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7 Things You Might Not Know About Me: 1.) I never said patience wasn't a virtue. I said it wasn't one that I possess . ;) 2.) So that rude person tailgating your car with their headlights blinding you this morning? That was me. Sorry.... :( 3.) In some ways, it seems like I was born/built to be a nurse, but I think it surprised some people that I made it at all. 4.) There was a time in my life when my only dream was to go to conservatory and be a professional cellist. Sometimes, I still wonder what would have happened to me if that had worked out. 5.) But, you know that saying about finding yourself in a place you never planned yet it being exactly where you were meant to be? Sums up my life. 6.) I dabble in creative writing, and would like to try my hand at something good enough to be published someday. 7.) I am a die-hard, "I will fight you to the death" Rafa Nadal fan. He is my tennis version of Il Volo. :) I feel so blessed that I found Il Volo and that they have opened up and changed my life in so many ways. I'm so busy trying to get through life sometimes, I forget to enjoy it. Il Volo reminds me to do that. :)

Bridge Collapse in Genoa, Italy

On Tuesday this week, the residents of Genoa Italy were devastated with a bridge collapsed.  At the time of one of the early articles, 37 people were presumed dead, and death toll was already rising:

Italy Bridge Collapse Leaves 37 Dead….  New York Times


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The cause and whom is to blame is being highly debated.  The reasons are not yet clear, but some are being considered:

Italy Bridge Collapse: What Might Have Caused It  ~~BBC

Some articles I have seen have harsher, more definitive leanings about what they think is the cause and who is to blame, but for the purposes of this piece, that is not necessarily important.   It’s more important that people’s lives have been changed, and the people of Geona are grieving.  Our hearts go out to the Italian people at this time.

~~ Kelly


My Favorite Videos of The Week



Summer is going to be over soon (boo hoo!), so I’m loving these videos of The Guys enjoying the outdoors and their friends this week….

They sing and dance...

…and drive fast cars,

… and sometimes take us on a Sea Cruise.

But this is my favorite:

Three Voices, One Soul…strong as ever.  😀

~~ Kelly

#FBF: Painfully Beautiful

Hello from finally sunny Gulf Shores!

It’s unfortunate that the weather has changed for the better just as we’re leaving , but I have had some time to enjoy Il Volo’s music from way back….

Like back when they first had an album and we found their talent to be …. Painfully Beautiful.

I love this song…and don’t know why I don’t listen to it more often. …   Enjoy!

~~ Kelly


#FBF: Name That Picture: Answers



Dancing with The Stars


dancing with the stars

Grand Prix Formula 1 Racing, Abu Dhabi — 2014


@ilvolomusic; LiJoy
Il Volo – Formula 1 Grand Prix
Abu Dhabi 2014

Juarez Rehersal, 2014


Juarez rehearsal 2014

Taormina Concert, 2014



@ilvolofccampobello FB21
Il Volo – prelude to next number? Taormina 2014

Unicef Audrey Hepburn Society Ball, Houston, 2013

Extra Credit: (Who is  Il Volo Pictured with?)

***** Margaret Alkek Williams;  local philanthrapist     click —->      Margaret Alkek Williams Keeps a Busy Schedule

***** Jesse Metcalfe; actor     click —>    Jesse Metcalfe Wikipedia


Il Volo with Margaret Alkek Williams By @ilvolo -Audrey Hepburn Society Ball – Houston -2013

#FBF : Name That Picture


First, thank you to all of you have commented on the new look of the site.  🙂  I’m glad you like it!

For Flashback Friday this week, I have a little game…

We know Il Volo has the best and most supportive fans in the world…and that many of them have extensive photo collections of their own.

Now let’s see if they have the most observant.  😉

Look at the  pictures below (most have been cropped).  Do you know where they are from?  Post your guesses in the comments below.  The answers will be posted next Friday.

Good Luck!

~~ Kelly


# 1 


# 2

# 3






Extra Credit (in addition to naming where the photo is from):         Who are the people pictured with Il Volo?