A Sad Loss – The Tragic Fire of National Museum of Brazil

It is with heavy hearts that we share in the sadness of this grave tragedy that afflicted Rio on Sunday.  To AAIV and all fans of Il Volo in Brazil and South America, please know our thoughts are with you.  My current boss was born in Rio, Brazil, so I, too, have a connection to this.  🙁

There is a very nice and in-depth article published by the NY Times, of which I am providing the link:  https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/03/world/americas/brazil-museum-fire.html


It said the museum did not have a fire suppression system, but was due to get a $5 million dollar grant/overhaul soon, which included a fire suppression system.

From Wikipedia & https://travel.sygic.com/en/poi/national-museum-of-brazil-poi:29978 :

The picture above is also from this site…

National Museum of Brazil
Local name:  Museu Nacional
Location:  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The National Museum is the oldest scientific institution of Brazil and one of the largest museums of natural history and anthropology in the Americas. The museum is located inside the Quinta da Boa Vista park, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and is installed in the Paço de São Cristóvão. The palace served as residence for the Portuguese Royal Family between 1808 and 1821, housed the Brazilian Imperial Family between 1822 and 1889, and also hosted the Republican Constituent Assembly from 1889 to 1891, before being assigned to the use of the museum in 1892.



8 thoughts on “A Sad Loss – The Tragic Fire of National Museum of Brazil”

  1. My grand daughter is an Egyptologist and is devastated about the loss of ancient Egypt artifacts and more

  2. It was really a blow. The image of the burning museum gives a shiver. It’s a really unheard of loss. It is a piece of history that we will no longer be able to see and study, but only to remember.
    I hope it was not arson, as some voices are saying.

    1. How nice to hear from you! 🙂

      Yes, the article said the meteorite survived, like the Brazilians!

      Be safe!

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