I was absent from reading Facebook for a day, but your voices of amazement and happiness reached me.


You will certainly have read them everywhere, and thanks to Victoria and Jay who have reported them in the comments, and here they are, the famous dates (with a few additions):

US Tour 01.png

28 January 2020: Sony Center for the Performing Arts (which will soon be Meridian Hall) – Toronto, Canada

30 January 2020: Place Bell – Laval, Canada

1 February 2020: Grand Theater at Foxwoods Resorts Casino – Mashantucket, CT

3 February 2020: Boch Center Wang Theater – Boston, MA

6 February 2020: Radio City Music Hall – New York, NY

8 February 2020: Borgata Hotel, Casino and Spa – Atlantic City, NJ

9 February 2020: MGM National Harbor Hotel and Casino – Washington DC (Oxon Hill), MD

11 February 2020: Wind Creek Event Center – Bethlehem, PA

13 February 2020: Fox Theater Detroit – Detroit, MI

15 February 2020: Chicago Theatre – Chicago, IL

17 February 2020: Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center – Atlanta, GA

20 February 2020: Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center – Orlando, FL

22 February 2020: BB&T Center – Ft. Lauderdale (Sunrise), FL

24 February 2020: David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts – Tampa, FL

27 February 2020: Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House – Dallas, TX

1 March 2020: Ikeda Theater in the Mesa Arts Center – Mesa, AZ

3 March 2020: Copley Symphony Hall – San Diego, CA

5 March 2020: Microsoft Theater – Los Angeles, CA

7 March 2020: Fantasy Springs – Indio, CA

9 March 2020: San Jose Center for the Performing Arts – San Jose, CA

11 March 2020: Marin Center – San Rafael, CA

13 March 2020: Saroyan Theater – Fresno, CA

15 March 2020: The Pearl Theater at Palms Resort Casino – Las Vegas, NV

How wonderful, how many dates, and certainly others will be added. If you want, go wild in the comments, with your first impressions!

Loretta, you got it right, the first date is TORONTO, are you happy? 😄

But this was not the only good news of the last few days.

The 10-year CD will be released. Pre-order is already possible.


US Tour 02

I’d like to read your comments, for better or for worse, both on concert dates and on the release of this new CD.

Meanwhile, for me, and for many of you, Verona is approaching and the emotion is skyrocketing. 🚀



Credit to owners of the photos and video.

125 thoughts on “DATES OF THE U.S. TOUR by Daniela”

  1. This Flightcrew member is in seventh heaven and over the moon with happiness at both a new CD and dates for a concert nearby, Sunrise Fl.
    I hate to wish my life away but for these 3 handsome and talented guys February 22nd is eagerly awaited. Maybe Orlando also !!??

      1. Carol, you are reading a post from 2019, the dates refer to the 2020 concerts, they have already taken place.

  2. Wow!! Finally!!! But we all know that good things come to those who wait. I am definitely going to Chicago Theater on 2/15, and also most likely 3 weeks later to Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in CA. SOOOOOOOOOOO exited!!! Thank you!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness…..they are coming back to my town…San Diego!!!! I am soooo happy!! If any of you will be joining me here please let me know. March 3…. woohoo!!

  4. Finally. Could not be happier except no Philadelphia!? Atlantic City and Bethlehem are close enough for me. It’s been way too long. I was beginning to think they didn’t care about us anymore here in the USA.

  5. Finally!! I was flying from Fl to see our boys in Rome, now they will be in my backyard!! Planning to buy tickets in Fl as many and also in Chicago for my friend who loves them as much as me!! This is just a schedule, any idea when they coming on market?
    Daniela, going back to Ignacio birthday, I would like to send him (like hundreds other fans i’m sure) 25 roses, would you know where I can send it to? Address, Hotel, etc, etc, please, help.
    And thanks for wonderful news!!

