Saturday, August 25, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, were guests in Puglia, at the NOTTE DELLA TARANTA.

It is a popular Apulian festival where, during the evening, typical Apulian songs are played and popular dances are performed like the PIZZICA.

It is a party that has a lot of involvement by the public, there were 150,000 people dancing and singing in a festive atmosphere.

Puglia 01

The guys of IL VOLO were guests in the backstage, but did not perform, They attended the popular festival and gave interviews, like this one, I translate for you.

P = We were really curious to see this event, and test the air, to be able, perhaps, to come next year, who knows.

G = Yes, absolutely beautiful to see this culture, which is not only famous in Italy, but all over the world. When you start dancing, this rhythm gets inside you, it’s nice, we’ll have fun tonight.

Journalist asks Ignazio = Do you already have any idea how you could adapt your voice to a Pizzica rhythm?

I = Actually no, but we can always work on it. It’s nice to see how this event is focused on folk songs and dances and how much tradition brings everyone into such a big event, so why not participate too? Next year or, in two years, we too might participate. It would be a great pleasure.

Journalist = Is there an evening, especially in the past years you know, or have you seen this event?

P = We must be sincere, NO. But we have always heard of the NOTTE DELLA TARANTA and this year, being free from engagements in these days, we decided to come and spend a couple of days in this magnificent land that lately is visited and loved by tourists from around the world. And it is a pleasure for us to be here.

As Ignazio said, on how to adapt our musical genre at this rate, we are a little unprepared, but our thinking is that the music has no barriers, and we never say, “This cannot be done.” But we say, “ Let’s try and then, let’s see what happens.”

Journalist = But will you come to this event, as a guest, or as a concert teacher?

P + I + G = (laugh) As guests, we do not think like teachers.

G = We cannot promise our presence, next year, of course, we would like it very much, but many things happen in a year, this year we came, we ca not wait to have fun, and why not, the next year we might participate.

P = The power of music is this, to see thousands of people united to dance LA PIZZICA.

Journalist = You are used to a large audience.

P = It is never enough.

Journalist = Do you know a Salento song and can you sing it?

G = Do you see how you put us in difficulty? You did it on purpose (everyone laughs, then Gianluca intones a typical Milanese song ….. ha ha ha …… final laughter.)

I = Thanks a lot to everyone, see you next year.

Puglia 02

International guest of the NOTTE DELLA TARANTA the singer LP, the American singer-songwriter of Italian origin, her name is, Laura Pergolizzi, she sang her most famous song “LOST ON YOU” to which she gave a rhythm to Pizzica, then she sang too a song in Italian.

Here is LP in two photos with IL VOLO.

Puglia 03

Puglia 04

The boys of IL VOLO on their arrival at the party were recognized and very welcome.

Here are some shots with people and their arrival.

Puglia 05


Puglia 06


Puglia 07

Puglia 08

Puglia 09

Puglia 10

Also this time the guys were very appreciated.

What do you think of this new adventure?

Would you see IL VOLO to sing to the rhythm of the Pizzica?

Did you know this popular festival in Puglia before?


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

21 thoughts on “IL VOLO IN PUGLIA by Daniela”

    1. Joan, you saw the last picture, they were really a lot !! He thinks that the country that organizes this festival is Melpignano, a town of only 3,000 people.

  1. Ciao Daniela, As you know I am not Italian and I have never heard of Notte Della Taranto, nor have I heard of LP.. I saw some clips including the ones you have so kindly translated for us. There was such a variety of music, but music is the bridge that allows us to come together. It was a fascinating evening, and a it looked as though everyone enjoyed themselves. I was particularly interested in the last song “Kalinifta”. The word is Kalinicta which means Good Night in Greek. They were singing in Griko which is a language spoken by the Greeks that still live in parts of Sicily. It is a combination of Greek and Italian. I loved it. Thanks for posting.

