And finally, after four months the moment has arrived. The occasion was the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show in Milan.

IL VOLO, as guests, sang together again. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca sang the beautiful, sweet Italian songs.

D&G 01

In times of pandemic, the parade was held outdoors, on the “university campus” in Milan. Few people admitted, unfortunately.

A men’s fashion show, many models  ……….. but how beautiful our boys were, elegant, in blue suits, but with a touch of sportiness in the white sneakers.

D&G 02

They are in excellent shape, beautiful and with perfect voices and finally together again.

They started by singing “Torna a  Sorrento”.

I want to remind you, that the D&G fashion show is inspired by the colors and geometries of the Amalfi coast, which find their uniqueness also in the architecture of the beautiful Parco dei Principi Hotel in Sorrento.

D&G 03

The parade has started and while the models paraded with the D&G creations, Il Volo accompanied with:

Grande Amore

O Sole Mio

Un Amore così Grande

‘O surdato ‘nnammurato

Nel blu dipinto di blu – Volare


Here is the video of the parade. 😁😁😁

Really a mini concert.

As good as ever and perhaps even more, because the voices, rested from the long run, were magnificent and Ignazio performed all the high notes at the end! ️🎶

Congratulations guys, it is a great pleasure to see you again and hear your voices together!

While Il Volo sang Volare, Dolce & Gabbana entered, wearing masks, they went on stage where the boys were singing.

There was a short speech from Alberto Mantovani, head of immunology at Humanitas University.

In the end Dolce and Gabbana thanked Il Volo and everyone present.

The event was also published in newspapers, including the New York Times.

A very nice article of the show was published online by The Impression.

The Impression article – Click Here

The Italian RAI 2 news broadcast a short video of the show parade. and in the comments they said that all the participants, including the guys from Il Volo, gave up their fees by evolving them for research.

D&G 04

And here are the guys in the backstage of the parade, together with the people who work so that everything goes well !!

D&G 05

But that’s not all, there is other good news!

Yesterday it was announced that Saturday 18 July, at the Ancient Theater of Taormina, Dolce & Gabbana will present the film by Giuseppe Tornatore: DEVOTION, with Monica Bellucci and with music by Ennio Morricone.

At the end of the film, there will be a Il Volo performance to close the evening.

Of course in pandemic times, very few places are available due to the distance, but all this means that we are starting again, that things are improving.

Here is the announcement of the event.

D&G 06

How much good news, finally a wave of positivity! 

These are small steps towards the recovery of normalcy. Here everything has started and now everything is normalizing, this time will come to you too, you have to wait and not be in a hurry.

But what about our beloved Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero ?? What a thrill to see them again and hear their splendid voices.

Thanks guys, indirectly you have donated a mini-concert to us too. Thanks also to D&G who allowed all this. 

See you on Saturday…….

Taormina, a dream, how many of you would like to be there?? 😊😍


Photos before the show.D&G 07

D&G 08

Credit to owners of all photos and video.

49 thoughts on “TOGETHER AGAIN by Daniela”

  1. It was a great surprise!
    Thanks for the optimism.
    A special treat from special people🙏

  2. Daniela, thank you for this update. I actually had an opportunity to watch the event yesterday and I thought the guys were fantastic! Although they must have been happy to perform on the stage again, I kept thinking how different it must have been for them to walk quietly to the stage and to face an audience who were all wearing masks. However, the “new way” didn’t deter them from them giving their performance their all.

    1. Yes, Mary Jane, unfortunately we are all getting used to seeing people with masks and social distancing. We Italians are very expansive and the distance is really heavy, but we have to do it.
      The boys were fantastic, and the review I have attached confirms that their music appealed to the comments from the fashion show.

  3. Gianluca,Piero and Ignazio superb as always. Their voices have benefitted from their imposed rest due to the virus.So pleased to see that they are once again out and about, if only to a few venues.Stay well Guys and take care of yourselves.

    1. Absolutely agree Marion, Piero Ignazio and Gianluca in perfect shape and the voices, thanks to the mandatory quarantine, are even more beautiful and rested. Have you heard Ignazio’ high notes? Excellent.

