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House Party by Susan

It seems since the new concerts have begun the guys are having lots of fun! My thought was, why let the guys have all the fun! We should have fun too. So, after writing about the Partita del Cuore last week, I went back and found some funny and entertaining videos. One of the videos actually was a follow up to the Partita del Cuore.
It seems that Alex Del Piero, had taken a picture with Piero after that fantastic play by Piero at the Partita del Cuore, and the other guys were not included. Del Piero said he felt bad about it. But no problem, he made for it up on House Party.
I know many of you have watched House Party on YouTube when the guys were on. For those of you who have never seen it, the host is Michele Hunziker.

Michelle Hunziker is a television host, actress, singer, and former model. 

In 2016 while Michelle was the host of House Party, Il Volo appeared on her show. The guys along with Michelle performed with many famous and interesting performers. Among them, Alessandro Del Piero, who they played against in the Partita del Cuore, one of my favorite Italian actors, Giancarlo Giannini, songwriter, singer and musician Gianna Nannini, singer Mario Biondi, singers Benji & Fede, among others.
We start our story today where we left off last week. The guys playing soccer with Alex Del Piero. Only this time, they are teams with Ignazio pairing with Del Piero and Gianluca pairing with Piero. Let’s go to the video to see how the match turned out….

Before the game began, Ignazio told Del Piero about his childhood when he played soccer with his friends. He said, “when I was a little boy behind, my house, there was a place we call nu puzzo (the well of water), this is the place where I played soccer with my friends.”
Of course, we remember this from Ignazio’s story about his childhood.
Ignazio continues, “since we are here with Alex we will pretend together. We will play some great football together.”
Michelle says, we have two teams Juventus and the rest of the world. Let’s Go! Ignazio and Del Piero for Juventus! And Gianluca and Piero for the rest of the world!
The game certainly needs no explanation with the exception of Piero saying his mistake should not be counted.
Del Piero said, “no sorry, sorry, sorry.” Even when Michele tries to reason with Del Piero in defense of Piero, he says, “no!” He won’t hear of it.


Of course, Juventus won! So, Ignazio asked Del Piero to autograph his arm. And he joked, next time you will sing with us, yes?

Of course, when they were on the show they always sang. On one occasion they sang with Italian singer, song writer and musician, Gianna Nannini. Gianna and the guys sang, “Meravigliosa Creatura,” a song that was written by Gianna. 
If the name Nannini is familiar to you it’s because Gianna is the elder sister of former Formula One race car driver Alessandro Nannini. 

On some occasions Michelle would ask the guy’s questions about their career and family. On this occasion, Michelle randomly drew questions out of bowl.
Let me tell you what some of the questions were before you watch the video….
Michelle explains, the questions were suggested by the audience. When Michelle mixes the questions in the bowl, she says he hopes they didn’t ask silly questions, like what is your favorite color.
What did you do that was strange on stage?
Gianluca: It is not something that I did. It is something that someone in the audience did.  (Gianluca playing around the words)
Michelle wants to know what it was.
Gianluca doesn’t quite know how to say “bra” because it seems out of place.
Ignazio finally says, “what harm is there to say bra.” 
And Piero says, “when you go to the store to buy a bra don’t you say bra?”
Gianluca (continues): I was singing, and I go to finish. 
Michelle (interrupts):  Did it hit you?
Gianluca: No, no it hit my microphone while I was singing, then I looked at it and there was a phone number in Spanish because it happened in Mexico. And when I read it, it said “call me when you want.”
Michelle: Did you call?
Ignazio (jokes): But, no, he didn’t call because it was a man.
Michelle draws a question and puts it in her mouth. She says it is not appropriate!
Which one of you is the most gifted but not in the singing sense.
Ignazio: I can answer? Can I answer?
Piero: No, it is dangerous.
And Piero continues by starting a whole conversation about boys’ shoes. He says, “I must tell you it is equivalent to the size of the boys’ shoes, and he says Ignazio’s shoes are size 46.” They turn the whole question into a hot discussion.
Michelle has enough and she stops them. I think she feared where the answer might go!
Michelle goes back to the bowl.
Michelle: I see two simple questions. Okay, I will give you one of my own questions because I want to ask about when you perform in front of all those people.
In short, you sometimes have (an audience of) 30 – 40,000 people and it can happen in stadiums, how do you feel?
Piero: I think the emotion I feel as an artist is an indescribable thing. You find yourself in front of all those people. I think it’s a great fortune and we thank all the people who grant us this, them and all the people who love us every day.
Michelle: It is a great thing and then the beautiful thing is that you have remained with your feet on the ground because you know that is, is it not? You also have a very nice family behind you.
Ignazio: I think family is absolutely, important, they were the first to believe in us, no? And thanks to them, huh, we chased our dreams without ever making it an obligation. No, because many times it can happen that parents push their children too hard. The best advice I can give to parents is, just to have your children always chase their dreams and leave them free and let them live, let them chase even making mistakes, but there are you who maybe you can help them because that’s it. We are, we are lucky in double, no? We are lucky because we always have the opportunity to shoot with so many wonderful people, but we are also lucky enough to work.
Michelle: But working doing what we love doing, what I really like doing you should never have thought you would arrive there when you were I don’t know 10
Gianluca: As long as I never thought about the fact of how it happened, I sing because I like it and I feel like I’m really only 13, 14 every time I sing, I get on, I imagine me as a little one with that first emotion when I went up on a stage at my house in front of my house also in front of my family, I always feel the same way. And it’s nice, it’s nice to be here with you too. 

