A Night at Red’s Studio by Susan

You know how I love searching the archives for some old but wonderful stories. This week I found an amazing article by my friend Daniela Perani at Flight Crew. In November 2019, the guys went to Red Ronnie’s studio to do a long video interview. It was interesting, amazing, fun and absolute Chaos!
The interview lasted more than 3 hours.  The guys approached it the same way they do with everything else, with absolute ease! They spoke! They played! They sang! No rehearsals, just live, with a lot of serious talk and laughter.
This story is so good because the guys paid homage and respect to their US fans. As Daniela said, I will show you the precise moment when I thought intensely about you and your joy in hearing and seeing this.
There are no words. No doubt about it our guys love the USA!
So, I came to the end of this article, and I said, “What do I call it?” What is it about? It certainly is about the guys just relaxing and having fun! It’s about a lot of chaos and a big mess! Sounds like a day in the lives of Il Volo! But above all it is about visiting their friend Red. So how about, A Night at Red’s Studio? So that’s where we begin.  
Now I’m going to give you the same advice I’ve given you with other translated videos. Below is the complete video of the show. Read the entire article then watch the video. Much of it you will understand without translation. I’ve also included the individual song where I could. Some were not available in which case I used the video from another performance. All the songs are in the full video of the show.
This is the video. Daniela said, I, broadly speaking, will translate what was said. I warn you that at the beginning the voices are not heard because they were not on mikes and sometimes the video freezes, but only for a few moments.

The boys immediately feel comfortable in the studio, and they play and sing, but they make a big mess, none of them cares about the camera. Gianluca shows his cell phone to Red, Francesca is probably on the line, and in fact Red greets her by saying “Ciao bella”. And Barbara says the new studio is beautiful.
Michele also appreciates the new studio and tells Red he would like to be his partner, the two shake their hands.
Gianluca proposes to sing “Suspicious Minds.”  This evening Michele has fun joining in on the drums.
Red launches an advertisement and tries to explain that they are live on many platforms but this fails because Piero enters and immediately starts to sing. Red says it is not impossible to do a program this way and Piero replies that it is the most beautiful thing in the world!

Red brings Ignazio’s attention to the jukebox with a ban sign that has Ignazio’s picture on it.
This is because the last time they visited Ignazio was fascinated by the jukebox. He unplugged it, plugged it back in, opened up the front was touching the record inside. He just couldn’t keep his hands off it. So now there is a sign that states “Do not touch! 😂

This is a video of Ignazio on their visit one year before making trouble!
The guys are attracted to a basket of organic products, biscuits and honey, and ask if they can eat (they have just returned from a dinner).
The woman who supplies the food is present.
Red says that Piero told him he was very tired, but he didn’t want to miss this appointment, because here, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have fun, with some musical instruments, they are like three happy children.
Next they talk about Torpedine and Piero says, he is the fourth member of IL VOLO.
There is a great confusion, and the phone calls begin, nothing is understood and Red shouts and tries to get everyone’s attention.

Here I tried to use the video from the show but was not successful. Instead this is the video of “Somebody to Love from House Party!” You can see them sing it on the video of the show.

The boys sing “SOMEBODY TO LOVE” and then sit down and answer a few phone calls.
Next, they dedicate “POR UNA CABEZA” to a girl..
Everyone laughs because Ignazio drops the guitar and the CD advertising sign, a disaster.
So, Ignazio talks about a Sicilian singer he met as a kid and who is no longer here.
Red asks to promote their new CD, but none of them, not even Barbara or Torpedine, have brought a CD to show.
The boys perform the refrains of all the songs on the new CD.
Red reads some comments on Facebook.


And then the fun begins again with the guys singing. Ignazio starts by playing and singing a beautiful song by Gianni Fiorellino and then, “Tirichitolla”. Then they all sing “Tirichitolla”.
Red asks if he can retrace their 10-years with special moments and asks if they immediately agreed and Ignazio says no, because Gianluca was with a small group and not with them.
Gianluca joking and answering, he says that he is a prince and they (Piero and Ignazio), are the plebs. Piero, murmurs “….. a horned prince.”

The boys say that at the beginning they were successful only abroad, in Italy they didn’t do concerts, they knew them but because their songs were considered “old” they were not appreciated.
Red confirms, that even now, apart from the fans, here in Italy, they are still a little snubbed, by those who have “the stink under the nose.”
Ignazio says that in the musical field, being snobbish is a symptom of ignorance, because you can like or dislike music but it must all be respected. A person can say, “I don’t like it, but I respect.”
Gianluca replies that we are not all the same and if certain people think in this way, that they are free to listen to what they want.
Red confirms that Ignazio is right, because a person cannot buy a record of a singer that he doesn’t like, but if this singer is a reality appreciated by many people, he is an artist that must be respected. He also says that music can give or not give emotions, and they of IL VOLO, given the results, give many emotions.

