Who wouldn’t have wanted to be in Taormina today?

For those who do not know the “pearl of the Ionian”, Taormina, is a beautiful small town with a breathtaking view.

It is really small, you can walk quickly, and see it all, and in its alleys, time has stopped. It is a destination for great tourism, for its undeniable beauty, but also because there is a beautiful and panoramic and well-kept ancient Greek Theater where many events take place.

Taormina 01

By the way, but how beautiful are our guys with D&G designer clothes?

From 1 to 10 I would say 11! ❤😁

Taormina 02

Taormina 03

A nice video of moments in Taormina, shot by Gianluca. The weather is not beautiful, let’s hope it doesn’t rain!

But last night after a nice dinner at the Baronessa restaurant, the boys sent a singing message for you in the U.S.

In this period of Covid, Taormina shines as always, but there are fewer people, therefore, all the more reason it is even more livable and it is easy to meet the people we would love to see, maybe at Bambar, while we taste a good granita, by Saretto.

In fact, these are my two dear friends, Nancy and Luce and that’s who they met !!

I am so happy for them, but also jealous. 😁😁😘

Taormina 04

Even Piero Ignazio and Gianluca are there and at any time, a good granita is not refused !!

Gianluca says, “A granita, at Bambar at midnight and twenty, guys, almond and pistachio granita, you don’t know what you are missing”.

It’s the day of the event, this evening at the Greek Theater, there will be the Dolce & Gabbana event, the film DEVOTION will be screened with Monica Bellucci and with music by Ennio Morricone, and at the end there will be a performance by Il Volo !!

Taormina 05

 The boys started the day early with a good gymnastic workout, great guys !!

Taormina 06

Then it was time for rehearsals.


Taormina 07

Taormina 08

And here we are finally at night.

But how much more beautiful can Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio be with these D&G tuxedos ??

I would say amazing! ❤️❤️❤️

Taormina 09

Taormina 09b

Beautiful and very elegant men.

Taormina 10

The event is sponsored by the Sicily Region.

The few admitted public did not have to pay, only to book the few tickets.

What luck for them!


(Please click on each individual photo to enlarge.)


Taormina 15Il Volo with the governor of Sicily Musumeci.

Taormina 16Il Volo with Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana and actress Monica Bellucci.

Taormina 17

Here is the performance of Il Volo.

Il Volo performed:

Nessun Dorma
E vui durmiti ancora (typical song sung in Sicilian dialect also by Gianluca)
E più ti penso (tribute to Morricone)
Un amore così grande

Four beautiful and flawless songs.


What a wonderful evening, lucky that audience.

Wonderful and elegant Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, as it must be on a special evening like this.

How many of you have seen and heard such beauty in music?

Really special and we are happy to be their fans !!


Taormina 18

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

46 thoughts on “TAORMINA, THE DREAM by Daniela”

  1. Oh, Daniela: Rain or shine, Taormina is one of the most beautiful and charming cities in the world. An absolute favourite for me and with Il Volo there, nothing better! The boys look so good together again and so happy. And, men in tuxedo’s, wow! The picture is another keeper! I also admit I prefer Italian songs by our boys and hearing them warms my heart. Like all of us, I am so looking forward to returning to Italy and our wonderful, kind and talented Il Volo. In November and December, I hope. Again, Daniela, thank you. Your posts give us hope to see them again. Judith

  2. Dear Judith, I agree with you, Taormina is fascinating and when Il Volo is there, it shines even more.
    The environment is so familiar and then walking through those alleys and meeting Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca is priceless !!
    I hope your trip will come true at the end of the year!

  3. Thank you for posting. It makes my day when I see them singing or having fun. They are and always will be my favorites. My trip to Europe was cancelled this year but I am hoping I can visit in 2021.

  4. Their voices sound so powerful and rich in this setting, in a way I’ve not quite noticed before. You’d never know they hadn’t performed for three months. So perfect!

    1. Yes Mark, their voices were perfect and powerful, surely having rest did well, but during the period they also kept the voices in activity.
      I’d like to know what some journalists think today that after Sanremo 2015, had foreseen a rapid descent for Il Volo and be forgotten.

