It is late July.

We assess the situation.

Three months have passed since Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, due to the pandemic, unfortunately had to stop their beautiful concert tour in the US.

Pandemic 01



On their return to Italy, they found a great change. Empty airports, empty cities, quarantine imposed on the whole nation, to avoid further spread of virus infection.

The boys themselves were unable to embrace their loved ones, but to stay in quarantine to guarantee their relatives that they had no active contagion.

In this period, where contacts were only online, the boys have been very active, and have accustomed us to a presence in programs, directly from their homes. 

It was pleasant for us to be able to hear and see them in the intimacy of their personal places.



Il Volo joined fundraisers for many charity works.

Pandemic 02

Many television programs have re-transmitted old concerts, and broadcasts, which we have reviewed with great pleasure.



Pandemic 03

The concerts scheduled for this summer in Europe and Italy have unfortunately been moved to next year.

It is still too early here for the concerts, even the cinemas have not yet reopened, but we hope that the November concerts in Milan, Rome and Turin will be maintained. 

Pandemic 04

The quarantine period is also over and we were able to see the first outings of Gian, Piero and Ignazio’s house, wearing the obligatory masks.

Pandemic 05

Pandemic 06

Now things have improved here and in some regions, especially in the south, masks are no longer mandatory, but use is required for places such as shops or during outdoor gatherings, where, however, distance is always a must .

It’s summer, it’s very hot, and it’s really difficult to keep your distance and wear masks, but we have to do it, to guarantee ourselves and others.

Ignazio Piero and Gianluca, now, are much more difficult to be found, they are less present on social networks, they have resumed their normal post-quarantine life.

Gianluca met his twin friends. 😁Pandemic 07

Piero has turned 27. AUGURI!! ❤️Pandemic 08

Ignazio dedicates himself to new interests with Floki Production and Nico Arezzo.😉Pandemic 09

In the last few days, a film music great Ennio Morricone has passed away. Il Volo remembered Morricone, who was a great composer of film music, with this video and this beautiful dedication.

Pandemic 10

Music today has suffered a great loss.
Thanks for everything, Master.

In last few days, our boys met after three months, on the occasion of the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show.

I would say that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are really in excellent shape.

Pandemic 11

Pandemic 12

What about the fantastic presentation video of the Dolce & Gabbana collection?

Beautiful clothes, beautiful environment and fantastic music !!

Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca said during the forced quarantine that they were working on various projects and that they were in constant contact with each other to develop beautiful ideas.

We really hope that all this time and all the concerts postponed, will bring us beautiful and interesting things for the future of Il Volo.

Pandemic 13

So things here in Italy seem to improve, but every day we receive truly alarming news of the contagion in the US.

We understand very well what you are all going through and we are close to you.

In the US the numbers are terrible, how many dead, how many infected, certainly everything is relative as regards the numbers, but they are really thousands of lives and we still don’t know how to stop this devious pandemic.

Time will pass, before we can breathe a sigh of relief, time will pass, before returning to talk only about good concerts.

But that time will come!!!

Tell me how you are going through this period.

Hugs to all: Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

56 thoughts on “TIME OF PANDEMIC by Daniela”

  1. Thank you for your thoughtful note.
    Hanging in there! We’ll get through this 🙏
    Appreciate the online updates and photos/videos, that brighten ☀️ my day.
    My best to you and the Boys!😃
    Stay safe and well.

  2. So many of us wish the USA would follow the example of Italy and just lock down but we lack leadership. Wonderful to have updates on our guys. Thank you so much.

  3. Daniela, thanks for this update and for the your concern for us in the US.
    I love in Maryland and COVID numbers have decreased and are leveling out. For the most part the citizens of MD are following all health and safety procedures.

    Personally, I have been reviewing ‘lL Volo concerts on DVDs and on You Tube, as well as listening to music. Also enjoying mini COVID concerts Of other artists; taking virtual Italian cooking classes and wine tastings;
    reading; and keeping in touch with family and friends via phone and social media. Need I also admit I have been shopping online!

    I look forward to more ‘lL Bill Flight Crew posts!

    1. Mary Jane, I have many Volo-friends in the US and I am sorry to hear this bad news every day.

      There will be a new news update soon !!

  4. Thank you Pat and Daniele. Amica mia you know how I feel😥. I wish we would have followed Italy and Greece’s example. We did not and so here we go again. I’m happy the boys are able to be together again, I imagine that was a very emotional day after all of that time apart. The touch of another human being does wonders for the soul. Ciao.