    1. Irene, tickets are on sale from September 27th and for those with a fanclub from 24. If you are not a fanclub go to ticketmaster.
      Good idea for Ignazio, I try to get a safe place for you, I’ll let you know. 🙂

  6. How exciting that the guys will be spending so much time here in the U.S.!!! I am scared with excitement, if you will, I would love to go to each and every concert…I can’t imagine the beauty and majesty of a concert in Italy. I’m overtaken by a concert here in our country. I am excited for the upcoming tour here, and I’m excited about the new album with all my heart. I’m hoping to actually get to one concert, maybe in Pennsylvania. Problem is I would want to do the Meet & Greet, the Concert and whatever other time I could get…is there a way to find out the total expense minus airfare or driving? It would be so helpful. I remain excited, and am anticipating the best dream maybe coming true. It would be the best time I could ever dream to have at this stage of my life. Thank you, Daniela…I so look forward to your posts…Ciao!!! —-Eleanor Biehl

  7. I’m over the moon too! Planning on March 15 in LasVegas,with a couple girlfriends. I joined the official fan club last night, and when the early ticket sale open up, I will be sitting in the dentist chair. 😫. Can anyone tell me what to expect the cost of a front row seat, if I can get it? And also the meet and greet?

    I’m also hoping THE GUYS will be in Vancouver BC Canada, too. I want to take my young grandson.

    1. Oh my gosh! I am planning on going to the Las Vegas concert too AND I will also be in the dentist chair when the early sales open up! What a coincidence. I will have to have my daughter-in-law get the tickets. I’m sorry but I can’t recall what we paid for front row tickets and the Meet & Greet in Chicago in 2017.

      1. I plan to go to Las Vegas, too, if a group of us can connect there. I am looking at joining the official fan club. Can anyone say when the tickets open up in the fan club pre-sale?

      2. So, I see that Official Fan Club pre-sales are listed as Sept. 24th. How do you know what time of day? Is it 10am Pacific Time or some other time?? Can you help out with this?

      3. My friend and I attended their Chicago concert and meet and greet in 2017–front row seats. We paid $370.44 for our tickets.

  8. I like other fans are estactic that our guys are FINALLY coming back to the States. For me, a few choices. My daughter recently moved to Chicago and I may link up with her for the Chicago concert.. But I spend the winters in Naples, Florida so my choice could be Tampa or Ft Lauderdale !!! Yeah!!!

  9. I see they will be at the Fox in Detroit. My first 2 Il Volo.c9ncerts were wonderful, it was a very long time ago. My 3rd concert was at the Fox and I was so disappointed. Seating was poor, lights were in my eyes, and the audience was dull. So i wont go to their upcoming concert.

    1. Barbara, I am in the Detroit area. Your comment, along with 58Daniela’s has me concerned for that venue. After seeing how Detroit handled the debacle at the beginning of September, I’m not sure I want to go to Detroit either. This will be my fist Il Volo concert so I don’t want to be disappointed. Any ideas on where you will be going?I have been toying with New York, or even going to Tampa because Tampa is my birthday! 😁. You may contact me directly if you like. I certainly need guidance.

  10. Daniela, I live in Toronto. I do not think that the former name of the Meridian Theatre is the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, unless the theatre has gone through several name changes of which I am unaware. When I got the email from the fan club I immediately googles Meridian Theatre because I was not familiar with the name, and then I went to the website. The previous name that I am familiar with is the North York Theatre for the Performing Arts, and the specific theater in the center used to be called–maybe still is–the George Weston Hall.
    I have been in the George Weston Hall many times and can say it is a wonderful venue which was built acoustically to provide the best sound to every seat in the place. It’s not very big, but I am so excited our guys are going to be there! It is conveniently located on the subway line and there are several car parks near there. Truly a good choice for Il Volo!

    1. Penina, I am happy for you, that there are also dates for Canada. I believe that this theater has changed more names but we are always talking about the same place, in fact I read that the theater was opened with the name of North York Performing Arts Center. In January 2019 the agency TO LIVE that also manages the Sony Center for the Performing Arts, announced an agreement and from September 2019 the theater will be renamed Meridian Arts Center. 🙂

      1. Yes, that is the THEATER. But they are coming to the HALL. And they are miles and miles apart from each other! One is at the north end of the city and the other one as far south as you can get without being in the lake!
        It is too bad they are not coming to the theater as it is a real gem of a venue. But too small for them–it only holds about 1500 people.

  11. I was so happy to finally see the US cities where they are performing However, now I’m not happy. I had a stroke and my Drs. won’t allow me to fly anymore I was hoping that Louisiana(New Orleans Maybe?????)
    I saw that Dallas was on the list but my son lives in Houston so I could see them there. It is the third largest city in the US and there would be No trouble filling seats! Maybe I will light a candle!!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful time in Italy. I used to go every chance I got. My favorite place on earth.
    Say a prayer for me to see them please.

