A post published by Maura Pucci made me remember this beautiful feat, made by four very tough women.

Unusual and … amazing aspects of Il Volo’s popularity. 


We are in 2015.

Four American ladies, from different States, who met on social networks, animated by a great passion for IL VOLO and enthusiastic about the recent victory of the beloved group in Sanremo, decide to join together to undertake a trip to Italy.

Some new Il Volo fans might think: It’s not new! At their concerts in Verona and Taormina there are many fans from abroad and in particular Americans.

It’s true.

Today the Arena of Verona and the ancient theater of Taormina are places of great appeal for the fans of Il Volo from all over the world, who arrive there in droves, both to attend a concert in scenarios such as only Italy can offer, and to meet the virtual friends, frequented on Facebook.


But in the spring of 2015 things were still not exactly like that. And the four ladies embark on an Atlantic flight, for the ONLY purpose of visiting the places of residence of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, with the same spirit with which the romantic young people of Northern Europe, three or four centuries ago, left for the Grand Tour at vault of Italy, to be satisfied with beauty and culture, but at the same time with the same religiosity of those who want to embark on the journey of Santiago de Compostela.

Because, let’s face it, when it comes to doing this, it means that the three characters have already risen to the glory of the altars and that their places of life have become three new Sanctuaries, pilgrimage destinations …

Montepagano, Marsala and Naro, three small towns in the Italian province have become places of international resonance.


Okay, I just wanted to joke around.

But there are still many fans, especially Italian, but also foreigners, who go, or dream of going to Montepagano, favored by its proximity to Rome. And some of them even went as far as Naro.

Unfortunately, after five years, the sanctuary of Marsala today is not very frequent because S. Ignazio moved to Bologna.😂😂

When I read the news of this trip in 2015, I fully understood the attractive power of these extraordinary and unique guys.



That trip, was undertaken by Deborah Georgini Beaupre, Joan Brenin, Madeline Vitella and Maria Lagostini Leps.

In Italy, it was an event, it had never been heard that fans came to get to know the countries of their favorites. Also Sanremo had just ended with the victory and therefore, the local newspapers talked about this trip, here are the articles. Article – Click Here


(I translate for you.)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

“I crossed the Atlantic Ocean to see you” is film stuff. Indeed, no?

Because four American ladies have been stronger than exaggerated idioms, making something that even in the best dreams come true: they came from the United States of America to Roseto just to see the places where Gianluca Ginoble, a member of Il Volo, grew up, then headed straight to Sicily and do the same in the native places of Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto.


The super fans are Maria Agostini Leps from Pennsylvania, Joan Brenin from Florida, Madeline Vitella from New Jersey and Deborah Georgini Beaupre from Texas, who say: “We met on Facebook in 2014, thanks to an article written by Maria after a concert by Il Volo. Having the same passion, we decided to meet and organize this trip to Italy, to see the places of our three darlings. It was enough for us to have the photo all together with the sign of the name of the three cities, but today a dream has come true.”

The dream was to meet Gianluca Ginoble and it became reality again thanks to Facebook, given that Maria wrote to Ercole, the father of the singer, saying of their presence in Roseto.


And since fate sometimes puts a good word on it, chance has meant that Gianluca was in Roseto in these days, before leaving again for the artistic and promotional commitments of Il Volo.

So, at five in the evening, on the Roseto seafront, the meeting of a thousand hugs and smiles, with selfies, dedications on records and photos.

Deborah shows a photo of the license plate of her car in Texas: “IL VOLO”, saying that after the death of her husband the songs of the group gave her strength.


Maria confesses that she returned to Italy after 50 years (she left at 9) for this. All four have seen many Il Volo concerts and love the three singers.

Gianluca Ginoble says: “It is such a great thing that I can only thank these splendid ladies, because in the face of such demonstrations of affection there is the risk of getting your head up.” (feeling overly important)


(I translate the most interesting parts for you.)