Now let’s listen to the guys sing with another great Italian singer ~ Mario Biondi!

In one episode, Michelle asks the question…What would your career be if you weren’t a singer?
Piero: What would my career be? It happened very early I was 14/15 years.
Michelle: but have you seen Sliding Doors? Here’s how, if your life hadn’t been this what kind of job would you have wanted to do right?

For Piero, the answer was I would have followed in the footsteps of my father the coachbuilder. 

Ignazio said he would follow in the footsteps of his mom and sister who worked in a pizzeria.
At the end of the question to Ignatius, Michelle offered Ignazio a piece of pizza and then says “you can eat it? Does it produce an astringent effect on the teeth?” What Michelle means is can he sing if he eats the pizza.
Michelle asked Gianluca, if you did not sing in the microphone what would you do?

Gianluca replied, what had I done, I remember at school that I had fun making caricatures of my friends of drawings and then I also started painting a little so probably the painter not the painter. Why not?

Ignazio asked Michelle what she would be. She replied, a ballerina.
The guys sing “Piove” while Michelle dances. This is an absolutely wonderful video!

Now let’s listen to a wonderful song by the guys….

Also appearing with the guys were Benji & Fede. They did a beautiful duet together!

Now for the final segment on House Party let’s listen to the guys sing New York, New York!

So, since the guys were singing about New York, let’s listen to an interview the guys did with Julia Papa from 1010 Wins! New Yorkers know this station very well!

When the guys were in New York they would stop by Home & Family for cooking lessons!  This was always fun.

Hey guys! We miss you on American TV! Time to do some of these fun shows again!
Since we’re talking about New York, how about if we go back and relive A Day In The Life of Il Volo in NYC. One of my favorite videos!

Michele, are you listening? The guys’ dream of singing at Carnegie Hall! And I want them to sing there too!
And of course, what would the story be without some funny Brotherly moments…

I know the guys enjoyed doing House Party. I hope you enjoyed reliving those moments with our guys!
We took a stroll around House Party, and it led us back to New York. Now, the only way to end this story is with a song from their concert at Radio City Music Hall. How about two songs. I was at Radio City for this performance on February 6, 2020. Totally amazing! Nothing like witnessing the guys perform at Radio City. Their dream and ours! Why let the guys have all the fun! Join them at Radio City Music Hall on September 27th. I’ll be there and you should be too!

Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
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Credit to the owners of photos and videos.


It is late July.

We assess the situation.

Three months have passed since Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, due to the pandemic, unfortunately had to stop their beautiful concert tour in the US.

Pandemic 01



On their return to Italy, they found a great change. Empty airports, empty cities, quarantine imposed on the whole nation, to avoid further spread of virus infection.