      1. Jeanine, I read that you joined the fanclub. The fanclub sends you an e-mail telling you about the day and time when the presale begins.
        Read well, the email when it arrives.:)

      2. Will do so, Daniela. I’m trusting they’ll tell us how to get the Meet & Greet as well. Thank you so much for your support and all your time in responding to each of us! Love and happy week from Jeanine

  12. Nice to have the concerts finally announced. Of course disappointed that there is nothing within 1,000 miles of where I live in the Northwest. They haven’t been up here for many years. So I will fly off somewhere and spend too much money. I can’t wait to see them!

    1. Yes! I’m in Portland, Oregon area, Laura, and it’s time the guys got to see our glorious countryside and we got to enjoy IL VOLO in our area!

      1. Sue, You must be registered with the official fanclub, the registration lasts 1 year and costs 19.90 euros. If you are already registered, today the email that warns you from tomorrow there is the code for the pre-sale.
        This is the site to register.

  13. Hope you have a great time in Verona, Daniela, I am going to Budapest on the 29th. Looking forward to it. Exciting.

  14. I wish they would do more concert dates in Canada. They have been to Toronto 3 times. There are more cities in Canada that would like to see

  15. We need more Canada dates than just Toronto. There is Hamilton, London and Kitchener in Ontario. Then there are 9 other provinces which I’m sure would love to see them. Please guys, book a tour in Canada as we love ❤️IL VOLO too. 💕💕💕💕💕💕

    1. Carol, as I said to Nicholle, you must make it clear to those who organize the events that you want to see IL VOLO. For example, there are many people who want IL VOLO in Naples and have made a request with many comments to those who organize events, to call IL VOLO. 🙂

  16. Hi all
    I have since found out that you are correct–there is a Meridian Hall that used to be the Sony Centre downtown in Toronto and a Meridian Theatre which used to be the North York Performing Arts Center. Why do they have to name everything the same! Confuses old biddies like me! But I am glad I found out the difference now!

  17. Hi, everyone, this is exciting isn’t it. I live in New York State but plan to go to Las Vegas for March 15 concert. Looks like performing in theater 3 minutes from resort. Any one searched that yet? Would be great to meet up with people who share same anticipation for this wonderful trio!

    1. Hey, Ann, I think I found you on the IL VOLO official fan club site, which I just signed up for last night. I’ll be attending in Las Vegas, and the Pearl is basically in the same building as the overall resort. We were there a few years ago with a group from the Flight Crw, and it was wonderful!

      I look forward to seeing you in LV, and possibly some quick communication on the official fan club site.

      IL VOLO loving & joy-filled possibilities
      ~ Jeanine in Lake Oswego, Oregon! 😉

      1. Hi, Jeanine, thank you so much but as plans do, mine have changed! Going to National Harbor in Maryland Feb 9! My friend unable to go to Vegas in March!! Was so looking forward to it and meeting you after your kind gesture. Although I’m sure we will have great time in D.C. Best to you. Congratulations to all for scoring tickets early!

      2. You have a wonderful time in February celebrating IL VOLO, Ann. You can give us the heads up and maybe share a photo!

        Thanks for taking time to respond. We’ll share stories here.

        Can you believe… almost 3 years since IL VOLO was here on USA tour? So ready!!

        I’m looking forward to hearing others’ ticketing experiences.

        IL VOLO Love from Jeanine

  18. Daniela, yes I’m fan club member for long time, I was just afraid I may miss it, but I got my son involved to watch Tuesday and to buy two tickets for Tampa and two tickets for Chicago, so exited to see them again after that unbelievable experience in Rome concert!!

  19. Hi Daniela. Thanks for all the postings and the latest from Lithuania, another conquest for Il Volo !! Would love to see the pages of their passports !!
    In case you are making lists of ‘whom is going where” I have already purchased my tickets for Sunrise/Ft Lauderdale and bringing 2 friends who are new to Il Volo. Hopefully will see some others there, I think we must all be the most excited people in N America. Thanks again..

  20. Dear Daniela When I called to purchase tickets for Atlanta Feb.17, 2020, was told I needed “FanCClub” number? Can you send it to me?


  21. For those who would appreciate this input…

    If I’ve got this right, I’m going to the official IL VOLO fan club page (and will have an email from them, since I joined) with the code to purchase concert ticket starting at 10am EDT on Oct. 24th. (There’s a link to join the Fan Club at the top of IL VOLO’s website: )

    The Fan Club year’s membership price converted to less than $19 U.S.

    Then after I have my concert seat ticket, I’ll go to to purchase the Meet & Greet package.