  4. “My Guys” are perfection over and over. Thank you all for making this possible after 4 months of not hearing them. I swear there is no wiggle room for anyone other than IL Volo in my heart. An American thru and thru (I do have some Italian in me) I wouldn’t give my guys up for any amount of money. Many singers out and about, and some are good, but IL Volo is Magnificent, Fabulous, and most of all CARING, and no one is ever going to come close to them. I love them and was honored to be able to see and hear them in AZ. I need no rest from them. Hearts A Fire with Love!

    1. Right, Sassylady, when I hear a new singer, I immediately make the comparison and Il Volo is always the winner, there is always an extra value, not only of skill, but of all the context, they are UNIQUE.

  5. What a different gig for the guys! Thanks, Daniela–it was fun to watch, although some of the clothes were a bit over the top. I do like the guys’ new D & G suits! And yes, they sounded terrific and it was such a treat to see them performing again. Taormina – yes, a dream. I had expected to go back again this summer, but instead will look forward to the new video you will be posting.

    1. As always, fashion shows, especially at those levels, show excesses, difficult to wear during normal days, but there are details that taken with due care, such as for example a beautiful shirt of those beautiful light fabrics and with those beautiful shades of blue, combined with a serious blue trousers ……. fantastic.
      However, let’s not forget the important beneficial aspect of the fashion show. Well done D&G.

      Judy, I too wish I could go back to Taormina and I hope I can do it soon!

  6. An unusual setting to say the least. Never saw a mens fashion show before. Didn’t see anything I just had to have-ha,ha. At least the guys are together again and it’s hopefully the beginning of more, but a slow build up, in public appearances. They didn’t look absolutely thrilled to be there, but gave it their all, as usual.

    1. Mark, what are you saying, you wouldn’t want a nice colorful outfit !!! Ha ha
      The boys were fabulous, the clothes they wore elegant and stood out among many colors.
      I would say they were serious, but the men’s fashion show was not only a social event, it was also to draw attention to scientific research.

  7. Dear Daniela! It is so happy that we have news about our pets !!! Sparkling and ringing voices! Wonderful! Thank you!

  8. Hello Daniela…Thank you for sharing this occasion where the boys appeared! It was so special to see the boys and hear their beautiful voices once again together! I follow the boys as best I can from America, and I look forward to hearing more of what they are doing! I am a Forever Follower!! Grazie, Daniela!! ❤️🇺🇸🇮🇹

    1. Eleanor, seeing that parade, was a pleasure for the eyes, the ears and for our hearts.
      What more did we want as a nod to return to normal?

  9. Wow! How I have missed them. Thank you for all that you do for us who follow them vicariously thru you.

    1. Thanks Kathy, and it’s true, when you review them, you think …… I missed them so much !!
      It was nice to be able to see them together and now we are waiting for Saturday.

  10. Hi, Daniela: Thanks so much for sharing! I follow as best I can from the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.A. I am a long-time follower, but much interrupted by studying. Their voices are just incomparable! Just indescribably exquisite! They also have the blessing of being very handsome.

    1. Dena, I thought to you that you said that not much news comes where you are.
      Here the fashion show has had a lot of prominence in the news, everyone has talked about it and for our kids, many good words.

      Yes, they are also very beautiful!

  11. Thank you Pat and Daniela for posting this event which was certainly different than most of Il Volo’s performances. It was wonderful to see Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca back together again! They looked and sounded great. So happy to see that things are changing for the better and that they will be in Taormina which looks so beautiful! They must be very happy to finally getting out and about, and doing what they love to do.

    1. Margaret, a really different event, but always excellent.
      Their presence adapts to all types of events, it is not something for everyone, but they are multifaceted.
      They always give their best!