Piero says that their music represents the Italian melody, but many are ashamed to show their Italian character.
Ignazio says that we should never be ashamed of the country where we live and says that they have felt the love for the Italian flag at Eurovision.
Red recalls that at Eurovision they were first with the votes of the public but were penalized by the juries. Ignazio says that after what happened to them, they changed the voting system at Eurovision.

Then they talk about all the shows in the US in which they participated, but always with simplicity. They remember the concerts with Barbra Streisand.
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, eat biscuits and honey, Red is desperate.😁
Piero talks about the 100 concerts that will take place from 2019 to 2020.
They start a debate about who the critics are, and Red says that sometimes critics love a song but they would never admit it, because it would be like disavowing their words, because critics have good words for what they think can be good (even if they don’t like it).
Ignazio says that in Sanremo they were interviewed by all the journalists, except for one, who never called them, not even when they won Sanremo, because this journalist doesn’t really consider them, for stubbornness ……. (he is an overpaid journalist who works in the national television network, Ignazio does not say his name, but Red understands who he is).
Gianluca instead says he does not understand how some critics can still reject the evidence, Il Volo has made a great journey in 10 years, 24-year-old boys singing for Pope Francis in Panama, it doesn’t happen every day, and this reality has been ignored.

Red says he has never met such simple, funny and clean guys, like Il Volo.

The guys sing “Musica Che Resta”. I couldn’t get the copy from the show so I used the cover!
Ignazio gives advice to Michele and Red says that a boy wants to give lessons to a master, but Torpedine says that Ignazio plays the drums better than him and that he also has some very beautiful insights.
Ignazio wants to sing with Piero and Gianluca, but those two refuse and then Red asks Ignazio to play Pino Daniele. ❤️
After Ignazio, Gianluca says he would like to sing “Henna.”  A beautiful song by Lucio Dalla (author of Caruso). Red explains the story of this song and Gian sings accompanied by Ignazio (it’s the first time they sing it and play it). ❤️
Piero says that his musical tastes, instead, lean more towards the lyric genre and he admits that during the tour in Japan he had the courage to sing “PORQUOI ME REVEILLER” from the opera Werter, in French (a pity we didn’t hear it). Red asks him if he wants to do it at that moment, but Piero says he needs voice warming, and also that it’s very difficult.
So, let’s listen to it when he sang it in Japan.

This is actually where they sang the Star Spangled Banner.
Calls continue to come in from all over the world.
This is an original version of O Sole Mio.

Piero sings “O SOLE MIO” in English / Italian version.
Then they play some rock and roll.
Other phone calls come in and Red is amazed at how Gianluca remembers all the girls.
Piero plays the camera man.
Piero says in Guatemala, while they were in concert,  thieves entered their hotel and stole from the safe on the wall, which was in Piero’s room.
Gianluca says that every time they go to Guatemala, there is so much affection for them, on the part of the Guatemalans.

This is Grande Amore from Eurovision.

Red looks for Ignazio, who is talking to Torpedine, in the next room. Michele says they have to register “GRANDE AMORE” in English, because they had this request, for the English and American market.
In addition, Michele announces that they will be on a famous Italian satirical news program STRISCIA LA NOTIZIA on 18 November.
Red asks why they go to that news and Michele says it is to promote their CD, there is no hotel destroyed.
Red remembers that they had been interviewed about the story on that news program, due to the hotel being destroyed, and he asked Ignazio if it was true. Ignazio replies that they do not destroy hotels, they only destroy Red’s studio a little.
At this point, there is a very important moment, which definitively silences certain unjust attacks that are still done to the guys, on the question of the Swiss hotel.
Michele says, “It was so destroyed, that we won the case and then we gave that money to charity.”
Red adds that no newspaper wrote of this, they only wrote that Il Volo destroyed a hotel and not that they won the case and gave the money to charity. Michele adds that the newspapers say only what they want and never talk about the real things of the group and their successes in the world, they never write it, because it bothers them.
At this point the boys are attracted by a magnetic turntable, which has the disc plate that remains suspended in the air. Red is worried because he’s afraid they’ll break it 😁, Ignazio says he wants to have it.
Red asks Ignazio how they spend the money they earn. He replies that he bought a nice car and has a house, because it is important, even if they are away, to have a house to go home to and then he helped his family. He says that all three of them come from families full of feelings and emotions, but not economically speaking, so they helped their families, they allow themselves some things, but they are very responsible boys, who don’t do crazy things.😘
Red asks Piero the same question. Ignazio says that Piero is stingy. Piero says he is not, he says that all three are quiet boys, that they give value to money, because they all come from humble families, artisans, so they know the value of hard-earned money. Now they are lucky enough to be able to live thanks to the work they do, they are three very privileged guys who therefore try to help the people who need it most.

