Il Volo Off Stage: The Men of Il Volo In Summer

Spring and Summer are my happy seasons , and the beach is my spiritual place.  Not just any beach, mind you.  The beaches at your local rock quarry or river don’t count–at least not for me.  I’m talking about the beaches near bodies of water big enough to contemplate how big the world is, whose depths of its unknown cause the imagination to wander, and whose beauty is unchanged regardless of whether it’s crystal blue in the sun or changing to various shades of green in an impending storm. 

Having just spent a few days there recharging my batteries (but I can never get enough), I understand why Il Volo spends so much downtime there, and love seeing the pictures they and their loved ones share. 

Of course, I also lover any picture that they share with us.  Here are all of my faves from the last couple of weeks.  Enjoy!

~~ Kelly




The Team and one of their captains…




Off to the beach…after a little lunch…


Gian’s Instagram




This young lady is very lucky…



And these just because…






12 thoughts on “Il Volo Off Stage: The Men of Il Volo In Summer”

  1. This is a great post Kelly! I, too, go to water for solace, reflection and healing. Water is a necessity of life for the body AND for the soul. Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio seem to know this and embrace it.

  2. Thank you Jane, Jana & Kelly for these last 5 posts which I missed. I was at my sons & couldn’t get his computer to work for me. The songs & videos of the concerts are so amazing & I am sending thanks to all who sent you girls photos & information of the concerts & the guys. I’m thankful for being able to see the concerts from Italy. One day hopefully I can get to see the beautiful country I’ve seen pictures of.
    Good to hear you are ok Marie.

  3. Loretta, I do not believe the new CD is out yet. It’s my understanding that when this current Notte Magica World Tour is over they will be working on it. Have not heard what it’s called yet either. I’m not much help here, am I? Wish I knew more specifics, but I don’t. 🙂

  4. Well Mary thanks for contacting me. At least we are both in the dark. Then when they are available look how appreciative we will be to get them. Have a great Il Volo day

  5. I understand that the new DVD etc. will be a Spanish one. I would be disappointed if that is true. Joanie G

  6. Great article and pictures, I love these guy and am glad they are able to have fun time at the beach, I wish I had one, I have to settle for a pool. Thanks for sharing

  7. Kelly, I also love to recharge my batteries on a beach looking at the sea, but my batteries are bad because they do not have enough sea to have a full charge.

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