~Gianluca Ginoble~ by Serena


The music his passion, has accompanied since his childhood truly handsome, talented baritone, Gianluca of Il Volo.  He has always had the chance, through his father Ercole, attentive interest of good artists, to listen to great Italian songwriters such as Fabrizio de Andrè, and  Francesco De Gregori.  Check out his performance with our three loved ones at 2015:Una Avventura Straordinaria Concert, live at the Arena of Verona.

His grandfather, Ernesto, was a huge Claudio Villa supporter.  That says a lot about Gianluca and his stunning commitment to music.  He is well aware of the importance of giving a fresh eternal life to any kind of music, which willing or not, it was created to last forever.


One of his idols is, as far as the more classical musical human heritage we are experiencing, Andrea Bocelli.  Watch Il Volo perform Granada, at the Zanetti and Friends, last year in Milan.

Gianluca’s love for music, together with that of Ignazio and Piero, brought a group of great producers to put these guys together as Il Volo.   That is also the reason why these young men with such voices are worldwide extremely appreciated for their, indeed, pure talent.


For me and my friends, the Grande Amore tour, back in summer 2015, was a chance to really get to understand what this great baritone from Montepagano and his mates were about, artistically and personally.  To be honest, my support for them was born before the Sanremo contest, but it grew stronger as I met great fans like me.  Many criticized  Il Volo after their victory.  I didn’t  care and I still don’t mind.  They are talking nonsense.  I won’t say to other people they should ever become a Ilvolover.  My message is: don’t go telling lies you heard or read about them, as these guys are true and honest. Il Volo music makes my days.  Listening to them is something huge, Italia sets me free.  No other artists have given me such emotions before.  My friends and I had several chances to meet the three of them.   We have traveled to be at the GIGS.  Every time this all happened, they were all so precious. The best times we had with them have no pics.  

Some things cannot be fully translated into words, but I keep the most like they were tattooed on my heart.


 I cannot really explain how exciting it was to have them live in Torino for the first time in a gig back in January 2016.  How sweet and caring they were.  Torino was also the city they  started with their Italian tour, Notte Magica.  It was an unbelievable night.  Gianluca was so perfect that night.  Il Volo sang their hearts out completely.  I followed them on their European tour last year and I’m still on the road.

Gianluca is an extremely sensitive guy.  He’s shy.  When he sings he gives you the feeling how much devoted he is to music.  He caresses every word, he bows to the seven notes.  As a baritone, he has a beautiful deep, warm voice.  His eyes speak themselves, so full of joy and the listeners cannot avoid being amazed by his talent.  It just overflows.


Gianluca is stunning when performing En Aranjuez ( con tu amor).  And what about singing his other idol, Elvis Presley, Can’t Help Falling in Love?  This love hymn makes me fall so, just like he shows every time he’s about to give it to the audience.  I get perfectly speechless and breathless.  Despite Il Volo fame throughout the planet, Gianluca is still so humble, as the kid born in that romantic small village in Abruzzo.  The one that is always so anxious and proud to come back home after days of promotion and tours.  He cannot wait to spend some time with his family and trusted friends.  He is truly fantastic, a prince.

Gianluca has never forgotten about his land and whenever he can, he tells how he adores Italia.  I’m totally proud of him, because when it comes to approach him, he’s always so dedicated, thankful and madly special towards the fans, the people he believes care for Il Volo in their soul.  He understands who does believe in them, in the person and in the artist.  I want to thank Gianluca for being unique in all his ways.   Serena.


This article translated by Laura, previously published on Torino Aspetta Il Volo E Poi, and printed with their permission.  Photos have been added to original article.


Credit to all owners of photos and videos.




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  1. Gianluca was the first of the boys to welcome me at my first M/G. I was at the end of the line and he put his arms out and said “finally” and put his arms around me and gave me the biggest hug. It was as if I were an old friend. I will never forget his warm welcome.

    1. Rose Marie, what a beautiful memory you have. Gianluca wears his heart on his sleeve (which I guess they all do) but there is just a deep rooted sincerity in his hugs.

  2. I share your love of Il Volo and of Gianluca – as well as each of the other two guys. I do remember the negative things said around the time of San Remo. My problem with that is there is never any evidence or proof of anything other than the truth. Because there was no substance to those tales I even question any further discussion of it here. This site has a large number of musically intelligent people and they know the truth. A lot of people on this site have met the guys and they know the truth.

