On POMERIGGIO 5, a known gossip TV program, today there was a video that talked about IL VOLO.Gossip 01

This transmission is very popular in Italy, and the guys have also been guests in the studio. This time it’s just a video and it’s gossip, about any new girls of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero.


So, from whom do we start talking today? Let’s start with Il VOLO?

From my friends at IL VOLO.

Those are full of females.

Let’s start like this.

Women from all over the world, come forward . . . the three guys from IL VOLO, are single!

It was a long time since this astral coincidence has occurred, but at this moment, it seems that Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, are going through a phase of total sentimental freedom.

To prove it, the photos, taken during a holiday in Taormina, where the three entertain themselves, with as many young maidens.

And to say, that the latest news in our possession, both Gianluca, and Ignazio, seemed happily engaged, the first with Martina, with whom he had been a couple for two years, and the second with Alessandra, his historic girlfriend, with whom he was said, it would soon be married.

Instead, here they are, all single, and all at sea, ready to make new friends and new conquests.

Gianluca, immediately finds his place in the pool, next to a prosperous girl with dark and smooth hair, with whom he talks while relaxing in the water.

Piero, the only single for the longest time, with the bandana on his head, as he wants the fashion of the moment, is ready to go on the attack of a nice blonde.

While Ignazio, at the water, prefers the tennis court, always in good company, of a young and beautiful girl with slender legs, and he seems particularly interested.

In short, the three tenors, they enjoy flying, from flower to flower, although, of course, they are always looking for the GRANDE AMORE !!!

Gossip 02

Honestly, with all that can be said about our boys, talking about their talents or their concerts, these TV shows take them into consideration only to talk about gossip ……. it is also true that, among their talents , there is also beauty and youth, so these videos of gossip are justified, but ….. take them with the tongs, these news, they are never founded !!!!


 Mollysianna’s photos , thank you!


    1. Gerti, how many times it has been said, they will never understand it, for them they will always be the three tenors !!

    1. Ciao RoseMarie, quando ho scritto questo articolo, in effetti non sono novita, ma è di oggi la pubblicazione di un giornale italiano (CHI) che ha le foto di Piero e Valentina ..

      1. Excuse me, I translate.
        Hello RoseMarie, when I wrote this article, in fact there was no news, but today is the publication of an Italian newspaper (CHI) that has photos of Piero and Valentina.

    2. She was in the audience behind his mother or grandmother when he gave the rose out with th song MAMMA so she seems to have been in his life for a long time. Look at the dvd. You will see her smiling and that was years ago their first PBS special

      1. I’m sorry Linda, that is not Valentina. My post is from Sept 2018 and as of July 2018 they were not dating. I saw him in Naro in July and he was just hanging out with his friend Dario. If someone knows differently please tell me. Daniela ?

      2. Neither his mother or his grandmother was at that performance. His mother does not fly, and the first time she saw Piero in concert was at their first Taormina concert–that is when he sang Mama to her, and the other two went into the audience to find and hug their mothers. I doubt if Piero even knew Valentina then!

  1. Those gossip shows do love to follow and comment on celebrities, and our guys certainly are celebrities. In my opinion “playing the field”, dating around or “flying from flower to flower” is just what young people their age should be doing. By meeting lots of different people and trying out relationships is the way most of us find out what is right for us. Hopefully they will eventually meet someone very special for them, but for now I for one am happy they are not committing themselves and are giving themselves time and space to see what really will make a good lasting relationship. Piero may have met that special someone, maybe not, but I love that they are having fun and enjoying meeting lots of different people.

  2. Amen, JD, to everything you just said. We just want them to meet the right one and to always be happy.

    1. I know playing the field was what I Was doing at their age. Of course the press was not following me around as they are with the guys. I Kissed a lot of “frogs” before I found my “prince”. Next month we will be married 50 years!! Take your time, Piero, Igna and Gian. There is no hurry

      1. Exactly JD, it will be the time that will tell us if it’s the right one. In Italy we say “if they are roses, they will bloom”

  3. Peninahonig, thanks for your input. I know Eleanora does not fly so that was neither his mom or grandmother, but do you remember who the lady was?

    1. I don’t know–I was under the impression it was just some lucky lady in the audience, judging from her reaction, she was totally surprised and overcome with emotion.

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