Flashback Friday: Il Volo Professional ~~ House Party

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo

New Crew Member News!

We found a new passenger, along the way, from Rockford, Illinois – which is near the Wisconsin border and looks like maybe 3 hours or so from the Chicago area.  Her name is Maria, and she is married with a 16 year-old son.  Unfortunately, she was feeling a bit lost until she stumbled upon our site on Google while searching for Il Volo!

Welcome, Maria!!  We are so happy to have you here!  She is looking for others in her relatively immediate area to join for any gatherings, parties, social events, etc.  Ann, I know you are somewhat near there, but not sure who else would be nearby.

If there is anyone near her, please either send me your info if you have my email, or send to the FlightCrew.NotteMagica2017@gmail.com email address.  I told her she is always welcome to come to Detroit – you know we have all the fun!  🙂 

Maria – be sure to check out this Flashback Friday post!  The guys were in rare form on this show and they sing just about every genre imaginable.  If your son says “no way mom!,”  make him watch them sing “Somebody to Love” by Queen. (just that song can also be found on YouTube in a search)  Ignazio is incredibly talented singing the Freddie Mercury part.  He may just change his tune!  🙂 






Photos: L’album della seconda puntata  ~~ House Party Italia Facebook


Video: Full Episode




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Photos: House Party – Il Volo ~~ Il Volovers Italy Official


8 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Il Volo Professional ~~ House Party”

  1. I watched this show right after they released the video. The boys have so many talents that are still to be discovered.

  2. I was sure I had watched all of the House Party songs on YouTube but the one with Shari is new to me. What a bother, I’ll have to look it up and listen to it ad nauseam until it is stuck in my head. Hee.

  3. Wonderful to see House Party complete, thank you. I love Ignazio singing Somebody to Love so much that I can watch it over and over. Once again the boys are great !!

  4. This broadcast was very nice and the guys were great, they are able to support a whole TV program on their own. I hope they do it again.
    Superb Somebody to love.

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