    1. You’re welcome, Rose Marie! I agree that the human touch does wonders for the soul. Abbracci a te! 🤗

  5. Daniela, what a wonderful article! You really summed it up. The guys though not able to be with us in concert, never left our side! That’s why we love them! Thank you for your prayers for America!

    1. Thanks Susan, it’s just a summary of what has happened in these three months, there have been many things, but now we rarely see kids, we need to see and hear them more often !!

  6. Daniela: Thank you so very much for your words and updates. For me, it is hard being alone and isolated and I miss, as we all do, the beautiful cities and Il Volo concerts that gave us beauty and friendships, music and personalities ~~ Il Volo gave us happiness, positive energy and life. For the canceled concerts in Verona and Taormina, I am grateful for the new dates in 2021. Regarding the end of this year and the possibility of three remaining concerts in Italy, since I am Canadian, I am able to travel (with masks and distancing) so I am going to buy tickets and book flights and rooms, After such a difficult year, seeing Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, hearing their beautiful voices, visiting your lovely Italian cities and talking with the people — will close out this painful year with beauty and hope. I do miss them. Maybe some of my Il Volo Lovers will join me?
    Thank you again, Daniela.

    1. Judy, I understand how hard it is, to remain without news, in a moment of isolation due to a pandemic. I often think that Piero Ignazio and Gianluca have a role with their fans, different from the other artists. Il Volo has accustomed us to give us news of their lives too, and when we have no news we miss them so much.
      We too hope that the Italian end of year concerts will be confirmed. I have no doubt that you will be able to come at least to a couple of those concerts !! I also know that you like our cities and Italy is waiting for you!

  7. I live in one of the worst areas of the pandemic here, so when I see a new IL Volo email pop up on my screen, I say “oh good, Daniela and Pat have been at it again” and it brightens my otherwise lonesome day.Thanks! Does it seem to you that Ignazio has gained back some weight, I hope?

    1. I’m glad I can help Daniela brighten your day, Mark! 😄 I was just telling Daniela that I think Ignazio looks very thin.

    2. Mark, I’m so sad to know that you live in a place where the infections are very high, so I recommend that you follow the rules.
      Just today here, it was supposed to be the day of the end of the obligation to wear the mask, instead it was extended until the end of July, in places with people present.
      Honestly, it seems to me that Ignatius has regained a little weight, lately I see him in better shape.
      I’m glad that with the posts, we can give you some good news, and today we will see our trio united to sing and they will amaze us.

  8. To know them is to love them. I wish all the best things life has for them to love and enjoy. “My Guys” forever and that is meant from the heart. They give love and joy to all of us. Thanks to Mariana and Lucia I would not have known them. “My Guys” somethin about my guys that gives me comfort and makes me wish I was 60 years younger for romantical reasons only, now I experience love and joy when seeing and hearing them sing. Carry on fellows and know millions love you as i do.

  9. Unfortunately I live in Southern Florida and although I stayed in for close to three months except to go to the grocery store many didn’t take it serious, now we are as bad off as we were in April. All I can say is thank goodness for the guys. They are a part of my daily life I watch every video on you tube and read every article written about them. Glad to see them looking so good and love to see and hear them whenever they are on social media. Glad to see Italy making a recovery. Appreciate all the crews articles Please keep them coming
    Thank You

    1. Yes, Beverley, they are part of the daily lives of many people.
      The photo of the three of them together again, gives us a lot of joy and we also see that they are in excellent shape, ready to give us many beautiful events.
      Be very careful, use all precautions, I recommend.

  10. Thank you Daniela for the lovely memories.
    Great to see the boys together again. Thanks I have spent hours each day listening to them, especially after their wonderful concert in New York in February.
    Sadly, the whole world is suffering terribly with the COVID-19 pandemic and I hope relief is sooner than later.
    Sadly, too, the loss of Ennio Morricone, whose beautiful music I had explored, not long before his death. I would love to hear Gianluca, Ignacio and Piero singing his songs, especially ‘Se’ from ‘Cinema Paradiso’.
    Hopefully we will all enjoy Il Volo in person, again, SOON!

    1. June, this pandemic period is an unexpected disaster for everyone, but we must be optimistic and hope that we will soon be carefree again.
      Morricone was an exceptional composer of unforgettable film music, and he was a man of simplicity and humility, united by a deep love for his wife and children.

      Today there will be an event with Il Volo.

  11. I am a physician in Northern California and blessed to have seen their final concert prior to the cancelation of the remainder of the tour. It certainly is a busy and trying time, but I am hopeful that this, too, shall pass and look forward to seeing these lovely gentlemen live in concert once again! Thank you for the wonderful post!