Ignazio says they are generous boys.
Piero confirms and says that they do not like to make it known, in fact Ignazio says that he was at the Santa Caterina (Hospital of Bologna). Red did not know it and says that it is right to tell these things, but Ignazio says that it is an act that he does for himself, not to make it known to others.
Beautiful things have been said, and Red says, that every once in a while, digging, a diamond comes out.
The interview which was made in total freedom, made so many people happy that they saw the guys of IL VOLO, in a different way. The phone calls that have come from all over the world, this shows that Il Volo is really known everywhere.
Red then asks for them to return, and that they will be prepared to sing, with musical backing and Ignazio says they can come with their band. Red immediately wants to set a date before their departure in January.
Piero says that for Red they come willingly, and Ignazio adds that they feel at home there, an evening with friends.
Torpedine remembers its beginnings. Gianluca says that Michele sees himself in them.

Red sees the tattoos of Ignazio and one says SAUDADE (nostalgia) and Ignazio says, he is one who needs moments of sadness.
Red asks Torpedine to tell the difference between the first singers he has followed and Il Volo, and Michele says that he has been living these last 10 years big time, he has started breathing again and he says it to everyone, because the boys and their families are honest people and special and he notices this even when they are traveling around the world with the band and the crew, everyone wants to be with them, like a big family.
Finally, there are real relationships, they are serious, and then they play, but always with education, respect and gratitude. They consider Michele an important person.

Torpedine says that he and Renis, at the beginning, saw these child prodigies, but then when they grew up and their value was very well understood. Red asks to finish the show with a song.
Some more phone calls and Red is amazed because Gianluca remembers all the girls who are calling.
The last phone call is from Lucrezia, an Italian girl who at the concert in Rome, had a sign saying:
“I’m beautiful, I’m rich, I’m smart. Piero, want to marry me?” Piero in Rome, he was joking and answered yes!
Piero remembers everything and now asks her if his two friends (Gian and Igna) are good as witnesses and Red can sing the Ave Maria. 😁
Gianluca shows Red the photo on his cell phone, a vegan breakfast and Red says he and Piero are planning a wedding and Gian shows him a breakfast? Red says these guys are crazy.
Piero dedicates the last song to Lucrezia: “Grande Amore.”

Gianluca confirms that another evening will come, with the whole band, and will prepare and perform their songs.
Red asks them to set the date for January 13th. They perform, “GRANDE AMORE.”
Red gathers all three for the final greetings. He takes Ignazio’s cell phone and sees that his mother, Caterina, sent him a message that Red reads: “You are all wonderful, I love you, my little one.” Then Ignazio shows the picture of his Arturo and says he lives with him, but now he is in Sicily, because they are always abroad.

Piero is very tired, sleeping on his feet, and Red calls his father Gaetano who is there with them. Gaetano is a very shy person and of few words. Red asks if Piero has his head mounted and Gaetano answers, absolutely not, then he says he lives in Naro.
Red asks for a close-up of the faces of Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, to show how tired they are.
Final greetings and thanks.
The boys say, “A big hug to Red” and they all throw themselves at Red. ❤ 🤗

This was a totally, awesome, improvised interview. The guys are a natural!
So, we come to the end of A Night at Red’s Studio. Between the chaos and the mess, we find a very sincere interview about where the guys were in the first ten years together.
Again, I wish to thank Daniela for this wonderful translation. Because of Daniela we always know what’s happening in every interview the guys do!!
Happy Memorial Day from me and the Guys to the American fans!
Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
The following morning, the video, was published by Red Ronnie, who had many beautiful words for IL VOLO.
“What a night last night, we finished at 1:00 a.m., I went to sleep at 3:00.
It was incredible, to say that guys are happy, that is to say the least.
We have reached an impressive number of people around the world with this live.
We have demonstrated the incredible popularity of Il Volo.
What happened, it was fantastic, also because we had fun.
Everything was out of control, everything was spontaneous.
This morning I saw only the beginning and I had to force myself to stop, because I would see everything again, for how beautiful it was.
I’m very tired.”
He says that the January date is not confirmed but Monday he will go to dinner with Torpedine and they talk about this.
Red states that you cannot know what it’s like to do a live like last night, because it was a completely improvised program, so you had to adjust the microphones every time, but it was wonderful.