The boys themselves were unable to embrace their loved ones, but to stay in quarantine to guarantee their relatives that they had no active contagion.

In this period, where contacts were only online, the boys have been very active, and have accustomed us to a presence in programs, directly from their homes. 

It was pleasant for us to be able to hear and see them in the intimacy of their personal places.



Il Volo joined fundraisers for many charity works.

Pandemic 02

Many television programs have re-transmitted old concerts, and broadcasts, which we have reviewed with great pleasure.



Pandemic 03

The concerts scheduled for this summer in Europe and Italy have unfortunately been moved to next year.

It is still too early here for the concerts, even the cinemas have not yet reopened, but we hope that the November concerts in Milan, Rome and Turin will be maintained. 

Pandemic 04

The quarantine period is also over and we were able to see the first outings of Gian, Piero and Ignazio’s house, wearing the obligatory masks.

Pandemic 05

Pandemic 06

Now things have improved here and in some regions, especially in the south, masks are no longer mandatory, but use is required for places such as shops or during outdoor gatherings, where, however, distance is always a must .

It’s summer, it’s very hot, and it’s really difficult to keep your distance and wear masks, but we have to do it, to guarantee ourselves and others.

Ignazio Piero and Gianluca, now, are much more difficult to be found, they are less present on social networks, they have resumed their normal post-quarantine life.

Gianluca met his twin friends. 😁Pandemic 07

Piero has turned 27. AUGURI!! ❤️Pandemic 08

Ignazio dedicates himself to new interests with Floki Production and Nico Arezzo.😉Pandemic 09

In the last few days, a film music great Ennio Morricone has passed away. Il Volo remembered Morricone, who was a great composer of film music, with this video and this beautiful dedication.

Pandemic 10

Music today has suffered a great loss.
Thanks for everything, Master.

In last few days, our boys met after three months, on the occasion of the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show.

I would say that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are really in excellent shape.

Pandemic 11

Pandemic 12

What about the fantastic presentation video of the Dolce & Gabbana collection?

Beautiful clothes, beautiful environment and fantastic music !!

Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca said during the forced quarantine that they were working on various projects and that they were in constant contact with each other to develop beautiful ideas.

We really hope that all this time and all the concerts postponed, will bring us beautiful and interesting things for the future of Il Volo.

Pandemic 13

So things here in Italy seem to improve, but every day we receive truly alarming news of the contagion in the US.

We understand very well what you are all going through and we are close to you.

In the US the numbers are terrible, how many dead, how many infected, certainly everything is relative as regards the numbers, but they are really thousands of lives and we still don’t know how to stop this devious pandemic.

Time will pass, before we can breathe a sigh of relief, time will pass, before returning to talk only about good concerts.

But that time will come!!!

Tell me how you are going through this period.

Hugs to all: Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

Flashback Friday: Il Volo Professional ~~ House Party

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo

New Crew Member News!

We found a new passenger, along the way, from Rockford, Illinois – which is near the Wisconsin border and looks like maybe 3 hours or so from the Chicago area.  Her name is Maria, and she is married with a 16 year-old son.  Unfortunately, she was feeling a bit lost until she stumbled upon our site on Google while searching for Il Volo!

Welcome, Maria!!  We are so happy to have you here!  She is looking for others in her relatively immediate area to join for any gatherings, parties, social events, etc.  Ann, I know you are somewhat near there, but not sure who else would be nearby.

If there is anyone near her, please either send me your info if you have my email, or send to the FlightCrew.NotteMagica2017@gmail.com email address.  I told her she is always welcome to come to Detroit – you know we have all the fun!  🙂 

Maria – be sure to check out this Flashback Friday post!  The guys were in rare form on this show and they sing just about every genre imaginable.  If your son says “no way mom!,”  make him watch them sing “Somebody to Love” by Queen. (just that song can also be found on YouTube in a search)  Ignazio is incredibly talented singing the Freddie Mercury part.  He may just change his tune!  🙂 






Photos: L’album della seconda puntata  ~~ House Party Italia Facebook


Video: Full Episode




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Photos: House Party – Il Volo ~~ Il Volovers Italy Official