Piero taking a selfie of himself with Ignazio in the middle and Gianluca


There are various situations that can affect us in life, which we can find singular, rare or even unique. In 2009 happened, due to the combination of various factors, precisely one of these concentrations that not even elaborated by an expert alchemist would have been so perfect to create a union like the one that exists among the Il Volo boys.
Piero taking a selfie of himself with Ignazio in the middle and Gianluca
One day, to go to a talent show in Rome, they left, completely unaware of what awaited them, two from Sicily and one from Abruzzo, more or less the same age, all three of provincial extraction, all three of modest families but respectable and respectful of the most important traditional values, and finally all three bearers of voices, although different, but of excellent quality for timbre, intonation and passion.
A young Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca standing in an airport
Precisely this exceptionality, this being different from all the others, immediately led them to a lightning career, something that never happened, an immediate contract with an American record company, triumphal tours around the world, applause and standing ovations. But this immediately involved a shared life for the three boys, who not only have three different voices, but also different personalities. As good as bread but sparkling Gianluca, funny and vibrant Ignazio, serious and perfectionist Piero.

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazion and Pieron sitting on stools rehearsing on the Ariston stage

A coexistence that could have been dangerous and even lead to a breakup, but having in common instead fundamental qualities such as the sense of duty, the kindness of soul and the ability to love, made possible for the three boys to find strength to stay together and gradually to esteem and amalgamate more and more, until they were united no longer by the need to travel and collaborate, but by a pure and disinterested friendship, completely free of rivalry and envy, by an ever deeper affection, to the point of no longer being friends, but brothers and to considering each other’s families as their own family.

Left to right: Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio on the backstage steps of the Verona arena

In this they were also helped by the fact that the same type of collaboration, sincerity and affection had been established among their parents.
In short, a large family that found itself reunited in the greatest pain a few months ago when prematurely lost one of its members, Vito, Ignazio’s father. An Ignazio who, very courageous, in observance of the diktat “the show must go on”, wanted to participate in the Sanremo Festival, even in the days of deep mourning, in order not to harm his companions, even he metaphorized the pain presenting himself with his head almost completely shaved.
On that occasion, the brotherly love of Gian and Piero was evident to everyone’s eyes, their eyes did not leave their partner for a moment, ready to encourage him, to caress him, to make him feel their attention even with a simple touch of the hand.

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero singing on the arena stage

The photo published here can be said to represent the allegory of this brotherly love, of this continuous attention: Piero, during the concert dedicated to Morricone, has just named Vito, to whom he dedicated, up there in Heaven, the historic concert they are concluding, Ignazio is deeply moved, tries to swallow tears, to mask his emotion with that sweet wonderful smile that is his habitual: his companions surround him, embrace him, make him feel their closeness, but what is surprising is that they too are breaking up in tears, Gian is about to burst, Piero in the photo is from behind, but if you have the patience to go and see the video, you can see how he too has his face in a crying attitude.

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero in an embrace on the arena stage

This is why at the beginning I was talking about a lucky situation, about a meeting desired by destiny : these guys had many blessings in their lives, their families first of all, then their voice and their beauty. But among them there is also this very positive character, the ability to be brothers, to rejoice and feel pain for the same things, in short, to love each other deeply.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


  1. Valeria, this is so beautiful and so touching! Yes, those are our wonderful guys, true brothers! Thank you!

    1. Thanks to you too Susan! You always inform us so well about the activities and history of the kids we love so much! Thanks to you and a hug!

  2. This touched me deeply, not just for them , but wishing the world could have more such . This is beautiful, made me cry. Thank you for such a tribute, to them, their families and our God..

