Thank You! Grazie Mille! from Kelly…

Kelly wanted to give everyone a big THANK YOU, to all of you that have sent in donations for the past year!!

We are able once again, thanks to you, to keep our website going for another year, without ads!! 

Also, thank you to Pat, Daniela, and Susan, who keep our site going and keep us up to date on everything that is going on!

Next up – song choices for Piero’s birthday, coming soon!

Thank you!


5 thoughts on “Thank You! Grazie Mille! from Kelly…”

  1. Dear Piero Happy Birthday . I wish you many more Happy Healthy Blessed Birthdays to come. Your Big Fan in Nevada USA

  2. I too echo Kelly’s thanks, thanks to everyone, to the whole crew.
    Thanks also to Jana for appreciating our work. This site is a very beautiful place, frequented by kind people who deeply love Il Volo!!

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