    Very much looking forward to seeing who else is going to the Las Vegas concert.

    IL VOLO love,

      1. Go to your ticketmaster account and enter the date of your concert. When the Il Volo concert comes up enter the code 10years and you will get in. I couldn’t find the code either–I went to the fan club and someone there on the chat had the code. I just bought the tickets. Good luck!

      2. And if you log in to the fan club, the PreSale North America text box near the top also has the link to PreSale page and the code. Some venues use Ticketmaster, others a different sales option. It depends on where your concert is being held.

        Well wishes from Jeanine!

      3. Thanks—someone in the comments mentioned it and I finally got to the tickets. By the time I got there the front two rows center were taken. But the front of the left side was still open, so I grabbed two seats there.
        Thanks to all who responded to my help! Post!

      4. Glad you got your seats, Penina (and all!) I personally like front left because then I can more or less see all 3 of the guys simultaneously.

        Mine is front (row B) left in LV.

        Happy week celebrating! 😉

      5. I like the ends also. I was sitting on the right aisle in one concert and Piero came down the aisle and sat in the seat behind me–he was cozying up to the little girl that was sitting there. What ffun–we never know where they are going to roam!

  22. I am so excited! I am but 3 hours away from buying my ticket to the Detroit concert! Is it Christmas? It feels the same way as when I was a child! Anyone here going to the Detroit performance, please let me know. I would love to have others to share this emotion with! ♥️😁

  23. Hura!! Got the two tickets for Chicago, two tickets for Tampa, both for Meet and greet!! When I call my friend with the surprise, first she exclaimed ‘ I got to loose 20 pounds and have some face lift done, and even that will not help’, oh what a excitement, after Rome we were thinking we will never see them again and here we go, to see them in concert and in person twice!! God, make the time go faster…..
    Can not wait!

  24. Hey ladies I just got back from a little vacation and OH MY GOD the US Dates are posted. When I saw Las Vegas was going to be the last one on the schedule. I brought back memories of The Flight Crews 1st IL Volo Fanare in La Vegas in March of 2016. It was such a blast anyone else liking that idea like me I hope we can do the same thing this time again it will be IL Volo Fanfare #2. So excited I haven’t even got my tickets yet but I’ll be there will bells on,

    1. Got my tickets for Las Vegas and remembering wonderful times there in March 2016 and 2017.

      It will be so fun to see the list of who is going where.

      All smiles!

      1. Hi Jeanine
        I will be in Vegas. I was there in 2016 the same time as you.
        I come in from Hawaii so I didnt arrive at the hotel until 1am. The rest of the flight crew were sleeping, but I did get to share an elevator with Ignazios mom!

      2. Wow! That must be your must unforgettable elevator ride, Jill! Guessing we’ll see quite a few friends in LV. Thanks for sharing!
        ~ Jeanine

      3. Jeanine
        I was in Vegas in 2016 the same time as you. I come in from Hawaii so didn’t arrive at hotel until 1am, I think the other flight crew members were sleeping.
        I did get to share an elevator with Ignazios mom!
        I think this post will be duplicated because it didn’t go through the first time.

      1. Dear pitterpat0 I just bought my ticket for Las Vegas and I look forward to meeting you face to face. I’ve seen familiar names from 2016 Las Vegas and I have a feeling we are all going to have a great time.

    1. Hey Jeanine this is luckylady 51 or Lynne McAndrew I was at the 1st IL Volo Fan Fair and what a blast I had. Anyone know how to get in touch with Myron Heaton. He was so good at getting Fan Fair organized and he must know how get n touch with Barbara to see if a second Fan Fair would be possible.

      1. Hi, Lynne LuckyLady,

        I sent Myron an email asking about a possible fan fare around 9/22. Haven’t heard back. That is such a time-intensive, complex event that he may be deciding if they are ready to expend the energy to look into it.

        Daniela said she will let us know if / when there are plans.

        If there isn’t a fan faire, we can invite everyone who is attending from the Flight Crw to share dinner the afternoon of the concert. That was so fun in 2017.

        So, I think it’s time to watch and wait and send out our good wishes for a wonderful time together in Las Vegas.

        Hope that helps.

        Antici-pa-a-a-tion! 😉
        and amore from Jeanine

  25. Would you believe that Ticketmaster (as of this message) has all the concerts listed for the sale of tickets EXCEPT the one I need — the only one I can attend!