  3. Thanks for sharing. The friendship between these 3 guys is indeed unique and out of the ordinary. The affection and love they share in their daily lives and not the least on the stage is so much to be commended. I have never experienced anything alike.. what a blessing it must be to be acquainted with them. I pray that they will stay together in a happy United life, but do also fear that they might evolve musically in more different direction not to mention when they find the girls of their dreams and want to settle and start families…. But I most sincerely hope that they will stay together both as friends and colleagues in yet a very long time❤️

    1. Dear Kirsten, the boys are very young and it’s possible that in the future they’ll have different experiences, especially Piero who has a very suitable voice for opera. But I’m sure that their collaboration will continue always and in any case. They love each other too much and are too attached to each other.

  4. Will I ever read a post that doesn’t bring on the tears?? Such a beautiful message and so true that Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero are brothers under the skin, in their hearts and minds. Love them and wish them all the happiness in the world.

  5. So good. Thanks. Your words exquisitely tell off their love for each other and their combined families. ❤️❤️❤️

  6. This written piece from you is beyond beautiful and has touched my heart in the depths I didn’t know my heart held. Your words describe these three men so perfectly and absolutely perfectly. You have captured their essence, their respect, and their undying and intensely loyal love for one another. Thank you for speaking the words my heart knows to be true. Grazie…

    1. Your words fill me with joy, thank you Eleanor! We all love Il Volo very much, we have common feelings!

  7. So beautifully written .. thank you !! The bond that they have with each other is to be envied, and is one that will last forever I’m sure, even if their paths take them in different directions down the road. My love for them only gets stronger, and I can hardly wait until better times (travel-wise) are with us once more .. so I can hopefully see them in concert ❤️ which is my biggest wish right now ❤️

    1. Listening to them in live concert is a joy that cannot be expressed! I hope you try it soon, Shirley!

  8. Thank you so much for your beautiful words about these exceptionally fine young men. I too have felt that their is a brotherly love and connection between these three. You can see it with the way they support one another, touch and watch each other. You cannot fake this kind of feeling. I have never seen another group interact with one another the way these three do.
    I did see the video where Piero dedicated the song to Vito and it was very apparent they were all fighting back tears. What a beautiful tribute and it just shows how much they care about one another.
    These boys were brought together by devine intervention or something because to be united they way they were and for this outcome clearly shows the types of people they are and the kind of families they came from. This is pure unconditional love. The world needs them now as we are living in some very troubled times.
    God Bless these young men and their families.

    1. Dear Gina, I agree with you in everything you say, especially that their attitude of mutual love is certainly sincere, it’s not something you can pretend. And also that now the world needs them because they bring serenity, joy and deep emotion!

  9. You are so perfect in your tender words , thank you so much, you have perfectly written what we are thinking in our hearts of our beautiful boys. We will love these guys forever. Their voices, They’re genuine Love of saying how they get along and love each other just everything about each other is so wonderful being Italian myself they remind me so much of my family and how we grew up together and how Italian families are together so much I just feel so much like family with them. They bring tears to my eyes of joy and memories so much. They mean so much to us over here in the states they feel like family we love and pray for them all the time out here they just bring so much joy thank you so much for your in the written word love suzanne

    1. Dear Suzanne, happy to know that you are of Italian origin! In Italy we know how much these young people are loved in America and we thank the states because they were the first to love and appreciate them. I hug you

  10. Valerie, a beautifully written article, about a loving, dedicated band of brothers. Thank you!

  11. However they came together, whatever they did before, their destiny was to be together for each other at this moment in time. My love for these young men grows and grows.

    1. Dear Rose Marie, these angel-voiced boys are a real blessing from heaven! My love for them too “grows and grows”…..

  12. Very well articulated and written. I can’t speak for everyone, but the first song I heard IL Mondo was the song that did it for me and all since then. I’ve lived a good many years and the most impressive to me when I met them, was their manners! Their parents taught these and they honored their parents by showing how well mannered they are. Their style of singing is like no other, and I was never a fan of opera, but I do like the lighter music and I could listen to “my guys” 24 hours a day singing whatever they like. Thank you for this story, I’m happy for them and you can see the feelings they have for one another. God Bless them.