Red confirmed that it was incredible yesterday with Il Volo, something amazing, fantastic, they will repeat this experiment.
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To read more Il Volo stories visit us at www.ilvoloflightcrw.com.
Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


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  1. I am so happy that you went back through The Fields of Your Mind and brought back this one. This is so great! It just filled my heart with love (as always) for our three wonderful boys just being themselves….good honest and true. I wish I could just reach out and hug each one of them. ♥️

  2. Thank you so much for looking up this “Night with Red”, Susan. What a wonderful way to spend a very dreary, rainy, morning by watching three of my most favourite people in all the world!

    Such unbridled talent and what fun they’re having, letting us experience it along with them. Igna has certainly come a long way with his piano playing, it’s a real treat to hear him play and sing. But, with his fascination with the Wurlitzer, poor Red is like trying to keep an unruly grandchild away from a most cherished heirloom! It’s like trying to round up a group of kids!

    Piero was having a really good time, too, it would have been great to be there with them.

    The rendition of Somebody to Love was exceptional. Gian could surely have another career as a romantic singer if he decided to go it alone. But, please don’t leave the GROUP!

    Thanks again, Susan, and Daniela for her translation. Hugs, Dol.

  3. Hi Susan! This was a wonder look back! It is nice to see our boys just relaxing and having fun, they are always honest and true to themselves and each other…how beautiful! It sure would have been fun to be a fly on the wall! How much they respect their families sacrifices for them and wonderful to always be caring for them and about them. It’s well deserved, they have raised three amazing young men and they share them with all of us….it’s hard not to love them as well!
    I agree with Dol that Gianluca could be (and is ) a romantic singer, he’s what we used to call a crooner in every sense of the word! What’s amazing is how he sings everything wonderfully as do Ignazio and Piero. I like the new format of their shows, giving them each a chance to shine alone and in the genre that best suits their tastes.
    Great look back! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute but not being on Facebook I couldn’t open a few…still enjoyed what I could.
    Could I ask how you got the fan card that many of you wear on lanyards…. I liked to get one too?
    Again many thanks. Happy Memorial Day, Carol

    1. HI Carol, Go on Ilvolomusic.com the official fan page and it should be on there! FYI my second book launched last week!

  4. I love the title “Through the Fields of My Mind” – this says so much about you Susan as well as Daniela & Pat who obviously love our Boys with so much passion – your hearts are amazing – I loved Piero singing the beautiful Aria “Pourquoi De Réveiller” so stunning – I also laughed at you mentioning about Ignazio being banned from the Jukebox – Red has a great sense of humour!! – I thought that this little incident was hilarious!! I also thought the Boys’ harmonising is second to none!! when they sang the “Star Spangled Banner” – Piero – Ignazio & Gianluca definitely hold in high regard love & respect for their families – this is what sets them apart from all other entertainers – I would not bother with them if it were not for their honesty & integrity – it is a privilege to know & hear them – it is also a privilege to read your Editorials – so full of good things. – Thank you Susan much love.

  5. Hi from Jeanne in the US!! Will Il Volo be performing in the US, Baltimore/Washington area this year 2023?? I love these guys so much!!!

    1. They were there in 2022. It’s not offical yet but I believe they will be back in the US in 2024

  6. Susan, I so enjoyed this report! Wonderful translations and such fun videos. I especially enjoyed seeing Michele so happy and smiling on the drums, he was having so much fun.
    I could listen to Piero singing “Pourquoi Me Reveiller” all day, I wish that would be included on a CD someday.
    Thanks again for a fun romp through the fields of your mind !

  7. Beau reportage mais j’ai une question qui n’a pas de rapport avec celui-ci. Depuis son retour avec Ignazio et Piero du continent américain on a vu beaucoup de photos et de vidéos de Gianluca au restaurant, en vacances en Espagne…toujours avec ses amis mais sans la présence de sa fiancée Eleonora. Je me demande donc s’ils sont toujours ensemble?

  8. Thank you for that report it was great and the boys had fun ,to listen to Piero sing Pourquoi Me Revesillen was out of this world ,i hope he will not give up on his dream to do Opera Ignazio could do a show of his own with guests he has so much talent ,regards

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