For IL VOLO, this was the first concert in this beautiful state: Lithuania.

The Lithuanians welcomed Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca with great warmth.

It is always nice to discover new people who appreciate and love our boys and also the Lithuanians have been involved in this beautiful atmosphere and have given enthusiastic applause.

Lithuania 01

The concert was announced with these words:

IL VOLO, the most famous and successful Italian trio in the world, celebrates a decade of creative career and for the first time arrived at the Kaunas Žalgiris Arena. We share moments of a wonderful concert..  🥰

Lithuania 02

And here are some videos of the concert.







Final greetings


Lithuania 03

I dedicate this post to our dear friend Regina Hanna, who will read with emotion and even some regrets.

Here are some comments from a Lithuanian fan:

Kodėl man taip patinka, kodėl įsimylėjau Italiją, kodėl dievinu juos, kodėl tai virpina širdį iki mažiausio kampelio? 

Tai muzika ir balsai, kurie užburia. ❤️

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️❤️

Why do I love them, why do I fall in love with Italy, why do I adore them, why does it shake my heart to the smallest corner?

It’s the music and the voices that enchant. ❤️

Ok Regina, everything went very well. Your beloved Lithuanians left a nice memory in the boys.

You wanted to be there to applaud them, but you will see them there in U.S.
A hug to you and ……

Piero, Gianluca Ignazio . . . fast, Verona and thousands of fans are waiting for you!

I cannot wait!!



One more thing . . .

Before they left for Verona, the guys of Il Volo were guests on the show Dancing with the Stars Ukraine, Sunday September 22 in Kiev. No, they did not dance, but sang “Caruso” and “Grande Amore”.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

14 thoughts on “LITHUANIA, MUSICA TOUR 24 by Daniela”

  1. Thanks Daniela, I was at Kaunas concert and can confirm that our boys were once again superb. Actually that last photo of them on the stage is mine, you can see it in my Instagram @akkaratissa2 😊

    This was my 5th concert and first outside Italy. Compared to Genova in July they sang less Italian songs and more American classics. I personally would like to hear more those Italian ones like L’amore si muove, Vicinissimo etc. Of course I love to hear them anyway, they could sing the phone book and I would still love them, but for their future success they should concentrate more on their own songs.

    Ignazio was looking tired after soundcheck but on the stage he was normal himself again joking and running around 😊 Gianluca had 2 great solos, he has become better and better. And finally I heard Piero’s Love story, as he did not sing it in Genova concert (only in Genova soundcheck). Their Caruso was breathtaking, although the Lithuanian audience was a bit shy and I had to show them how to do standing ovations.

    And one more note: in my previous 3 fan club soundchecks Gianluca has been moody and gloomy and he hasn’t really even greeted us fans and I have been very disappointed. At the same time Piero and Ignazio have come down off stage and shaked hands and always noticed us nicely. But this time Gianluca too was in very good mood and I finally met that sweet and smiling Gianluca that the other fans have described 💛

    All in all, great experience again. Already jealous of you who see them again at Verona 😊 have a sublime time!

    1. Akkaratissa, what a nice review you did, thank you so much !!
      Your photo is simply fantastic, congratulations.
      In fact the boys tend to change the songs according to the places where they perform and I think this is an added value, not everyone changes the program in a short time.
      But we would all like them to concentrate on new songs, they have wonderful possibilities.
      I’m glad you could have known Gianluca better, he knows how to be so kind. I think it’s hard enough to always have a smile for everyone at all times.
      Tomorrow it’s my turn to see them and hear them !!!
      Thank you for giving us your opinion. 🙂

  2. Daniela THANKS. You always make each concert come alive.
    Akkaratissa mentioned that the Lithuanian audience was somewhat reserved. I am sure they will open up the next time the boys are there.
    The general description of a Lithuanian is reserved and not one to show emotion. Sometimes keeping your emotions and joy close to your heart is not such a bad thing.

    1. It was a pleasure, Regina.
      It is true, I think that every audience reacts according to the character, but we understand that the boys have been very appreciated. 🙂

  3. HELP!! Where is the code? I have been looking for it for a half hour. I am on the fan club page and can’t find anything except a link to Ticketmaster which is useless because I don’t have the code! I am getting so frustrated–someone please help me out!

      1. Thanks Jill, a fan on the fan club site posted it was 10 years and after a very frustrating half hour I finally got my tickets.

      2. Actually when I was on the fan club site looking for the code again I noticed someone in the comments mentioned what it was. I was so frustrated–I had the ticketmaster website opened for hours in advance and as you may have heard, the fan site kept crashing and it was very hard (and nerve wracking!) to get into it. And once I was there I couldn’t find the code! The upshot was I got to ticketmaster over a half hour after it opened and the front row seats were gone in all sections, and several rows in the center section. I thought I had front row seats on the left, but the tickets say they are the second row. I am not complaining!! I am thrilled to have gotten the seats and I am sure it will all be wonderful.

  4. Siamo tutti in attesa dei tuoi commenti sul cancerto di Verona, oltre a quello di tutti gli altri componenti di questo gruppo che vi hanno partecipato.

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