~~The X-Factor~~ by Mary Bohling


What  is it  that makes Il Volo so special, so uniquely outstanding?  They are mega-talented, of course.  They are strikingly handsome.  Their personalities are genuinely warm and personable.  All wonderful qualities, but there is something else that has caused them to rise so high in a tough and competitive business.  Is it the magical glow of their faces as they light up when they are performing….something about them that just jumps out and grabs hold of you, drawing you into their aura?


How did they achieve this unique magnetic attraction?  It is so much an intrinsic part of their  natures that it would seem that they were born with it.  The way that they were drawn together in the beginning is magical in itself.  The perfect match of their voices and personalities is remarkable.  What are the odds that that first concept of putting them together would prove to be the perfect blending of their voices and their charisma?


Webster puts it this way:  “The X Factor is a variable in a given situation that could have the most significant impact on the outcome.”


Urban dictionary: “an indescribable quality about a person that you cannot put your finger on.”

Il Volo—The X Factor personified.

Photo credits to: Getty Images and Il Volo Facebook Russia

12 thoughts on “~~The X-Factor~~ by Mary Bohling”

  1. Mary, your words just flow like a beautiful stream. I love reading your thoughts of the three most talented young men on earth. “The X-Factor personified.” Thank you!

  2. Beautiful, Mary! We all love them!!! This X Factor must be the secret!!! No matter, they are acomplished performers, perfect gentlemen, empathetic , with the most beautiful voices in the world!!! We Our Love!!!

  3. Mary, I totally agree! I have tried and tried since discovering these talented guys a year ago to put my finger on just what it is that mesmerizes me so much about them. Never before has this ever happened to me with any other artist(s). Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero are unique and interesting persons in their own right. But put them all together and something spectacular happened! So many things came together to create the wonderful phenomenon called “IL VOLO” and we are forever grateful for it!

  4. They do have that X factor. I have often thought what a stroke of luck or genius to put these 3 remarkable guys together. They were so young and it was impossible to see the future. As they matured one or more could have disappointed or not been willing to work hard. One of them could have turned out to be a diva, or one maturing voice might not have worked with the others. But what a magical mixture they are, and either by themselves or as a group they are captivating . They have that “IT” factor.

  5. Thank you for another great post Mary! I’m not sure if it is the X-factor. I have always believed God’s hand put them together. While Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have some different traits or characteristics, they also share many of the same. They obviously have beautiful voices, are very intelligent, extremely hard working and come from similar backgrounds. Their families exposed them to the great music that they perform and have instilled in them many virtues that help carry them through their work and their lives.

  6. Mary, when you write, we imagine the great love you have for these guys. Their X factor hit you hard, just as it has hit us all.
    Together they are great.
    And we are all here to enjoy their music.

  7. Margaret I agree with you that God sent us these beautiful young boys to let us hear how music should be sung NOT screemed through a micraphone & to give us the pleasure to watch them grow into beautiful young men whose voices sooth our souls & teaches the rest of the world how music should be sung & as bonus we have been privileged to get to know them a bit through the meet & greets.
    I only listened to Nat King Cole & Johnny Mathis because they for me had the most beautiful voices. Nat died too early in his life & Johnny is still singing & pretty good for his age now. But Our Il Volo young men are tops like no others with voices that no other singers can compeet. When I am sad or can’t come to grips with something I can listen to them & can calm myself to work on my problem.
    Don’t want to listen anyone else.
    Mary that is also a good way of looking at how you see them so we are both right.

  8. Mary – thanks so much for writing this! I knew this was the perfect post for a Monday. What a great way to start the week! Our guys certainly have something special no one else has. Whoever told those “screaming” singers they could sing? It is often said that God whispers in the wind, in the rustling of the leaves, and the gentle lapping of the waves to the shores. He does not have to scream at us and we can hear Him, for those that choose to listen. Just like the guys, even when they sing softly, we hear them as if they were screaming in our ears because their mere gentle voices drown out the chaos of our lives.

    Grazie mille! I’m sure you give your poster hugs every day! 🙂

  9. IL VOLO is the X-Factor personified! Just as Loretta Foley said above I too “Don’t want to listen to anyone else”. Thanks Mary!

  10. Mary, you are very right. Whether you want to say it was the X-Factor or it was God’s hand in it, our boys have burrowed their way into our hearts to stay. Thank you for a very beautiful post. There are no better singers in the world!

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