Dandelion Wishes, Dreams, and Il Volo?




Several months ago now, our group at work did a painting event for charity. The painting that was chosen was entitled “Dandelion Dreams.” You are probably wondering how this relates to Il Volo, but wait and see!!

I canvassed the internet, looking for things related to dandelions – wishes and dreams. There is a plethora of notations! Many references were about weeds vs. wishes, nice little sayings, a few poems here and there, even a song or two, and of course if you blow on the seeds of the dandelion flower, you are granted a wish and it comes true. How many of us, as children, found such joy in blowing the seeds into the wind and watching them float away? How many dandelions were wished upon and how many came true? I found several nice sites, which I will reference throughout…

There is one saying in particular I found, through Google Images…..it said, “we made a wish and you came true…” How many of us were possibly wishing for something like Il Volo, but just didn’t know it when we were younger? Maybe some of us wished for imageshappiness, love, friends, joy, or maybe even just some beautiful harmony, in a world filled with discord. Maybe we thought our wishes never came true; that they were just whimsies of childhood, and quickly forgotten as we matured into adulthood, as swiftly as the wind carried the seeds toward the skies.


But, unbeknown to us, the Universe was listening. It took a while, maybe 20, 30, or 40 years or more even, for some, however, far off in the land of Italy and Sicily, our wishes were heard. In the cities of Montepagano, Bologna, and Naro; our little seeds and wishes were planted – and they grew. They grew into Il Volo! Our precious Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero. A culmination of all of our wishes. Our wishes may have seemed selfish at the time, but the Universe was wise and knew that the purity of the heart of a child, was truly selfless. It knew, when these three voices were joined together, the dreams, hopes, and desires of not just those who wished for them, but for those all over the world would share in this miracle.


Each breath they take and each note they sing, carries the sweet seeds of sound to ourimages0AR4AT1F ears. As the notes enter our spirit, we feel joy and happiness. We also find the love and the harmony of new friendships. All of this, from one little dandelion wish!


From http://www.flowermeaning.com/dandelion-flower-meaning/ I thought the meaning of the dandelion flower below was very fitting to Il Volo and the many difficulties they have faced already in their career.

What Does the Dandelion Flower Mean?

The common and humble Dandelion has a surprising amount of different meanings. The Dandelion means:

  • Healing from emotional pain and physical injury alike (how many of us have said they have healed us?)
  • Intelligence, especially in an emotional and spiritual sense (all 3 are very wise, even at their young ages)
  • The warmth and power of the rising sun (O Sole Mio!)
  • Surviving through all challenges and difficulties (each one of them have had to overcome some personal challenge)
  • Long lasting happiness and youthful joy (even when they are 70, they will still be Il Volo, like at the end of L’amore Si Muove video!)
  • Getting your wish fulfilled (they still wish for the US Grammy, could that still be in their future?)

Since the Dandelion can thrive in difficult conditions, it is no wonder that people say the flower symbolizes the ability to rise above life’s challenges. (remember, in the beginning, even their own country did not recognize them and some critics still despise them! And yet, they continue to sing to sold-out concerts, world-wide!)


There is also a song, whose words reflect their essence….

From a song by John Adams, called Dandelion Wishes… (select phrases from the song) https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/John-Adams-11/Dandelion-Wishes

“How would it be if I never found you

Would I be me? Would you be you? Everybody’s searching for the one, Oh but darling you found me Everybody’s searching for the one Oh but maybe there’s two or even three?

Dandelion wishes Blow in different ways If the wind should change directions If my wishes were to fall would you love me anyway?

How would it be if I never found you Thankfully, we’ll never know!”

Oh, how some of those words just ring so true with our guys, don’t they?

So, the next time you see a dandelion, make a wish – you never know when or how it may come true!


I think Cynthia asked me about my other little  piece of art – below is a little triptych of my painted wine glass…my Tuscan sunset from just a little over a year ago!  🙂  (yes, this was a first, never before attempted, free-hand – very impressionistic!)






(musical notes photo found on Google Images…)


22 thoughts on “Dandelion Wishes, Dreams, and Il Volo?”

  1. Very sweet and touching Jana. The dandelions are so strong and persistent, they continue to grow and flourish no matter how much some people try to mow them down. This should be our site flower.

    1. I love that idea!! I’ll have to get with Kelly on how to post something like that. It’s so true, I remember how even though you mowed the grass, they popped up again the next day!

  2. I really like this, Jana. I could follow every word and relate to it. Very creative!

    PS…please send me a set of those wine glasses!! 🙂 🙂

  3. How creative your mind works. You turn a lowly dandelion into a charming story about three wonderful mean. Brava.
    And the wine glass is lovely.

  4. Jana, love the wine glasses.
    I think the guy’s have a very strong chance of getting a Grammy for their “Notte Magica” album in the classical division of the Grammy’s.
    It’s been on the chart’s for a long time now.

    1. Let’s hope, but Sony’s ways are strange…

      You realize it’s just one glass? 🙂 I painted all the way around it!


  5. Jana what beautiful words you wrote, very nice the analogy between imagined desires and those that have come true in Flight.
    Now when I see dandelions I will definitely think about your post.
    I had already made to you the compliments for your glass, the beautiful sunset that you brought back on the glass. Brava.

  6. Thanks all…… I tried to have a little fun with this…

    I did talk to Marie the other night and except for a slight cold, she is doing just fine and is going on vacation again in a week or so.

    I really thought this post might bring her out of the woodwork, but no luck! 🙁

  7. Awesome. This definitely takes me back to my childhood. Not only of blowing on the dandelions but bringing a bunch home to Mom and her putting them in a vase. A very calming and reflective piece. Once again, great job.

    1. Yes, me too. I remember one time my mom telling me a story that I picked her a dandelion and I was so pleased when I gave it to her! 🙂


    1. Yes, they say a weed is just something that grows where you don’t want it! So bright and yellow like the sunshine, how can you not love it?

  8. Wonderful words, Jana! When I was young I always thought dandelions were happy little flowers…..like miniature suns! I too will think of you and IL VOLO when I see them in my yard! Grazie!

    1. yes, when people ask why you don’t pull them out, tell them they remind you of the guys! lol! thanks for the pictures!

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