  26. Thanks Daniela and everyone for all the useful information. I am very happy that I got tickets for Radio City Music Hall and Wind Creek in Bethlehem!

  27. Hey Loretta (My mom).. You can now stop asking everyone when and where the guys are performing while in Canada because… I just got Meet and Greet- Pre-sale tickets for IL Volo – The Best of 10 Years- in Toronto AND the Meet and Greet in Laval Quebec in 2020.
    I was able to score us good tickets, considering, they lready are going fast.. and tickets don’t go on sale to general public until Friday…. Merry Early Christmas Mom..
    Hopefully the roads wont be too bad to drive end of January…..

    1. Hi Steven( Loretta’s son) I was wondering if she got my post about the guys coming to Canada.
      What a good son you are, and I think she would crawl there if she had to!

      1. I did see the post- thank you 🙂 I guessed the pre sale password… (“10years” after concert tour name) . then saw someone revealed it online… But I’m glad I was able to surprise Mom.. because she was away & didn’t even know the dates were announced.
        Hope everyone who see’s them ALL have a safe & wonderful time

    2. Loretta, rock on! What a wonderful time you’ve got coming.

      And Steven, that you for being a caring son and for sharing Loretta’s surprise with us.

      Well wishes, and have a wonderful time with IL VOLO!

    3. Steven, you made me die laughing. Your mom is really nice, but she was insistent with her questions if we knew about the concert in Canada. Perfect now it will be quiet. Well done with tickets. You are a treasure of son.

  28. Loretta,

    What a wonderful son you have. At the last concert, I was sitting beside a man, who had brought his Mother down from Canada to Detroit to see the the ilVolo Concert.

    1. lol I hit Reply too early.

      That Mother was having the time of her life and was so happy watching the concert. Her son was also very happy and was constantly taking pictures of his Mother enjoying the Concert. He told me that he had tried to get his brothers to come along to the concert with them, His wife had to stay home with their children.

      Enjoy the concert and bless your son Steven. Wonderful memories he is giving you.

  29. I was able to get tickets to the Concert at the Fox Theater for my husband and I, not Meet and Greet tickets this time, as we were not happy the way we were shoved around, had to wait so long and barely could say anything to the boys. We blame Live Nation for that. But no more Meet and Greet for us.

    Praying for good roads as we travel north about 4 hours to get to Detroit. I sure wish they would have scheduled the US Tour in better weather here. They have to travel the bad roads also. UGH!

    I am so happy to be able to see them again, Missing ilVolo live.

    Thank you Daniela for getting this information out to us. I had started checking here for the Tour Dates, but just missed them until a couple of days ago.

    Enjoy the concert everyone!


    1. This is my pet peeve also–why do they come here in the dead of winter? They should go to South America or Mexico in the winter and come to the US in the spring.

      1. And they do it tour after tour. We are all supposed to learn from our mistakes! Or should I say negative experiences? 🙂

      2. I agree with you, but I thought about it and……perhaps they need to use summer venues in Italy because so many of their performances are in outdoor areas in historic places. Just a thought. However, I don’t understand why flying through/over the US to get to Mexico and then back over us again to Italy. The tour promoters have the guys living in planes when logistics could correct that. Just my perception.

      3. Yes I agree they spend the summers in Europe. But wouldn’t it make more sense to either come to the US in the fall or spring and go to South America & Mexico in the winter? And you are right about flight time too!

  30. Excited! I am visiting my daughter in Chicago and together last night we purchased tickets for the concert here!!

  31. I have read all your comments and I am so happy that you all have your concert tickets. I feel your happiness online. The concert in Verona was unforgettable and the same will be for you.
    A hug to everyone, you are all loving and amusing

  32. They are glorified the world over and now the excitement is reaching all over our country. For me living in Brooklyn, February becomes a very special time of the year. How great to have a choice so close, Radio City Music Hall or the Borgata in Atlantic City. This will be my third concert. Can’t wait!

  33. I am fortunate to be going to all three Florida concerts with my dear Ilvolover friends and Las Vegas with my Forever Friend!! We have known each other since we’re 6 years old….70 years!! She has been listening to me rave about them for the last 9 years and finally she will be seeing them perform and meeting them!! She is beyond excited and so am I!!😃💕🎶💕😃

  34. ohhh wowwww… I just bought ticket to Las Vegas concert… I have no idea how I reach US, if I get visa and holidays at my work… but ticket bought and hotel booked 😉 my blood preasure is over 200 now…

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