film starts with little Totò Cascio. The melody  is written by Andrea Morricone, (the son who is conductor).
At the end of the short clip, Totò Cascio enters, now an adult. Totò says that during the shooting of the film, Philippe Noiret acted in French, while Totò in Sicilian and Italian and between them a good feeling had been created and he remembers it with affection. Then Totò also remembers the director Giuseppe Tornatore, whom he calls Peppuccio (Giuseppe in Sicilian) and whom he considers as an older brother.
Here are the lyrics of the song SE.  
Se tu fossi nei miei occhi per un giorno,
vedresti la bellezza che, piena d’allegria,
io trovo dentro gli occhi tuoi,
non so  se è magia, o realtà.
Se tu fossi nel mio cuore per un giorno,
potresti avere un’idea,
di ciò che sento io,
quando mi abbracci forte a te,
e petto a petto noi, respiriamo insieme.
Protagonista del tuo amor
non so se sia magia o realtà.
Se tu fossi nella mia anima un giorno,
sapresti cosa sento in me,
che m’innamorai,
da quell’istante insieme a te,
e ciò che provo è
solamente amore.
Da quell’istante insieme a te,
e ciò che provo è
solamente amore.

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio (singing) and Piero seated on the arena stage

If you were in my eyes for a day,
you would see the beauty that, full of joy,
I find inside your eyes,
I don’t know if it’s magic or reality.
If you were in my heart for a day,
you might have an idea,
of what I feel,
when you hug me tightly to you,
and chest to chest we breathe together.
Protagonist of your love
I don’t know if it’s magic or reality.
If you were in my soul someday,
would you know what I feel in me,
that I fell in love,
from that moment together with you,
and what I feel is
only love.
From that moment together with you,
and what I feel is
only love.

Left to right: Gianluca (singing), Ignazio and Piero seated on the arena stage

Sweet words, sweet moment and sweet Gianluca, who touches Ignazio’s shoulder with his hand, as if to encourage him.
There is also a beautiful dance moment with the circles.
What to say, the sound and visual combination is very beautiful, and how much interpretation in our boys, everything is perfect!
Laura Chiatti is now in the audience and tells us about a film that made an era, transgressive (for that time), which talks about love triangles.
Two other guests arrive: on stage Raphael Gualazzi and Nina Zilli and all together they perform the song of “METTI UNA SERA A CENA.”
And after this beautiful performance, Piero announces the advertisement and ends the first part of the concert.
At the piano, Raphael Gualazzi who accompanies IL VOLO singing with Nina Zilli
I hope you enjoyed reading every moment of the concert, I believe that by combining what JoAnn and Susan have written for you, you can get a fairly complete overview of what happened, but we are only at the first piece of the concert, if you want to read the rest ………… I wait for you in a few days !!!

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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      Piero has said several times that a CD with the songs of the concert will be released but after the summer, I think more in the autumn.

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    2. Deebee, I emailed my niece and she said besides the Bay there are two other places to get hats, one in Carlingwood Mall called Unique Accessories (613-728-8649) and another one called Chapeaux de Madeleine in Byward Market (613-241-8741). Hope this helps!

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    Thanks Danielita …. Take care of yourself, since the virus is still haunting us … Greetings to all the girls of Il Volo Flight Crew …. Blessings.

    1. Rossana, it was a pleasure for me to describe everything to my many Volo-friends from all over the world.
      They will certainly arrive in Latin America too, you know they have a strong bond there too.
      Thanks for the compliments and I look forward to reading part 2. See you soon!

  29. Yes! Thank you for this translation. It adds the special dimension of live entertainment.

  30. Many thanks Pat, Susan, Jo Ann and you Daniela for making us feel like we were at this amazing concert! We could never have this feeling without the photos, videos and so many details you have given us. The photo of you are your husband is lovely and congratulations on your 43 years of marriage! I’m so happy for all those who were able to see this special concert in the beautiful Verona arena. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were at ease, looked great and sang beautifully! Their smiles and happiness were a joy to see!

    1. Margaret, it was just a unique and fabulous show. The boys were in great shape and beautiful.
      Thanks for the compliments and best wishes for our anniversary !!

