Il Volo Professional ~~ Home and Family/Matrix

While in Los Angeles, Il Volo had an opportunity to do some interviews and guest on TV.

Home and Family 

17390684_1285465931533571_3969089398627511010_o17434639_1285465894866908_1666836720882998772_oThe following is a video from Home and Family that shows Il Volo assisting in making Panzanella Salad and then participated in a game of charades.  So fun to watch!

Video courtesy of Il Volo Mundial Oficial


Matrix is an Italian TV show that was broadcast on Canale 5 live from Il Volo in Los Angeles.  The following link will take you to the show.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy as the interview was close to an hour.  Even if you don’t speak the language, just watching them is worth it.  Be patient, though, as there are commercials.

Some beautiful photos were taken.  Below is just a sampling.

Grazie, Il Volo Sicilia, per le fotografie.


I found the map of Il Volo’s fan base interesting.  What do you think?

The following is a summarized translation of the interview by AAIV.  Thank you, AAIV!

First, the guys talked about their March 23rd concert in LA, with Plácido Domingo as special guest, conducting the orchestra in 3 songs and performing together Non ti scordar di me. The Mediaset US correspondent Maria Luisa Rossi Hawkings was there at the concert and she interviewed Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca and Domingo in the backstage. As always, Plácido had very kind words, full of affection for them, such as “With Il Volo, I feel like home” and “Being with them here in LA means showing them my esteem”; and more, “Tonight in the audience there were not only fans but also people who love music. This means that these guys are really talented”.
Short videos of the rehearsals were shown as well. It was amazing to see this parallel version of Nessun Dorma on/off stage and Ignazio discussing his part with the Maestro (and following his suggestion)! The Los Angeles audience was in awe, of course!

As the interview went on, Piero said that they decided to do this Tribute to The Three Tenors only because Plácido Domingo accepted to be with them. Gianluca added that he made them feel more confident.

Matrix March 24 2017

A map of the fandom location was shown afterwords. But we are not sure about the data source. We truly believe it’s only a partial representation.

The night went on with many video clips taken from the LA concert. It was very nice to see them performing, we felt a little bit like if were there at the concert… Some information about how their tour work goes on were given, too. And the guys mentioned their collaboration with Maestro Joseph (Joe) Modica on Notte Magica tour. The guys having fun on stage and speaking English with Italian accent was also part of the topic!

There was also time for joking about them playing FIFA 2017 on their Play Station and the fans love for them! Will I Am of Black Eyed Peas was supposed to be at the LA concert, too but he couldn’t attend. He gave the guys new headphones as a gift! She was there instead, and very proud of Il Volo, Priscilla Presley! Wow!

We could also listen to a fragment of Grande Amore once again! The guys announced that 2018 will be a no tour year. They will lock themselves in a recording studio – and throw away the key! –  to work on a new album of Il Volo’s hits! Yeah, we love this plan!


Our Daniela also added that in the original interview the journalist asks a question naughty boys talking about the issue Sgarbi / Trump, telling the boys that so many supporters persons Trump spent their money to go and see them and Gianluca wryly responds that Sgarbi from Italy came to see them.

In addition to a certain point and Gian Piero Ignazio tease calling him GOAT GOAT GOAT, these words are often used by Sgarbi, and is another clear reference to him.
Thanks, Daniela!
~~ Leelee ~~

4 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Home and Family/Matrix”

  1. Thank you Leelee for the videos and great photos. I loved the Home and Family show with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. They seemed right at home and having so much fun! I couldn’t help but laugh because Piero looked like he was really hungry. The hosts on this show are really good and it’s a nice family show. The same was true the previous times they were on it. I wish they could do more of these in the US.
    It was nice to see the Matrix interview and some of the clips from the LA concert as well as a summary of the show.

  2. Awesome job as always! Just wish those people would give up already in asking questions about their love lives!! If they were true fans, they wouldn’t have to ask! Lol! I’m figuring out a few more things on this site…. 🙂

    1. Oh Jana, consider it this way most interviewers know little of music or much of the type IL Volo does, to be able to ask interesting questions, so what should they inquire about that would be interesting or salacious? Well, ask about their love lives , of course! What else can you ask of any young male? Plus, in their case these are three handsome Italian stallions!!!! Or as we all know by now, Sex Sells.

  3. Hi Leelee! Very heartening to see that Il Volo fan map you found. Thank You. I wonder if Il Volo is aware of those percentages on the map… Hope so and that it’s accurate! Thanks for the videos and photos as well. The Home & Family appearance makes me feel a bit wistful for 2015, when I first saw them by accident on PBS in August and I still had my little dog. I had to go into ’emergency’ mode to learn about them. One of the things I came across, besides this site, were the videos on You Tube from the prior years’ interviews with them on that show, or one similar to it. My life is not as happy as it was in 2015; sorry (to tell you this now, Leelee). (Un abbraccio).

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