Positive 01

A few days ago, during the presence at the Festival Show in Trieste, the boys took a picture, while they were holding a t-shirt with messages written against those who drive and use the phone.

Perhaps some of you have not paid particular attention to this picture, which I now propose to you.

The GUIDE E BASTA advertising campaign is promoted in Italy in order to sensitize drivers, especially young people, to the use and abuse and risks of using a mobile phone while driving a vehicle.

Positive 02

Using a mobile phone while driving is one of the main causes of serious car accidents.

It is enough to look away even a moment from the road to lose control of the vehicle and cause a car accident with unimaginable consequences.

For this reason, the boys have lent their image, in this picture above.

They also shot this video.

I = Hi guys, we are IL VOLO, everyone’s life is very important, so …..

P = ….. of course we are so much in the car, so when we want to stay on the phone, let’s let someone else drive ….

G = …… then guide and stop mobile

Positive 03

I find it extremely positive that the boys, lend their image to messages of this kind.

In addition, they often adhere to events with a charitable purpose, such as the concert in which they will participate in a few days.

Good guys, come on like this, I’m proud of you.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


  1. I is for Ignazia who sings tall & strong, G is for Gianluca whose hair is so curly, P is for Piero who sings a clear note God bless our 3 precious no others compete. Canada is waiting to have our souls enriched

    1. Good, Loretta, but…………IGP is a brand that means PROTECTED GEOGRAPHIC INDICATION and is attributed to the products of the European Union ……….. it is also very good for IgnazioGianlucaPiero, they too have a Protected Geographical Indication, in the European Union and more specifically in Italy.
      ha ha ha !!!

    1. Yes, Rosemarie, in this picture, they had just finished singing at the Festival Show under heavy rain and, the interviewer said that the guys immediately rushed backstage, without even drying out, where they were expected, for the interview.

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