  5. What a beautiful place! And the tuxedos look marvelous when worn by such flawless young men. I am so happy to see them together, singing as always, with their hypnotic voices! What an unforgettable experience to be there in person. Thanks so much, Daniela, for sharing. Dena Pitchfork, Seatttle, U.S.A.

  6. Taormina looks beautiful. I would love to visit it one day, and the guys looked striking in their tuxedos. Nice of them to remember us by their singing. No one can begin to imagine what is going on here.

    1. The boys were really impressive, very elegant and, Susan if you have the time and the physical possibility, you should really see Taormina, I think for you accustomed to large spaces, Taormina is a small jewel.
      Really nice, that they sang your national anthem.

  7. Nothing short of miraculous that I can sit here in a hot and sick USA and lose myself in a wondrous event a world away. Breathtaking elegance right down to the velvet slippers! Not only are you intelligent writers but tonight high tech engineers. Thank you for the notte magica.

    1. Sometimes, wandering the mind from harsh reality is very good, it makes us recharge our batteries.
      And seeing and hearing our guys is also good for our hearts.
      You noticed the velvet slippers, in some comments I read that they have forgotten their socks, but they should not be worn in this context.

  8. What a wonderful story you share with us. I have watched all I could find. I feel they are also energized by being together again. The whole team, Michele and Barbara. The music they chose and their voices and energy was superb. They really like being representatives of all that is Italy and in those Tuxedos they looked like the ambassadors they are.

    1. Kay, they were definitely excited to be back together and sing and then, several times they said that in Taormina, they feel like home.
      A beautiful event and they are certainly ambassadors of Italy in the world.

  9. Gracias me hiciste muy feliz con esta reseña. Il Volo se supera a sí mismo. Elegantes y talentosos

  10. I have only been to Taormina once before but I fell in love with this lovely little city. I’m going to the boys concert in September of 2021 and can’t wait. The theater is a magical place and seeing the boys there will be a dream come true. They looked and sounded fantastic last night didn’t they? Daniela do you anything about beautiful lapel pins they were wearing? Each one was different. Bambar will also be on my list. I hope you are well.

    1. RoseMarie, the pins they wore were different from each other, but if I’m not mistaken there was a reason.
      The top of the pins had a stone:
      Rosso (ruby) for Gianluca.
      Green (emerald) for Piero
      White (diamond) for Ignazio …… clearly the Italian flag, but it is only my interpretation.
      Fantastic, it’s almost an understatement !!
      Of course when you are in Taormina you absolutely have to go to Bambar and to dinner at Botte, I’m next to each other !!

      Everything is fine here, thanks, I hope the same from you.

  11. Daniella, thank you so much for this article! Beautiful pictures and videos. I dont know how you always find and get it all put together. We really appreciate it. They look so stunning in those Tux!! I have loved Ennio Morricone’s music since I discovered him through Il Volo. I have Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony, playing Ecstacy of Gold. I never knew it was Morricone music!! Lol. Still have my ticket for Sept 5 2021!! Lol what a great night for IL Volo. So happy to see them together again. Thank you!!!!,……Donna

    1. Thanks Donna.
      Morricone was a great composer, and not only of film music, I also discovered that some of the music I listened to was his, I never thought.
      Then in September 2021 you will be in Taormina, wow !!

      Ecstasy of Gold, is part of the soundtrack of the film The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, very beautiful music.

  12. Thank you for this wonderful post Daniela!! What a spectacular night our three talented and endearing guys had in the Ancient Greek Theater!! They looked stunning in their Dolce & Gabbana tuxedos and were thrilled to be back on the stage performing together!! We also were thrilled to finally hear them singing their hearts out again and I must say that they have never sounded better!! Their four months of rest have certainly agreed with them!! I have my tickets in hand for their Taormina concert in 2021 and I can’t wait!!💕😃💕

    1. Yes, a spectacular night, and the boys are certainly astounding.
      How nice, next year you will be here, you will see, every Il Volo concert is beautiful, but even more in Taormina.

