Piero! Going over the hill already! He’ll be 30! Song choice time!

Sorry folks – June 2 is deadline…

It’s that time again!  Our oldest is going over the proverbial hill!!

But for them, it’s more over the hill and upward and onward!!  Still so much ahead for the future of our opera guy!


It’s time again, that we ask you to choose a song that you would like to hear along with the video that Kelly creates.  Again, please allow me to remind you of several things:

  1. The song you choose is “preferably” NOT one that the guys, or Piero, already sing.

  2. Please do not send us songs you’d like any of the guys to sing – we have no direct connection to them, Barbara, or Michele.

  3. Please just send us your TOP 3 songs.  You Tube links are helpful, but not necessary.

  4. Please put “SONG CHOICE” in subject line.

  5. Please try to send your wishes SEPARATE from the song choice, that way, I won’t accidentally delete it.  😉 

  6. Please send all song choices and wishes to:  ilvoloflightcrew@gmail.com NO LATER THAN Friday, June 2, 2023.

  7. You can start sending in your wishes as well.

Well, folks, the game is on again!  🙂


Jana and Kelly…

4 thoughts on “Piero! Going over the hill already! He’ll be 30! Song choice time!”

  1. Happy birthday, Piero. I am 82 and I love listening to you guys. Thanks so much for bringing me joy. Celebrate

  2. You have a Birthday – shout Hooray!! – I want to say to you today – one year older & wiser too – Happy Birthday to you!! – Happy Birthday Piero – you will never know how much you are appreciated & loved. JudeR.

  3. That cut off date is May 2nd ,do you mean June ,as it is 25 may now ,,so sending Birthday Wishes to Piero who is a fantastic singer and a handsome young man ,Piero you make so many people happy when you sing ,sending love from Wales

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