    1. Dear Sassylady, I too love “Il Mondo”! You can listen to them for hours, they never tire you, they bring only joy, beauty and emotion. Thank you.

    2. The first song I ever heard the guys sing was “IL MONDO” and it brought me to tears. Didn’t know a word of Italian, but their interpretation and the music got to me! Even my little Schipperke dog comes running when he hears them sing that song and then howls! And it is ONLY that song! It must get to him too! hahaha

      1. Ahahahah! the boys excite everyone, even our little friends! I’ll tell you an episode: when in 2015 Il Volo won the Sanremo Festival, I was in front of the television with my dog ​​next to me. At the announcement of the boys’ victory, I started jumping and clapping, even though I was alone !!! Immediately my dog, a female giant Schnautzer named Alice, jumped with me and almost knocked me down! I can really say that on that occasion Alice and I were together fans of Il Volo!

      2. I love the story about your giant Schnauzer! I think our pets sometimes think we are crazy when we yell and clap! 🤣

  13. Thank you to you, Susan and Daniela for brings us the beautiful Stories on the guys For the last few stories I’ve done nothing but cry …my heart goes out to ignazio and as soon as they go back to doing what they do best we will all be here Ready for them …. Ladies again thank you so much for bringing us joy that’s what you bring to me🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  14. Truer words about these three young men cannot be written. Their unconditional love for each other combined with their talent and integrity is for sure what the world needs, now and always. Will always wish them the best of everything- in hard times as well as good. Thank you for the article❤️

  15. What a beautiful and emotional piece. It brought tears to my eyes. For three young boys who were strangers to have the love, respect and to care for each other the way they do is truly amazing. Their compassion for Ignazio after the dedication to Vito was so touching. They are three very special young men. To be their fan is an honor. Thank you Valerie.

  16. What talent you have, Valeria! To put into words what I think about the guys and would like to say but fail so miserably! Grazie mille! It is a joy to read what you have to say! 😊

  17. This is a gorgeous article. I was so sorry to have missed sending a birthday greeting to Piero. He has a wonderful voice and just blends so well with the group. I admire all these young men – and their families. They really belong to Italy – how fortunate for Italy! However, I am so happy to be able to listen to their beautiful voices, even though it would take quite a bit of planning to ever attend one of their concerts. I am studying Italian and I believe pretty soon I will be able to read (and understand) their book which I bought some time ago. Thanks again for this article! Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington U.S.A.

  18. Yes, their Talent made them friends,But their Bond of Love made them Brothers. As I have said before, it’s not enough to listen to our boys sing; To watch them is an exceptional experience and it’s apparent with concert,they never disappoint. Thank you Gianluca,Ignazio,Piero andGodBless

  19. Dear Valeria … You have described our feelings so well, to the point of moving us … The love that boys have for one another is undeniable, that love that goes beyond the stage; Ignazio already said it in one of his concerts, that “everything happens for a reason” and God, the sky, the planets and everything conspired so that these boys are in the same place and at the same time; and they got together and never parted again; and their friendship grew to the point of being more than friends, being brothers and accomplices of all their joys, their follies, their sadness …
    We hope that this friendship lasts for a long, long time, beyond the group, as the huge family that you have formed …. Thank you, beautiful Valeria and greetings to all the Il Volo Flight Crew staff … Blessings

    1. Thank you, Rossana, your words too are beautiful and very, very, very moving………..!!!!!

  20. Valeria, thank you for this writing.about “our boys”. I care not only for them, but for their families. I was raised in an Italian neighborhood and saw this love and devotion in their families. It set the tone for my family as well. It is comforting to see this Italian culture of love for family.

  21. Thank you Valeria for sharing your thoughts on the beautiful friendship of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. They are much more than their extraordinary voices and are wonderful role models. I have always felt that it was God’s hand that put them together at the same time and place and they were blessed with loving and wise families.

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