Some of us have known IL VOLO for a long time, but many others (like me) have started to follow them after Sanremo.

So, for many, Sanremo was a beginning, but those beautiful days of February 2015, how exactly did they take place?

Sanremo started on February 10th, but IL VOLO entered the scene from the second evening, on February 11th, Gianluca’s birthday.

Perhaps not everyone knows that in those days SORRISI E CANZONI, an Italian journal of music and gossip, entrusted to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, a video-diary, that is a daily appointment, where they had to make a video and tell their emotions.

I found on Vimeo, all the videos, with the translations, so you can read what our kids said in those days.

3 February, start of the video diary

9 February, day of the general rehearsals of the show

The guys on the red carpet at Sanremo.

San Remo Red Carpet 01

San Remo Red Carpet 02

San Remo Red Carpet 03

10 February, Sanremo begins

11 February, IL VOLO enters the competition

And here’s the fantastic first night, the first time that GRANDE AMORE is heard by an audience, by the public of Sanremo!!

The reaction of the public is simply fantastic, the guys very excited, Gianluca with tears in his eyes ….. a success!

12 February, the boys are excited about their first performance. It’s the evening of the covers.

Second evening, IL VOLO sings ANCORA.

February 13 third night, the boys will still sing GRANDE AMORE and there will be the first eliminations.

What about, again fantastic reaction of the public that call their name aloud. The guys are very excited with Carlo Conti (the presenter) who keeps reminding them that they are competing.

February 14th, last day of the video-diary and last evening of Sanremo.

Great last evening, each singer receives a video message from a supporter and for IL VOLO there is Placido Domingo.

And here we are at the final moment, the ranking has been said, the first three positions are missing, Carlo Conti calls on the stage all three singers.

The guys, immediately after the victory, the kisses and hugs and the pose for the cover of SORRISI E CANZONI for the victory of Sanremo.

What an emotion!!!!!

I do not know if all of you had seen all this, I myself was not looking at Sanremo, I turned channel only at the time of victory, I saw the delivery of the trophy but I had not yet heard the beautiful GRANDE AMORE, and when I heard it, it was immediately great love !!!

I hope this reconstruction has thrilled you, as it has excited me, and you find that the video diary made by Piero Ignazio and Gianluca has shown them to us as they are really . . . three simple and nice guys, our three boys of IL VOLO .


Credit to owners of all videos and photo.

21 thoughts on “SANREMO 2015, HISTORY OF A VICTORY by Daniela”

  1. Daniela, as always you deliver a great article from the time capsule of Il Volo… Yes, how well I remember San Remo 2015… For most of us here in the USA, we did not have TV coverage of the show and we went on line days before making sure that we could tune in on the internet… What an experience to hear Grande Amore for the first time on Feb11th, yes Gianluca’s Birthday… The audience came alive when they heard it… A huge and very long standing ovation for our guys for their beautiful Grande Amore… They looked so handsome, Their performance was magnificent… They knew that with Grande Amore they finally won the hearts of Italy… This was a long time in the making… Every performance there after in San Remo was met with standing ovations, they knew they had arrived… And then on the last night, THEY WON SANREMO… They had received their greatest joy that night… The recognition and love of the people of Italy… Tears, Hugs, Kisses and Accomplishment… Thank you for bringing that wonderful memory back to us…

    1. Jeannette, you were faster than me …. today I thought that as soon as this post was published, I would have warned you if you would like to review the chronology of Sanremo, but you beat me in speed.
      Did you already know all the video-diaries?
      I’m glad you liked this post too, and I admit that seeing those moments, and especially feeling the emotions of the guys, is really a great joy.

      1. Most of us Fans here in the USA and Latin America followed the Journey of Il Volo daily through the video Diaries… It wa

      2. Most of us Fans here in the USA and Latin America followed the Journey of Il Volo daily through the video Diaries… It was so exciting to see the videos daily and they brought Il Volo and Sanremo closer to our hearts and built up the excitement before the start of the Sanremo … We watched these three guys grow up through videos, they have always kept their fans close to their heart by sharing so much of their lives with us… We are blessed…

      3. I still did not follow them, at that time, and I often get angry for not having met them before!

  2. This brings back great memories of Sanremo. Hearing it again makes me appreciate our guys more than ever. I love the videos of them joking around with each other even at a very stressful time. I have met them and they were so very nice and polite and very down to earth. Thank you again for all the work you do to bring them to us. Alice in Florida

    1. Alice, I too laughed a lot watching their video-diaries, fighting for the same shoes, when they have an important race in progress, too nice.
      Grazie a te Alice dalla Florida.

  3. I never get tired of watching these videos! Thanks for putting them all together! It brings back all of the tension and emotions of that time for those of us who were watching and hoping from afar. And we couldn’t vote! Grazie!

    1. Penina, re-watch everything, bring back adrenaline for the race, and impotence for not being able to help them, with the vote.
      If can console yourself, I did not even vote for them, I started watching them from the moment of victory.

  4. Daniela, you have outdone yourself! That was marvelous. I had not seen anything but the presentation of the award. The video diaries were so interesting because they showed the strong relationship amongst the three. These guys are delightful. Thank you a million times for putting this together.

    1. Jeanette, I’m very happy that you had not seen all these videos, I was hoping to satisfy people like you, who had not seen.
      Yes, the boys are delicious.
      Thanks to you who have read and seen this post.

  5. Thank you so much Daniela for posting these wonderful videos which bring back so many lovely memories! It was so exciting watching them sing Grande Amore and also the beautiful Ancora! I hoped and prayed that they would win and as usual Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were magnificent! The video diaries were fun to watch and you could feel their excitement and confidence. It had to be very intense and stressful since they realized this would be such a wonderful opportunity for all of Italy to see and hear them and it was made even better by Gianluca celebrating his 20th birthday at Sanremo!

    1. Margaret , yes, are beautiful memories. The boys in those days had very strong emotions, and they transmitted them to us all. Wonderful.

  6. And I met Il Volo after San Remo and from then on I follow them and love them very much! They are a phenomenon in music and I wish them many successes! Great guys, smiling, kind and well-educated … I love them!

    1. Elizabetta, just like me, I follow them after Sanremo, and I must tell you that like you, I love them too!

  7. Daniela, thanks for putting this show together for those of us who didn’t even know IL Volo existed then. Fun to watch and listen to the gradual build up of the final days just before competition to the the final victory and their much deserved exuberance. Wish they could stay young forever. Without this experience, perhaps there never would have been a Notte Magica and all it’s splendor.

    1. Of nothing, Mark, I really thought of the people who had not seen Sanremo (like me), but I knew that, even for those who had seen it, they were good memories to see again.
      Sanremo was really a great experience for the boys, especially because they realized they were very popular with the people, and this gives them the strength to face disappointments, like Eurovision, but that’s another story!

  8. HI Daniela I can hardly believe it’s been 3 years already since San Ramo. Thanks for the wonderful reminders. I was so nervous for that whole week of San Remo because I wanted everything to go right for Il Volo because this was their dream to reach all their fellow Italians and be accepted by them. To see their reaction to winning San Remo and hearing the reception they got from the audiences during that whole week brought me to tears of joy. I’ll never forget that night.

  9. As I said, Luckylady, I did not follow Sanremo, but then, watching these videos and knowing the guys, I think I understand very well the emotion and the tension that in those days days, has provoked in people who already followed them, for then explode in total happiness to victory.

  10. Thank you so much, Daniela, for bringing back these wonderful memories. Once again, I had goosebumps
    watching our boys! I was so darn proud of them as they performed. Still so very proud of them! And I couldn’t possibly love them more!

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