It’s Time Again… Another Birthday…

Ignazio’s Birthday Is Coming!!


You know what to do, right?


Send your birthday message to us at:

Deadline: 10/2


In your message, include a song suggestion for the video that will go with the birthday post.  If you idea is chosen,  your name will be included in the credits at the close of the video.

Thank you for participating!

~~ Kelly



11 thoughts on “It’s Time Again… Another Birthday…”

  1. Happy Birthday, Ignazio!! I wish you joy, love and happiness as you celebrate another year! Keep the fun and love in your heart always. Thank you for being you, and for making me laugh and get in touch with many hidden feelings suppressed for too long. Love you and love Il Volo. 🇺🇸🇮🇹

  2. Ignazio please sing this song in the tune of the birthday song. To one of the handsomest & best singers I know. Happy Birthday Ignazio your voice is my joy best wishes forever God bless & take care. Loretta from Canada

  3. Ignazio, Prince of Marsala, Sicily, Happy Birthday on
    your special day. Thank you for being a wonderful
    person and example to the youth of our world. Thank
    you for your mischievious ability to laugh at yourself
    and make us laugh with you. You are so handsome,
    you make all the girls swoon over you. Keep letting
    your talent, passion and love flow from your “grande”
    heart. I hope you have a blessed time of fellowship,
    fun, and food with your family, friends and “Brothers.”
    God bless you on your 24th birthday. May God keep
    you safe as you travel the world.
    All My Love, Gale Wall
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

      1. Thanks–that is what confused me. In my contact list it was without the e.
        But above Kelly has the e, and I thought it was changed. Thanks for letting me know!

  4. Dear Mr. Boschetto: wishing you a “Bel Canto” birthday. You are one of the most talented and overall impressive young men I know about. You bring so much joy to so many. Hoping all that joy is returned to you in many ways on your special day and that you are surrounded by loved ones-family and friends. You mean a great deal to so many. Happy Birthday!!
    A devoted fan-Mark

  5. Kelly, does it matter that I entered my comments on our regular blog, as with all other comments we post? Or do I have to go through this particular email address above? Thanks, Mark

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