IL VOLO Professional – Notte Magica Las Vegas March 25, 2017

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What happens in Vegas…. well, doesn’t always necessarily STAY in Vegas…. like, what if the guys got stuck there and never came home again?  Ok, you guys in Vegas would be in Il Volo heaven and the rest of us would just HAVE to go out there to see them!

Anyhow, here are some pictures and videos from that fantastic night, from the city of lights!


This one from our own Jeannette, credit to her or owner….

las vegas monte carlo

This one of Ignazio, certainly ranks right up there with my all time favorites! Credit to Il Volo Facebook page.

las vegas igna dressing room

Video credits go to Cris Gordon Sh and the pictures that follow…I think this one might have been from Piero?


las vegas - mgm marquee

las vegas - poster casino

This audience picture is from the one and only Babs Vitali!  Just where are they when they sneak those pictures?

las vegas audience - babs


Of course this picture from OMGVIP! group…and the lucky lady that owns this now precious scooter – wonder how much she could get for it now on Ebay?

las vegas scooter

Myron’s post coming soon…. and here are a few quotes from the concert and the evening….

“I saw them in Dallas on their last US Tour and they were boys and this Saturday to me they became grown men.” — Gina, TX

“The concert was spectacular… The guys were just simply Super Stars on that stage, they never sounded better or looked more elegant than last night… I could go on forever but I would just be repeating what we have already read from other fans…There are no better singers/entertainers in this world than OUR IL VOLO!!!” — Jeannette, NV


15 thoughts on “IL VOLO Professional – Notte Magica Las Vegas March 25, 2017”

  1. Loved every minute of my sometimes “hazardous” trip. The boys were just so handsome and grown up. To me they will always be “boys” but they are now grown men.

  2. Thank you for sharing these great pict/video Jeanette. I thought of the guys on sat 3/25/17 and wished I could’ve attended but I was in Laughlin, Nevada for 4 days celebrating my 71st bday with my sister. I can only imagine what an evening of fun and joy you all had having the guys so close by. I wondered about the shooting that happened at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and if there was any affect on the traffic on Saturday. I was worried that people were going to have problems getting to the concert. Obviously it did not. . Very sad situation. Anyway dear, thank you again for sharing.

  3. wondered if the Belaggio Hotel / Rolex jewelry store robbery would cause a problem… the 3 humanoids dressed with animal face / head masks on.

  4. Thanks for this wonderful post!! This Vegas Concert was perfection & magic all together!!! They had more power & passion in every song they sang!!! Our Boys are so professional & elegant with this tribute to the Three Tenors!!! It was an evening of complete enchantment!!!

  5. Thanks for this post, Jana! Wishing so much I could have been there that night! The pictures and videos are great. Leave it to Ignazio to liven things up even more with his impromptu scooter ride. That lucky lady will most likely never let that scooter go! What a great meet & greet photo!

  6. Great post Jana! The photos are great especially the one of the guys above the gold Monte Carlo!! Wow, Jeannette!

  7. I have sent in an article about the Las Vegas concert which, hopefully, will be posted soon. Guess I was not fast enough getting it in.

    1. Myron – yours is being posted tomorrow!! There’s a lot out there and we are trying to keep up! 🙂

  8. I am curious about one photo showing the Il Volo photo on the MGM sign. Is that a photo-shopped work or is it real ? Since they were not at the MGM – but MGM owns the Monte Carlo – curious.

  9. Beautiful pictures.
    Of course in Las Vegas take pictures advertising huge and I must say that I enjoyed seeing IL VOLO giants in those signs.
    What a nice Ignazio with that little scooter.
    Gina, it is true, our boys have given way to young men, also the seriousness of the concert and elegance gives them greater maturity, but ………. instill in them the bottom are always cute pranksters.
    Jeannette, who they say they are really young but also extraordinary artists.
    Myron, I hope soon to read your comment.

    On youtube there is this video, well done, which brings many songs all performed in Las Vegas.

  10. Great job, Jana The post came out terrific. Love the picture, Jeannette! Wish I could have been out there. Next time!

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