Comune di Marsala Article – Click Here

They came from the USA to make their dream come true: to visit the places where the members of Il Volo, were born and raised.

In Marsala, in the city of Ignazio Boschetto, the first stop of the four American ladies was the visit to the representative office of the municipal administration which appointed the singer Ignazio “ambassador of Marsala in the world”.

The American ladies will leave tomorrow for Naro, the birthplace of Piero Barone; while in recent days they had already visited Roseto degli Abruzzi, the land of Gianluca Ginoble.

He, Piero and ours Ignazio, meanwhile, are already in Austria to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, where Il Volo is finalist by right with the winning song of Sanremo “Grande Amore”.





The last stop on the Italian – Sicilian journey was Naro, the city of Piero Barone. Here too the reception of the girls from “Il Volo Naro Fan Club” was warm.

In the town hall the solemn ceremony with the mayor Lillo Cremona, the vice-mayor Lidia Mirabile and the mother of Piero, Eleonora Ognibene. Then a tour to discover the baroque of Naro and its monuments: the Castle, the old C athedral.

The Sicilian tour will end with a visit to the city of Agrigento and then to Taormina. Then the return to Rome for the US.


What women!

Admirable. They were the first, but then many others came.

I don’t think I would have had their courage, but I’m happy that they got what they wanted.

I bet that many of us would like to make this nice trip, and maybe be so lucky to be able to meet Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca ……… but sometimes dreams come true!



Credit to owners of all photos and articles.

14 thoughts on “IL VOLO AND THE NEW SANCTUARIES by Daniela”

  1. Thank you so much for writing about our story Daniela!! This trip was truly a dream come true for the four of us and we hold these cherished memories and our friendship very close to our hearts. We never expected to get such a grand reception in our beloved boy’s towns!! We were treated like royalty by our endearing Gianluca, his father Ercole and grandfather Ernesto, Piero’s Mama Eleanora, Ignazio’s sister Nina, Mayors, Reporters and so many other wonderful people. To this day it seems like it was a beautiful dream!! We were very lucky to find each other and make our dream come true!!

    1. Joan, your adventure has always fascinated me.
      I think everyone would like to have your spirit of adventure.
      Thank you for allowing us to dream with your trip. 🙂

  2. This is a dream come true reality! I loved reading this and so proud of the ladies for doing. Let me say because we are elderly (I am) does not mean I don’t love them… much in a different way. I see them as my grandchildren, matter of fact, I have older ones. I love them singing together and also solo. I will always give credit to their parents, grandparents siblings… they helped to make them who they are by sharing and caring. A well written story. Thank you Daniella for sharing this. I wanted and thought perhaps maybe I could make the trip to Italy and see them iin concert plus the country (beauty wherever you look) but alas not going to be manage due to health. I’m trying so hard to see them again here in the US, but who knows. I have loved o\pop music all my life, but IL Mondo put that to shame in some instances. I still have favorites in pop music, but given a choice between the pop stars here, I would choose “my guys”. This is love, real trusting and true for another human being. Love U IL Volo heart and soul.

    1. In reality, Sassylady, the beauty of being fans of Il Volo is also this love that develops among the various fans, from many different countries, united by the love for these great artists, but also because they are really good guys.
      We will sweep the virus and still see many good concerts !!

  3. Lovely article and memories for these choice women and our Il Volo. Thanks for translating it.

  4. That must have been a very fun adventure. Thanks for posting this. We hope there will be more opportunities in the not too distant future to travel again to enjoy exploring Italy.

    1. Janet, funny for sure. Believe me, it is not easy to reach Naro, and even Montepagano, it must have been a great feat, but they really had a fantastic welcome, as well as seeing the places and relatives of the boys. It was worth it.

  5. Thank you Pat and Daniela for seeing this wonderful story again. They are wonderful, strong and determined women. They had a dream and they made it happen! And it was lovely that they met Gianluca and his beautiful family. It was a great adventure to share with each other.

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