10 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Something I Never Saw…”

  1. A nice flashback, indeed. I had been thinking of another flashback…Sept 4, 2011. Sunday. Jerry Lewis’ MDA Telethon. The last telethon. And our guys sang. O Sole Mio and Smile. Only then, it was “who is that?”. And my world changed forever. That video is still on You Tube. What a trip!

  2. Beautiful Kelly, this video is a periscope and is part of a much longer video, it is three years ago. The boys and part of the band, if I’m not mistaken, are at Ignazio’s house. There is a beautiful atmosphere, everyone plays and sings.

    1. Daniela, if I am correct, towards the end of that video, Ignazio switches to the saxophone. Gianluca is getting frustrated with him because Ignazio was playing the wrong notes. It was hilarious😂

      1. Yes, Jill, it’s just that, Gianluca sings and the master Grani plays the piano and Ignazio in the other room plays the saxophone and Gianluca continues to shout “the door, close the door”, is a very beautiful scene very familiar, and it seems to me there is also Torpedine sitting in the living room, a beautiful afternoon among sincere friends.

  3. Kelly thanks for the flash back, This impromptu rehearsal shows the talent and versatility of Gianluca and Ignazio. The IL Volo team is special in so many ways. “Lovely” is beautifully done, a wonderful opening of the eyes on a Sunday morning!

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