  12. Daniela, Thankyou so much for the videos. It was fun to watch them again. The mamma video is hilarious and Ave Maria is one of my favorites especially when sung by Pierro. I’m glad to hear that Italy is doing well and I’m so happy the boys can see each other. I’m in upstate N.Y. and we wear masks everywhere. Everyone is good about it and it has helped. I want to thank you for all the translations and Pat and Jana for all your hard work thru this. It is nice to sit down at night and read all your great articles. Let’s hope this can be over soon. Please take care.

    1. Thanks for the compliments Cathy, it’s nice to know that what I write is appreciated and can keep company with Volo-friends on the other side of the world.

  13. Thank you Daniela and Pat! You both bring us joy and happiness by keeping us informed about the guys during these trying times. Thank you for giving your time and friendship to all of us here.

    1. Dear Jane, you and your family are always in my thoughts and when I read your comment I am happy.
      Stay safe and use all the protections. A hug.

  14. It was so nice to get this update with all the photos and videos! So glad the guys got together in Milan, after all those months. I’m wondering if they might soon be on one of the TV shows they’ve done before, like House Party or RAI–with a limited audience, or even without one. Also, Daniela, any comment on the social media gossip about Ignazio frolicking with Roberta Morise?? (We want to know as much as we can about our guys…) And I want to thank you for your concern about us–as formerly we were concerned about you! I am also in Florida, although the southwest, which is not quite so bad. But still I envy you your strong governmental response, which seems to have worked, thank heavens!

    1. Judi, I don’t believe a single word, related to Ignazio and Roberta’s gossip. We call them “hairdresser gossip”. Roberta is a beautiful woman but she is not Ignazio’s wish girl, of course it is my opinion, but I don’t think I’m wrong. Maybe there was a flirtation? I don’t know, but the newspapers have embroidered a lot !!! In addition, since this news came, a “crazy” fan has started putting crazy words on instagram profiles, even wishing Ignatius death, and writing bad words to Roberta. These things don’t have to happen, these guys’ private lives are theirs. Anyone with a chance, report these accounts to the authorities.

      Yes, I also believe that our government has made a strong and decisive turn to the pandemic, and it is still doing it now.

  15. Thanks so much for all the news about those wonderful youths with the golden voices! Here of course (in the Pacific Northwest) there is a total blackout of news from them. Any news you get, I will certainly enjoy it very very much! All the love they seem to send out with their beautiful music is certainly returned to them many times over.

    1. Thanks Dena, I will try to keep you more informed. Sometimes it seems useless to write things already published by many fanpages, but then I think maybe someone has not read them and so, I write.

  16. Thank you Daniela and Pat for this lovely article with photos and videos. Enjoyed the time spent getting updates and also refreshing memories of the goings on of our wonderful guys.
    Here in South Africa the virus is rampant. We are in the middle of winter and apparently it is still building up to its peak. Scary stuff isn’t it !!!

    1. Dear Ineke, how sad it is to hear that there is so much contagion in South Africa.
      All of us didn’t deserve this pandemic, but we can’t help but endure and hope that none of our loved ones are involved.
      Here things seem to improve, but we are all still very cautious.
      Stay safe, I recommend. A hug.

      1. Omaha, NE -age 72 – seeing Il Volo Chicago 2020. Would have loved to have seen the concert with my husband of 45 yrs but he died of cancer 2019.but went anyway and – time of my life. I continue to enjoy life through music and lots of time outdoors, especially still making the drive up to our beautiful lake home in Northern MN that we ourselves built. Fishing is great and the serenity of Mother Nature helps ease the loss of my hubby and all the uncertainties of the pandemic. My faith is very strong that we will get through this and I listen to Il Volo so often …I love their comedy…wish I understood their Italian more but they make me laugh just the same. The would love my family of 37 here in Omaha and would have a grand time visiting with us. We’d even house them…With our ancestry being Italian and German, there is always plenty of cooking going on. Take care and Blessings to all of you…stay safe

  17. Last March, I was one of those from row ticket holders in Las Vegas wondering if corona virus was going to impact the concerts. I was relieved for the guys that they canceled and got home safely. Relieved that I didn’t have to decide whether risk going or lose my ticket money.

    However I am still so disappointed of not seeing them sing close up, meeting them in person and slipping them each a note of appreciation.

    In the meantime, I have started listening to “Amame”. When the album first was released I felt the music did not do their voices justice. Now I have given this music a second chance and started listen to their voices and ignoring the Latin sound. Guess what I heard? Their beautiful music. the song “Amame” and “Hasta Donde” are my first favorites.

    My 5yo grandson who has been a fan with me for two years, can’t get enough of them either. He always requests “Santa Celia” and ‘Noches Sin Dia” .