  31. This is off the subject but I don’t now else to tell everybody about this.
    I just happened on a youtube video entitled “IL Volo Festa fra amici.”
    They are singing a song that just be well known in Italy. I’d like to know more about it.

    1. Gail, I’m trying to give you some news about that video. It was done in Taormina, the day before the concert. The boys are in LA BOTTE, a restaurant with outdoor tables, near the BAMBAR ice cream parlor. There is a nice and relaxed atmosphere, there is a folk band that sings a song of the Sicilian tradition and the boys sing with them.

      1. Thanks for your answer. Can you tell me the name of the song? It seems like one where you keep adding lyrics to what you had before.

  32. Thanks for your wonderful detailed step by step of the concert. I was wondering if all of the families were there and you mentioned all of them The guys looked amazing and sang amazing Felt like I was there as I did watch it live and it was truly awesome and one of their best concerts ever. Can’t wait to see them live again. Looking forward to the 2nd part and thanks to all the others who contributed. Congratulations on your Anniversary, wonderful gift for you both to celebrate at the concert

  33. Daniela and Pat, thank you for coming through for me and all the Il Volovers who get to read this. I also got to watch it all the way through and now with your experience, I do feel like I was there as I watch it again (and again). We have watched them grow up and develop into these phenoms. I look forward to the next installment of your evening. Taking part in putting this Verona program together is a new step for them. I’m sure Mr. T. is training them all the time as they grow up.

    1. Kay, the guys have done a great job, and they’re the ones who put in so much effort, of course boss T’s supervision is always there, but the three of them have incredible strength, and the results can be seen and felt.

  34. Just watched the whole concert again and noticed how the boys interact with their family in the first row. Lots of smiles sent that way, winks and raised eyebrows with a smile. Their parents must be so proud of them and that they are able to be back on stage.

    1. Dolores, there is a lot of love and respect from Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca towards their families. Yes, their relatives were all in the front row.
      We are proud of these three guys, so I can imagine how proud the parents are.

  35. Thank you to all for what you do, what you share to all fans. Very grateful and appreciative. Take care all

  36. Daniela, your “moment by moment” details of the Morricone Tribute Concert gave us such a vicarious thrill, such ecstasy to see & hear our favorite bel canto ambassadors of Italy. After almost a year and half of quarantine in our self-imprisoned Alcatraz, Ignazio-Gianluca-Piero returned us back to civilization, to joy, love & humanity. Thank you to your entire hardworking Flight Crew for the thoughtful, entertaining writings & translations to show us the Love, Devotion, Affection and Camaraderie of the 3 Incredible Voices of IL VOLO. Grazie. Grazie.

    1. It is all of us who thank you who follow us.
      It’s great to read comments from new people and we are happy that you like what we write.
      See you soon with the second part.

  37. Thank you so much Daniela and the whole crew! I felt as if I was actually there. You made me laugh and cry again, like I did when I watched the concert the first (5) times! I love these guys, they inspire me to hope that my problems will be resolved and that the world will get back to normal. Thank you for creating this site, which has helped me socialize again. I am very isolated and appreciate all of my new friends!

    1. Joan, it’s a pleasure to meet you, welcome among us.
      Follow us and you will not feel alone, there is a lot of good music here and a lot of love. Flight Crew is a special place, where there are special people, who follow three special men: Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

    1. Enjoying reading what happened and translations. I read part one, I missed part two? . I see part three now. can anyone post part two to read? Thank you 🙂 Diane

      1. Diane, read the second part first, so you will follow the concert step by step!
        Follow Pat’s instructions and you will find everything.
        A hug.

  38. Il Volo’s three brothers definitely prove that BEAUTY HEALS. From the beginning of Covid, I found great consolation in their voices, their smiles, their obvious affection for one another. Wonderful to see them in front of a Iive audience once more! Grazie mille to the Flight Crew for their great work to keep us posted.

    1. You’re welcome Reneé! We love keeping everyone aware of what the guys are doing. I also found their music comforting this last awful year of Covid.

  39. Thank you so much for what you do. I love these 3 unique gentlemen, my wish now is to see and hear them live. I can’t seem to get enough of their music and voices, I listen to them every day. I wish they always remain as humble and beautiful as they are it is so refreshing to hear pure talent. My love and best wishes go out to them.

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