One thought on “IgnaziosInstagram@audi_italia

  1. ignazio, you are the best thing that happened to music ever!! i am a grandmother but i love all 3 of you like you were my grandsons!!! never lose that beautiful smile and glow in your eyes!! hoping someday before my day comes, i somehow could meet or talk to you! after losing my husband 4 years ago, nothing could make me this happy. a friend introduced me to your music 2 years ago. i have been to 2 concerts here in connecticut! he was able to do meet and greet. i hope to someday be able to be that lucky to meet all of you. i know my husband saw you perform on daytime tv, because he told me about the 3 young tenors. he was in such awe. due to his illness and constantly going to the hospital, i never got to see what he taped.i know he still hears you now from heaven. and he thanks you for making me happy and able to go on with my life!! love all of you, annamarie dambrosio

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