    What is it? three wonderful human beings (we see that proof every day) that have been blessed with an ocean of talent which is on display every time they sing. Amen !

    I might add that some times Italians can be roughest on their own people especially when they go to America and make it big. Same thing happened to Caruso.

    1. You are right, so many Italians are really bad and even unjust with their people who make them great.
      History loves to repeat itself.

  3. Thank you, Serena, for your wonderful words about Gianluca. He is indeed a wonderful, wonderful singer and a wonderful young man. He has the third part of my heart and I love him dearly.

  4. Thank you Serena for your post on Gianluca. He has a beautiful voice along with Piero and Ignazio. They are wonderful singing together but each one brings so much to every song they perform. Music seems to be as natural to Gianluca as breathing. How often you see videos of him break into song traveling in a car or listening to any music. He seems to be able to immediately know just how to sing a song whether he has practiced it or not. It’s lovely to see how much he loves his family, his friends, his town, Abruzzo and his fans. He has a very tender heart!

  5. Although my heart lies with Ignazio, I do love all 3 of them! Especially Gianluca, when, at the Fan Faire, he gave me the pat/rub on the back as they were walking out. I will never forget that! 🙂

    Beautiful words!

    Great job, Jane, on adding the pictures!!

  6. He lacked, our Prince of Abruzzo, always polite, sensitive, sweet, impeccable in his performances and very beautiful.
    Thank you Serena and the Torino Aspetta il Volo e Poi.
    Impressive Jane, you did very well, nice work.

  7. A most wonderful summary written about the best baritone alive on this planet !!!! How I wish that Gianluca reads this beautiful post that you have created about him. Thank you Serena and Jane.

      1. Dear Ineke, I was very very happy to hear you.
        My e-mail is this: stefyspose@gmail.com

        This article by Gianluca has already been published on the fan page TORINO ASPETTA IL VOLO E POI and her administrator Laura told me that Gianluca read the article, Gianluca also has named the article on his tweetter account.

        I look forward to hearing you by email.
        Many kisses

  8. I remember the time I bought their first CD soley based on hearing a snippet of their O Sole Mio on American Idol. I looked at Gianlucas photo and thought “this pretty boy is going to be the hearthrob of this boy band” By the time I got the WE ARE LOVE CD they were no longer a mere “boy band” and I had come to see alll three as heart throbs!. I finally got to meet them on their “We are Love” tour in 2014. I know my main focus then was Piero ( still is, No denying it) then I got to meet Ignazio who sort of scared me ( but I forgive him!) but Gianluca was off talking to someone else while this was MY MOMENT. Time for the photograph and Gianluca easily slid into place next to Ignazio and then….he gave me the most amazing smile. I don’t think I have seen such a smile since..

  9. Thank you Serena for writing an article that showcases the attributes of our this great baritone who shares the stage with the two tenors Piero and Ignazio to form
    Il Volo… Gianluca has a beautiful soul, some call it an old soul because he just does not seem to be of one so young… When you talk with him, you see a maturity that you do not see in people of his age… His love of all music from the classics of yesteryear to today is extensive and the knowledge and history that he shares along with the song amazes me at times… Yes, Gianluca is a loving and very tender individual… Thank you for capturing these qualities in your article… Most people know he has a beautiful baritone voice and now they know that he has a beautiful heart and soul as well …

    1. How many Notte magica have you been to Jeanette?

      I think I saw you at the Royal Albert Hall for sure?

      I think I met a lot of you on this tour.

      To some I had The chance at least to say Hi.

      It’s brilliant what you all do and keep on doing for these amazing guys.

      I saw a true devotion.

      Thanks for reading Serena’ words.

      See You at the SHOWS someday.


  10. He quoted us on Twitter last November on our account Torino aspetta il Volo @ilvoloatorino.
    Look for it if you want;)
    But not going to post the shot I keeep and sort of advertise it:)

    We thanked him at the time.

    We are glad to have the extremely amazing and unique chance to have Daniela helping us sharing our words with you all amazing devoted il Volo lovers as we try to be.

    Thank You!!!!

    [Too many show off when he retweets one of their status.]

    We are about to live our tenth Notte magica.
    We do it for them not just for our enjoyment.
    This tribute means Life to them.
    I’m sure u all agree.

    Thanks for reading us.
    Thanks a lot.
    Talk to you soon; )


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