    1. Hello RoseMarie, certainly Southern Italy has had a great Greek influence, and Puglia I think is the closest landing point between the two cultures. Kalinifta, is the song with which the Notte della Taranta traditionally ends, as you said is a serenade in grieco, and is considered a popular heritage of greece-salentina.
      It’s really true, music unites different cultures.
      As for LP, I did not even know her (she looks like a male in the picture) but you listen to her song LOST ON YOU, I think you know her, without knowing that she is singing.

  2. This no doubt relates to their nationality… would probably be exciting to perform in this event in their homeland…..Why not? The exposure is always good. These three could probably add another element to this platform. IL Volo voices would thrill the crowds wherever they are. …..only their people know what will take place…..wherever they go the crowds follow their unique style and voices. Just do not lose the love and classic music you bring to the many who have followed you thus far… are beautiful you are love.

    1. Rose Marie Lomonte, I do not know, if next year, really IL VOLO will participate in the NOTTE DELLA TARANTA, but if it does, it will surely be an enrichment for both, for the people who will listen to them, maybe for the first time and for the our kids, immersed in a culture and a rhythm, certainly different, but with a very special charm.

  3. So glad you posted this! I wondered what this was all about. Hope you had a great vacation. We are anxious to hear about it. 🙂

    1. Hi Jana, I was a week at the seaside in Tuscany, I was in a beautiful pine forest, where, however, there is not much internet connection, I read your posts, but I could not comment.
      The holiday was short but beautiful.
      I missed you all !!

  4. Daniela, I have not heard of this festival before. For me there were too many people and too much noise.
    To really enjoy the music and the surroundings especially with Il Volo I think that a smaller venue would be better. I see Michele was there with them, and I am happy to see Ignazio’s
    hair is back to how I like it.🙂

    1. Jill, in that party it is impossible to have silence, everyone is there to dance and sing, but this is also its charm.
      I too am very happy to see that Ignatius’s hair is back as I like it.
      Of course there was Michele, I remind you that he is of Apulian origins, it is his birthplace !!

  5. Daniela, I have not heard of this festival before. For me there were too many people and too much noise.
    To really enjoy the music and the surroundings especially with Il Volo I think that a smaller venue would be better. I see Michele was there with them, and I am happy to see Ignazio’s
    hair is back to how I like it.🙂

  6. Daniela, I have not heard of this festival before. For me there was too many people and too much noise for me to be able to enjoy it. I think it was Piero who was asked “ too many people?
    and he said “ not enough”
    I see Michele was there, and Ignazio’s hair is back to how I like it🙂
    Tell me Daniela, now we don’t hear from Marie anymore, does that mean Ignazio is up for grabs?
    I’m first in line😍

    1. OK how did that happen? I thought the first post didn’t go through because the screen was blank, so I re-typed it. The comment area was blank again, so I typed a different one. Now we have a duplicate of one and a different one😂
      I’m blaming it on my iPhone!

      1. Jill, do not worry, I wrote a comment from Tuscany and I did not see it published. I thought it was because I used the phone and not the usual pc. After various tests I desisted.

  7. These three talented men have thrilled audiences all over the world, why not in Puglia. I bet given the challenge they would come up with a concert that would dazzle all!! Puglia would fall in love with their amazing voices, and their adoring charm. A win win for all!!

    1. Hello Carole, I believe that Puglia would be fascinated by IL VOLO. We cross our fingers and hope that next year they will be guests among singers!

  8. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity, and if the guys would like to do this, I am behind them. Forever Il Volo Follower!! 🇺🇸🇮🇹

  9. I’m with you also Daniela & Eleanor where ever they are & whoever they meet & if someone has ice for a heart then they are missing a chance to meet perfection because in my eyes that is who I see 3 of the most caring & handsomest young men & singers who know how to show appreciation to their fans. ILVOLO FOREVER

  10. Thanks Rosemarie & Jana for bringing me back to this site to read about what is happening here & talk about my precious sweethearts especially Ignazio my hearthrob.

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