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For IL VOLO, this was the first concert in this beautiful state: Lithuania.

The Lithuanians welcomed Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca with great warmth.

It is always nice to discover new people who appreciate and love our boys and also the Lithuanians have been involved in this beautiful atmosphere and have given enthusiastic applause.

Lithuania 01

The concert was announced with these words:

IL VOLO, the most famous and successful Italian trio in the world, celebrates a decade of creative career and for the first time arrived at the Kaunas Žalgiris Arena. We share moments of a wonderful concert..  🥰

Lithuania 02

And here are some videos of the concert.







Final greetings


Lithuania 03

I dedicate this post to our dear friend Regina Hanna, who will read with emotion and even some regrets.

Here are some comments from a Lithuanian fan:

Kodėl man taip patinka, kodėl įsimylėjau Italiją, kodėl dievinu juos, kodėl tai virpina širdį iki mažiausio kampelio? 

Tai muzika ir balsai, kurie užburia. ❤️

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️❤️

Why do I love them, why do I fall in love with Italy, why do I adore them, why does it shake my heart to the smallest corner?

It’s the music and the voices that enchant. ❤️

Ok Regina, everything went very well. Your beloved Lithuanians left a nice memory in the boys.

You wanted to be there to applaud them, but you will see them there in U.S.
A hug to you and ……

Piero, Gianluca Ignazio . . . fast, Verona and thousands of fans are waiting for you!

I cannot wait!!



One more thing . . .

Before they left for Verona, the guys of Il Volo were guests on the show Dancing with the Stars Ukraine, Sunday September 22 in Kiev. No, they did not dance, but sang “Caruso” and “Grande Amore”.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

About Gina

It is very interesting to know how we all got here.  We already know why we all got here.  Thanks to IL Volo our world got smaller and warmer.   We are all here holding hands.
Just before Christmas, Gina shared some Lithuanian Christmas traditions with us.  In the comments I asked her to tell us why and how she left her home in Lithuania.  ~Marie





I never mentioned why my family and thousand others fled Lithuania and the other two Baltic Sates because I knew that there might be some Russian readers of our blog.

Common citizens are not at fault of many of the terrible things done Nation to Nation and I know there are many Russian fans of Il VOLO.

My dad and many others were involved in politics and in resistance organizations and had to flee to avoid being arrested and sent to Siberia. We left in the middle of the night in a “cattle” train and wound up in Opel, Germany. We lived in a big gymnasium with the rest of the people that fled till people were able to buy their way out of this camp. Until then the men had to work for the Germans. After my dad got us out of there we went to Salzburg, Austria till WWII ended and the American Army came in with chewing gum and silk stockings.

Many  more things transpired and eventually all displaced persons were scooped up and placed in “Displaced Persons” camps. From there we eventually got to emigrate to the States.

The Displaced Persons Act of 1948 established a quota of several hundred thousand who qualified as a “DP” to get Visas to the States.

After we went thru a screening Camp (No one with TB got to go) and eventually came on a troop ship to the US.

There were many in between events but it would make a long story.

I was young and looking back all the kids and young teenagers adjusted to all the changes but the adults and especially the men had a rough time.

Different organizations sponsored people in their cities and other DP’s that left before would guarantee that you had a place to go to. We wound up in Cleveland, OH in l950.