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Italia – an Il Volo Flight Crew Special Feature




Many of us are of Italian heritage (I am!) and many of us just love Italy. No matter in which category you fall, I bet it’s safe to say, Il Volo has awakened an interest in all things Italian in you.

When I returned from my first trip to Italy, I could not get enough Italian. I watched every Italian movie and any movie that had anything Italian in it. I took Italian language lessons, Italian cooking classes, went to more Italian restaurants (if that was possible), ate more pasta, cannoli and gelato. I attempted to get my aunts to teach me to cook some of their favorite Italian recipes. Johns Hopkins University offered a special course, “Crossing Over; The Italian-American Experience,” I took it!

I taught English lessons to a little boy who had just moved from the Sorrento area, his mother helped me with Italian after his lessons. I went to the Italian Embassy and the Italian Catholic Church in Washington, DC. I sang Italian songs (pre Il Volo) that I brought back from Italy, with my baby nieces, their favorite was Funiculi Funicula. My little nephew watched subtitled Italian movies with me but his favorite “Italians” were the lovable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael!

After these frantic efforts to find the Italian in me, my enthusiasm waned ever so slightly – and then along came IL VOLO!  There is no doubt about it; Il Volo kicked my enthusiasm level back into high gear!

Since most of you have “Italianitis” just like I do, Il Volo Flight Crew ~ Share the Love will soon launch “Italia” a new post which we will feature regularly. Our first three Italia posts will be presented by one of our very own Il Volo Flight Crew friends, mn. mn is from  “north west Italy” but “has roots also spread around central Italy.” In our first ever “Italia” we are delighted to present “Bits and Pieces on Christmas Traditions in Italy” by mn.  Stay tuned, it’s coming soon!

* All photos by MFA

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