To: Piero, re: Red Glasses ~ by Mary Bohling





When I first saw you in Milwaukee,

All bushy haired and kind of gawky,

I fell in love.  Yes, I’ll admit it.

T’was your youthful exuberance that did it.

And something else got my attention.

They gave your face a sweet dimension…

Glasses of red!! A bit disarming,

But on your face completely charming.

They neatly framed your gorgeous eyes,

And so it came as no surprise

That you captured me in just a second.

Red glasses reached out to me and beckoned,

“Take another look and you will find

He’s not the ordinary kind.

His future bright still lies before him,

Thousands of fans will soon adore him.”

Red glasses, you were right it seems.

You were there when he followed his dreams.

Glasses of red became his trademark,

Giving him that special bright spark.


Now that he’s maturing, will we find

That red glasses will be left behind?

Giving place to current fashion,

Forgetting that red was once his passion?

Piero, remember how the masses

Adored you in your brave red glasses?

Oh, yes, we’ll love you in any color,

You’re just as handsome in any other.

But the red ones have a special place

That time and styles cannot erase.

Please keep them close and once in a while

Wear them again, ignoring style.

Reminding us of the beginning

When hearts of fans you first were winning.

You’re famous now, but as time passes

Don’t forget your old friendTHE RED GLASSES!


21 thoughts on “To: Piero, re: Red Glasses ~ by Mary Bohling”

  1. Thank you for the poem. Piero has grow from a cute boy in his red glasses to a extremely handsome man in any color glasses he chooses to wear. But, I also will always remember him as the cute boy with the magnificent voice who wore red glasses.

  2. i like those red glasses…. miss them… and yes, i too wish he would wear red glasses every now and then.
    thank you for the poem, Mary

  3. Dear Mary, you have the gift of putting words together that convey such deep emotions. Piero looks fantastic no matter what he wears, but his red glasses will always be his trademark to me. Just like the “red slippers” are the Dorothy’s.
    I wonder if he ever thought of auctioning them off for charity. 👓

  4. Jana, I love this poem. Thank you

    On Monday, December 26, 2016, Il Volo Flight Crew ~Share The Love wrote:

    > Jana posted: “TO: PIERO RE: RED GLASSES When I first saw you in > Milwaukee, All bushy haired and kind of gawky, I fell in love. Yes, I’ll > admit it. T’was your youthful exuberance that did it. And something else > got my attention. They gav” >

  5. Mary, I too loved the Red Glasses and the slight lisp that has now disappeared after teeth braces. These are things that will remain in my memory.

  6. Mary, when I uploaded this many moons ago now, I was anxiously waiting for marie to post this. It is so adorable! I’m sure, in time, he may acquire some red glasses again for old times sake. 😉

  7. What beautiful words Mary like everyone else I love Piero whatever glasses he wears but the red ones will always have a special place in my heart. Maybe someday in the future he will wear red ones again. but until then he sure is gorgeous anyway.

  8. Mary, I just loved your poem, as always. Your way of conveying what we feel is so special. I, too, fell in love with Piero when I saw him on their first PBS concert…red glasses, untamed hair and that unforgetable voice!!! Thank you sweet IL Volo sister! xoxo

  9. Great poem, Mary! Outgrowing the red glasses is just part of his growing up and his changing tastes in things. Nothing stays the same, but that’s not necessarily bad. He’ll probably wear them now and again depending on his mood…

  10. I saw him for the first time with dark frame of glasses and also on their first album
    ( on photos) we can see him with black colour of frame. So when I am thinking of the moment when I first got to know Il Volo, I do not see Piero in red glasses in my mind. Red glasses was ok, but I like more those which he is wearing now. I think it’s a return to what he liked and wore when he was younger (I write about glasses which he had at Notte magica concert) , because red glasses were probably advice from someone of managers or fashion stylists (I think, at the time, when he started wearing those glasses, red frames were fashionable and now aren’t ). But the most important thing is for a person to feel good and comfortable, so it is upon him which type of glasses he chooses, always looks good. Glasses are not significant, but what really matters is his personality with a good heart , a beautiful voice and love ,dedication and passion for music and singing.

  11. I loved the red glasses. It was a part of the ypung Piero that made him unique. Perhaps he feels has outgrown them, and now wears the more adult dark frames. Personally, I still prefer the red.

  12. Mary, thank you for the wonderful poem!! I love the young Piero with his red glasses & the magnificent voice!! What he wants to wear in glasses now is fine with me! I can cherish the memory of the young Piero with the bushy hair, red glasses & that amazing voice!! So glad our precious trio are having family time together in Dubai!!!

  13. From one ‘Piero Gal’ to another: Great poem, Mary! I’d be surprised if he ever dons those famous red glasses again. I miss ’em, too. Wish he’d shave off his beard; makes him look a bit prematurely older and hides that great jawline. A beard will actually give him a younger face when he’s much older).

  14. I purchased those same red glasses (Emporio Armany) which Piero Barone wore and used them for some years….through the Internet. I tried to replace them for a new pair. but I cannot find the same model. Could you give me an email address where they might be selling them .They are bright red and the temples are white.

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