Bridge Collapse in Genoa, Italy

On Tuesday this week, the residents of Genoa Italy were devastated with a bridge collapsed.  At the time of one of the early articles, 37 people were presumed dead, and death toll was already rising:

Italy Bridge Collapse Leaves 37 Dead….  New York Times


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The cause and whom is to blame is being highly debated.  The reasons are not yet clear, but some are being considered:

Italy Bridge Collapse: What Might Have Caused It  ~~BBC

Some articles I have seen have harsher, more definitive leanings about what they think is the cause and who is to blame, but for the purposes of this piece, that is not necessarily important.   It’s more important that people’s lives have been changed, and the people of Geona are grieving.  Our hearts go out to the Italian people at this time.

~~ Kelly


8 thoughts on “Bridge Collapse in Genoa, Italy”

  1. The bridge collapse is horrifying and tragic. My heart goes out to the families and the loved ones of the victims, those who lost their lives and those who were injured and traumatized.
    A few years ago a bridge collapse took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. My cousin was on that bridge and I thank God that he has recovered and gone on with life. That bridge has been replaced and the other bridges in the state were inspected and repaired or replaced, but I don’t think anyone here will ever forget that bridges wear out and sometimes fall down.

  2. Such a tragedy and so much suffering.
    By the Grace of God may they find Peace as they recover from this most horrific tragedy .
    As an American I know that prayers and thoughts are with all the people of Genoa.😥🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

  3. Unfortunately, this great disaster has hit many innocent lives.
    39 confirmed deaths but seek 5 missing.
    It seems that those who had the contract for the maintenance of the bridge, did not do the maintenance due, but the investigations will establish all the causes.
    The solemn funeral will be tomorrow.
    These are tragedies that do not have to happen.
    We are all close in prayer to the hard-hit families.
    A heartfelt thanks to all those who will turn a thought and a prayer, grazie Kelly, grazie a tutti voi.

  4. My heart and prayers have been with the people of Genoa, Italy, since hearing of this terrible tragedy. Hopefully, the investigations will come to a resolve as to how to fix the problem so that it never happens again. I send my love to the families of Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio and hope and pray that this tragedy did not affect them in any way.

    1. Daniela, if I’m correct, a few days before the bridge tragedy there was a tanker truck that caught fire on a highway in Bologna.
      I immediately thought of Ignazio, and Piero, because I know they both have apartments there. I hope they weren’t in the area when that happened. We need those three guys in this world today.

      1. Hi Jill, I think you live in Hawaii? You’ve been on my mind, as well as the other folks of The Flight Crew. Prayers for you and your State’s protection from the storm; may it change course and become “a fish storm” ( stay far out at sea, affecting no one). Love to you and all…

      2. Hi Jill. sorry if I answer you only now, but I was in Tuscany and there was no internet connection.
        You’re right, before the bridge there was the accident of the truck that transported flammable material, it happened on the highway to Bologna, not really in Bologna, but it is the road that surely the kids travel to return from families or to go to Rome.

        But I read that, where are you, there is a storm, I hope you’re fine, a hug!

  5. This terrible tragedy with its needless loss of life and injuries should never again be allowed to happen anywhere. No excuses for voluntary negligence. Heartfelt sympathy for the victims and for the people left with their hearts broken.

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