  13. Daniela, thank you for another wonderful post.

    It was great to see our favorite group back together publicly.

    I feel in love with Taormina the first time I visited there. I found the town, the scenery, and the people to be very inviting. The only thing that would have enhanced the trips, would have been meeting Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero there.

    The men’s performances these last two days in Milan and in Taormina were fantastic. Their voices and the music were outstanding! Already handsome and debonair, the D&G fashions only enhanced each one’s good looks.

    Thank you again for keeping us up to date with info and photos.

    Mary Jane

    1. Mary Jane, I too have been to Taormina twice, but in both cases there were no boys. I sincerely hope to attend one of their concerts there, it would be a dream come true.
      I would say that in the last two events, Ignazio Piero and Gianluca, they proved to be in excellent shape, vocal and physical.

      Thank you for your compliments

  14. Thank you Daniele,it was beautiful and our guy’s the look great and handsome in dear tuxedo 💙🎶❤️🎶💛

  15. Thank you so much Daniela, for your always nice and extended stories about IL VOLO. I just love the way you keep us updated. And as it comes to the boys, I agree with everything you wrote

  16. Thank you for this beautiful post. I wish I could be there, a dream. Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero are really in good shape. Their look and voices, just perfection. Grazie

  17. Everyone has said it beautifully, but I have to add my thanks, Daniela. Your post with photos, videos, and description was almost as good as actually being there! We’re all so happy for them to finally be able to be together and to perform again. Hopefully, Italy’s recovery will continue, and there will be more performances soon.

    1. Judi, you made me a beautiful compliment, I try not to miss anything in the posts, of what you could have personally seen.
      Thank you.

      There will certainly be other performances, they started very well.

  18. Thanks Daniela. To me they will always be “boys” but with their new tans and the nice evening clothes they were now officially men. Wish there were more videos or Youtube..Just grateful to hear them sing.

  19. Daniela and Pat, your ability to give us such up to date info is so very much appreciated, even including the translation of what Gianluca is saying at the Bambar!!!
    It was easy to see just how excited our guys were to be singing together again and Oh, how handsome and elegant they looked! Their voices are more and more beautiful. They are a true treasure for Italy.

    1. It it my pleasure, Ineke, to help keep the Flight Crew up to date with the news of our guys! 😊

  20. Daniela, I love your updates. I went through the
    5 stages of grief at losing my travel to Verona & Taormina.
    i re-booked for 2021 after reading this post.
    Thank you for your gift to all of us. Martha

  21. Martha, it was really terrible, having to give up our dreams this year, but they are not eliminated, they are only postponed.
    A little patience and it will be even more beautiful to find us celebrating at the Il Volo concerts.
    I will be there in Verona next year, we must meet.

  22. Daniela, I probably should be able to figure this out from the pictures, but what exactly is “Bambar”? Thanks

    1. Mark if you Google Bambar Taormina you will find the website and loads of photos. They are famous for the many flavors of granite that they make on the eat in premises. It’s a favorite place of the boys when they are in Taormina.

    2. Mark, Bambar is the name of a place where they sell granitas of all tastes.
      The owner is Saretto Bambara (that’s why Bambar), very nice, you see in the picture with the orange shirt. Piero is in front of the Bambar, do you see the name on the wall?
      This resale of granite is a very small place, but frequented by many VIPs, and when Il Volo is in Taormina, Bambar is super popular.
      I have been there, he is pretty, small and works a lot, there was a queue for a granita, and the granitas are exquisite.


  23. Dear Fandom, If you ever need a pick up (and don’t we all from time to time?) get YouTube of Dec.2018 in Poland. What a great show! Boys are wildly entertaining in shirtsleeves. They get the lady maestro laughing and dancing. Piero gets the first violinist to play theme from Love Story when Gianluca tries to get serious. Hilarious. Huge Polish audience loves them. And the fabulous Ignazio steals the show, as always. Video is blurry at times but worth the struggle.

  24. I was four day ‘s in Taormina normale the guy’s where here to today and yesterday for two concert i came still because in fall in love off Sicilia è Taormina . Greetings from a Belgium fan of Il Volo 💙🎶💙

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