  12. It was a amazing return for ll Volo , I stayed up all night as being in Australia there was a massive time distance, but I was not going to miss it so with a glass of wine I waited until 1 am and watch in it’s entirety and I was not disappointed they looked and sounded fantastic. Such a amazing event to support of a iconic Italian Fashion House and to support such important medical research. Although a very different fashion show I am sure it reached so many more around the world with ll Volo featuring and combined with medical research support it was a master stroke on what can be achieved in these uncertain times

    1. Roslyn, it was really a master stroke, but in every sense.
      The visibility of the fashion show was two-way for D&G and for Il Volo, each one taking more visibility in the adverse fields.
      But the research also had excellent results, I believe that the few guests were encouraged to donate, D&G said that they were not there to sell but to donate. It was a good show, you will have gone to bed happy !!

    2. Thankyou for sharing this video. The boys were so handsome in those suits and the power in their voices was incredible. They look so good and well rested. It was so good to see them together. They are so special and caring. It was a beautiful performance for a good cause. Oh, to be in Tacoma.

      1. Hi Cathy, I have to tell you that it’s not that “they look so beautiful and rested”, they are !!
        Beautiful, good and caring, what more do we want?

  13. What a pleasure seeing them together again after such a long separation. I hope it never happens again. Thank you for putting this all together for us.

  14. Il Volo’s perfect performance was a thrill to enjoy after a four month absence from the stage…Yes, I missed them … They bring so much joy to my heart every time I see them…Those amazing voices, their elegant good looks, and their warm and loving personalities just make them so unique… There is no other performers on earth that bring joy to the world and bring people together the way that they do…They truly are more than just three young men singing together…They are the a gift of love and compassion to the world on and off the stage…
    Thank you Daniela Pat and all of the flight crew for always sharing the latest news, pictures and videos of Il Volo for us fans to enjoy…

    1. Jeanette, it was a really good start.
      They participated in a fashion show, but they were also interpreters, they cheered the audience with beautiful, rested voices, they are beautiful, perhaps more than the real models, elegant and have a charming smile. We hope to be able to attend, indirectly also to the event in Taormina ……. we are ready !!

  15. Happy, happy to see the boys together again Watched the show yesterday and everything was great, so enjoyed it all. Thank you again for your informative article and wish i could be there for Saturday night We still have a long ways to go here but hopefully we will recover in the near future. So glad to see all of you are able to get out and about now. Looking forward to your next review.

    1. Yes, you have to be patient and everything will be fine, with us it started earlier and now we can feel a little (but not much) more relaxed.
      What can I say, the guys made a great performance !!!

  16. Thank you Daniela and Pat for beautiful article. How good to see and hear our guys together. Like all of us I miss them very much. Taormina is also my dream and I hope some day it will come true.I believe that everything will get better from now on. Grazie e bacci.

    1. Jolanta, seeing them together and in excellent shape, gives us an impulse of happiness. We hope that Taormina is an equally beautiful sight. Too bad it’s not there.

  17. Thank you so much, Daniela, for this video.i cant tell you how much I loved seeing the boys together healthy and singing better than ever,if that’s possible. I cried.
    God Bless them . Mona

  18. Mona, we were all happy to see that they were together again, that the bad time had hopefully passed.
    We look forward to other beautiful events, waiting for our concerts!

  19. I so enjoyed being able to see and hear “our guys” live again. The whole thing was so classy. Our guys, the clothing, the models and the charity. Even tho Gianluca is short, there are some shirts and jackets he can wear. I think I saw Ignazio in a jacket at the sound check. He is taller and can pull some of these shirts and jackets off well. The songs and their voices were as usual at their best. They are always so professional and have the talent to back it up. They are wonderful. Also really liked to see Michele and Barbara there making things go smoothly. It was just a great package.

      1. Ha ha ha, Jill, you only had eyes and ears for Il Volo ???
        How can I blame you, it was a breathtaking sight, hearing then, like being in heaven !!

    1. You’re right, Kay, it was a great package and well packaged.
      Yes Gianluca sins in height, but you will see that he will wear D&G very well.

  20. As always a lovely post. Made me feel more “normal” hearing the boys sing. They sounded so fresh and I am sure happy to be together and singing.

  21. I thoroughly enjoyed this ❤️
    Grazie, Daniela 😘
    Is this their first performance together post-lockdown?

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