    Now the 3yo is learning their names and voices. And the music., I noticed she was singing a line from ‘Music Che Resta” on her own.

    My life has not changed that much because I live in a very rural area, and I love staying at home to sew, quilt and listen to Il Volo.

    Thank you to Daniela, Pat, Jana and the others for putting together these great posts. I especially appreciate that translations.


    1. You’re welcome, Peggy. I too was supposed to be in the second row on the aisle to see the guys in Las Vegas. I also was relieved for both of the reasons you stated. I’m still sad I could not see them live in concert this year. Maybe I give Amame another listen too. 🙂

    2. Dear Peggy, I haven’t heard from you for a long time, and I’m very happy you commented.
      In this period, I think you are very lucky to live in a rural area, in fact here in Italy, it is the areas that have been least affected by the virus, while Lombardy, like Bergamo and Brescia, have been severely affected.
      You do well to pass the time, sewing and listening to Il Volo, and how nice your grandchild loves this music.
      A hug

  18. Daniela and Pat, you have outdone yourselves again for us Il Volovers. This was a pleasureful recap of “our guys”. I was one of the lucky ones to see them just before they had to return home.

    1. You’re welcome, Kay! Daniela did a great job of gathering all of these wonderful videos and photos of IL VOLO!

  19. I am in Ohio in the US. My heart is heavy from the cavalier attitude of many Americans with regard to this pandemic. I hope, rather than condemn us, the world will pray for us. We face many obstacles in this country, but as every time before, we will rise above this dark time.

    1. Leslie, we do not condemn you at all and we are all worried about you and all the Nations that are suffering a lot at the moment.
      We are all part of the same world, we all pray that this period will pass quickly.

  20. I cannot believe I am watching them perform in Milan..BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER!!! They are giving it everything they’ve got..such a relief to see them together again!! What a great day!! Fashion show pretty exciting also!! And…your latest translations and videos..THANK YOU..so uplifting!!

  21. A beautiful article once again, I think these trying times are going to be with us for quite sometime, your constant updates on ll Volo make my day. Here in Australia we were one of the First Nations to have total lockdown and quarantine, and we looked as though we had escaped the worst of this pandemic and we started to ease restrictions but like many other countries we are having a second wave of covid it’s quite frightening and so many more cases every day. Social distancing is the normal now with wearing of masks, so many have lost jobs and businesses. Complacency seems to have settled in now which for me has meant I have been in lockdown now for nearly 5 mths due to chronic asthma yet I hope that medical research all over the world will give us a much needed vaccine..To everyone take care we will get through these horrendous times.

    1. Roslyn, we all thought that in Australia, as rigorous as you are and easily isolated, you would have been free from contagion, instead he arrived and also recidivist, as in every part of the world.
      Here too we are afraid of the second wave, for now it is under control, so we find it hard to loosen the security measures.
      We can only hope that the infection will become less severe and that remedies will finally be found.
      Stay safe.

  22. I thank you for your informative posts. I’m in San Diego, CA, where people are becoming lax. Masks are a requirement but so many people still don’t comply. At least our climate is mild so not too hot. Since March I don’t think I’ve been out more than 10 times (to bank, grocery, etc.) Because of certain medicine I take I cannot be in direct sunlight so I go outside after 6:00 p.m. when the sun is not too strong. I worry about Gianluca’s gorgeous sun tan and hope he isn’t damaging his skin with prolonged sun exposure. Here in CA concern about preventing skin cancer is a priority; my health plan conducted skin cancer screening. Just like all the other fans I am interesting in what the guys are doing and how they coped during the quarantine. Thanks to modern technology they stayed in touch with each other and shared precious moments with us. I stayed at home with a few ventures to the bank and grocery when someone was able to drive me; people shopped and even cooked for me. I miss having dinner guests for Friday nights and Saturday lunch but will wait until this pandemic is over. Hard to maintain a reasonable distance in an apartment. So thank you again for your intersting stories which keep me going. Looking forward to when things return to normal. Be well.

  23. Ciao Daniela…
    Thank you so much for sharing above. It has been wonderful seeing the boys at their homes and seeing what they were doing and how they spent their quarantine. Gianluca fills my heart with such passion…for many years my heart has been broken, but Gian’s beautiful voice and his warm, passionate side shone right through to me. I listen to the boys’ music and I am in heaven. I am trying to teach myself your beautiful Italian language. I love reading about the boys, I am a Forever Follower…Thank you for sharing as you do. It makes me feel as close to the boys as is possible for me. Be safe during the very hard time in our world, and again, Grazie!! Eleanor from America

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