IN THE WORLD WITH IL VOLO 2010-2017, by Daniela

The holidays have also begun for IL VOLO.

In this period there will be little new news, and so we often use the time to review old videos. 

It’s just what I did, and I tried to find videos, which maybe, not everyone has seen, or at least I hope so.

The first video is from 2010. I had seen only small fragments here and there but never everything, and my research had led to nothing, but in these days, thanks to Connie Bruns who tracked and shared, here it is.

“O Sole Mio”, filmed in Taormina, when, going to play a concert there, it was still a dream for our guys. What are you saying? This video has brought good luck !!

But how small they were … and that final hug … very sweet !!

The second video is from 2011, is a medley made in Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur, includes:




IL MONDO and UN AMORE COSI’ GRANDE  a cappella songs


2012 Spain, RELOJ

2013 concert in Panama.

Someone uninvited, a transvestite, enters the stage during the concert and walks, people laugh, thinking that is part of the show, the guys are amazed at the presence, but continue to sing, as real professionals, as long as someone sends out this person.

2014 During the concert in Mexico they perform with the Mariachi.


2015 From the studios of Radio Rai, CANZONE PER TE.

2016 Washington BEAUTIFUL THAT WAY


And after this feast of old videos, I hope to have found some that you had never seen, but anyway, even if already seen, I bet you have re-seen them willingly, is not it?



Credit to all owners of videos and photo.


26 thoughts on “IN THE WORLD WITH IL VOLO 2010-2017, by Daniela”

  1. Thank for working so hard to find things to keep us avid fans connected to the boys while they are on vacation.

    1. Thanks to you Gina, to be always present with your kind comments.
      I hope you did not already know all these videos!

  2. I really liked all the videos! I had not seen a couple of them before. Thanks Jane and Daniela! And I would like to thank Jane again for helping out while I was on vacation! 🙂

    1. Pat, that’s exactly what I hoped, that someone did not know them all.

      I also thank Jane, for her work of publication these days !!

  3. Daniela, I think the appearance of the transvestite at the end of the concert in Panama was a prank to mark the end of the tour. I remember reading about it at the time–the orchestra and other staff hired this person to come on stage but the boys were complete unaware of it.
    Apparently there is some tradition that the last concert in a tour has surprises for the performers!

    1. Really Penina? I did not know it, it was a joke, but I think it’s possible.
      Certainly the boys were unaware of this, and they were not at all shocked at the thing, they continued to sing, lending themselves to the joke.
      Thank you for the clarification!

      1. I am pretty sure that this is what happened and that the Panama concert was the last one in the tour that year–something we can easily look up.

  4. Hello Daniela, Jane and everyone else who makes this feel like home to me. I don’t remember the transvestite clip but it was fun to watch. I wonder if the boys got the joke? The Mexican Mariachis are one of my favorite videos. I wonder if this is the concert that Ignazio’s famous 12 second clip is from? I will spend my evening watching the rest . Thanks so much.

    1. RoseMarie, I’m glad you did not see at least one video.
      You noticed that in the transvestite’s clip, Ignatius is the last to notice his presence, and Gianluca and Piero, laugh a lot, because Ignazio does not notice him! What pranksters.
      Also I really like the video with the Mariachi, and I find it wonderful that the guys have made a song with them.
      Which clip are you referring to? I’m curious.

  5. Daniela and Pat, It is always a joy to work with you both! I loved this post and the wonderful videos it contained. (Jane)

  6. Daniela, what fun!
    I love it when Ignazio speaks English with the really strong Italian accent, he is so cute.
    I think the transvestite was planned by somebody within their staff, otherwise security would probably have taken him off stage.
    Gianluca seemed a little scared of him, but not our Ignazio🙂

    1. Jill,I’m glad you enjoyed it, Ignazio is really funny.

      As for the transvestite, in fact at a certain point, you do not see him anymore, but under another video of that evening, I read a comment that said he was taken off the stage. Surely it is a joke.

  7. Daniela, you never disappoint. Your post of our guys was
    wonderful. I never get tired of hearing and seeing them. If the
    transvestite was a joke, the guys still had a lot of fun with it.
    Ignazio seems to ad lib quite well, no matter the situation.
    Thank you so much, Daniela for your post, it’s lovely.

  8. Grazie mille, Gale, you are very kind, and I’m glad you appreciate what I send and I look for you.

    It is true, Ignazio is the most suspicious at the beginning, but then he seems to be the one who is better at tackling the situation.

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