Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo, Jackie and Jet Blue

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo

Note!  Our guys are in Dubai today for the Globe Soccer Awards.  You can watch this match on live stream at 12:30 pm eastern time  The live stream link is

Here’s are some recent happenings you may have missed:

With Jackie Ivanko ~~ Little Drummer Boy


Article: Musique. Jackie Evancho et le groupe Il Volo surprennent les États-Unis avec ce classique de Noël ~~


Article: Jackie Evancho Takes The Stage With II Volo – Leaves Everyone Breathless With Beloved Christmas Hit ~~ Faith Tap


By Themselves ~~ Adeste Fideles

Video:  Watch Il Volo perform ‘Adeste Fideles’ on TODAY








10 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo, Jackie and Jet Blue”

  1. Dear distant friends,
    I wish you calm and peaceful New Year 2017 again full of wonderful experiences at our boys.
    I try to describe Christmas traditions in central Europe,where I live.We have four seasons and they are all beautiful.Gifts bring a little boy – JESU – after Christmas dinner on december 24.
    I once saw a photo of a very small curly boy and it occured to me : this boy looks like small Jesu.Surely this photo you all know,for someone is little face of one of his ” brothers ” – all are equally charming.All three boys we brought to life t
    he best of luck and we will send them for a day thank you.
    I´m sending a Czech Christmas Mass ,which is played on december 24 at midnight in many churches.As a child 10 to 12 years I sang in the children´s choir and I remember it to this day.Christmas of those years belong to the most fortunate.But the regime tried to eradicate religion and followed penalty – children who attended church timidly studying.
    Short film content:
    Star of Bethlehem came and proclaimed to the shepherds the birth of the SAVOIR.People began to wear gifts and everyone rejoced in the birth of a child.
    Music composted Jakub Jan Ryba ,composer,organist and teacher ( 1765 – 1815 ) with a sad destiny.
    Pictures are from national paitner Josef Lada – his paintings faithfully depict the landscape at a time,when he lived ( 1887 – 1957).
    Thank you for all the reports we receive each day during year.
    Heartfelt greetings from Zdena.

    1. Happy New Year, Zdena, I am enchanted with this touching and gorgeous little masterpiece. I’m going to see if I can transfer the ‘3 in 1’ (continuous) version on you tube. I read about J.J. Ryba and saw what happened in his life. That poor, poor man! Yes; tragic….bless his soul. Thank You very much, again, Zdena and Kelly; what a gift these are. I intend to read about Josef Lada . Such wonderful talent. 🎨🎶💜

  2. Thank you Zdena for sending us for your Christmas traditions.Hope Chrisrmas was full of wonderfull presents for you & family time together

  3. Loretta thank you very much,I recall you often.
    I wish you and your sons good luck and excellent health in the New Year !
    ( I look forward to once again see some new nice photo of you + Igna ).

  4. Thank You, Kelly and Zdena, for the videos of Jet Blue with Il Volo singing in the airport and Jackie singing with them; wonderful voices and music. Zdena, these little videos are charming and precious. Beautiful, animated paintings and story. Thanks to you and Lydka for expanding our awareness of your countries’ cutures and traditions. Lovely. 💝🌍🐑🐕🎄🎁 Wishing you all a peaceful and happy new year.

  5. Laura thank you so much,I´m glad you Czech music and pictures pleased.I wish you a happy New Year – especially much health !
    Cordially ♥ + ♥ + ♥

      1. Zdena, I ‘m going to see if I can get a copy of this enchantingly illustrated and sung Czech Christmas Mass video to keep & enjoy ‘forever’. I read about JJ Ryba. What a tragic life. He and Josef Lada were so talented. Thank You, Zdena and Kelly for this video gift. I just love it. Peaceful and Happy new year to you both. (I made a mistake in earlier message – posting and the comment didn’t post because of the error. It might re-post as a repetitive comment here, lol !😂).

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