13 thoughts on “Piero — Vancouver”

  1. Welcome, Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca!

    Vancouver BC loves you and will give you an enthusiastic, warm welcome!

    Can’t wait to hear, see, and enjoy what you have planned for us, including folks like me, who are trekking all the way from Portland, Oregon!

    Is it true that a Disney movie of your magnificent trio is being planned? What a treat that will be! Keep dreaming! It’s so fun to see how all your dreams come true!

    Love, hugs, and appreciation,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  2. YEA! Hope your flight was a pleasant one.Have fun there,next stop USA. See you soon in Phoenix. Blessings.

  3. So finally our wait is over.hope your flight was comfortable.now happiness begins.cant wait for Pittsburgh concert.love you three.

  4. Sweethearts Ignazio, Gianluca, Piero, welcome home to U.S. & Canada, hope you all had a comfortable trip.
    Now we can all look forward to seeing you in concert & seeing you in person & hearing your magnificent voices. We are all counting the days for our turn to see you.

    1. Piero, Love, can’t wait to see you in Detroit, but am wondering, What are you hiding under that baseball cap that seems to be on your head all the time lately. Has Soonie been at your hair again?

  5. Mary, I thought you were going to steal Soonie’s scissors before she could do any more damage? Maybe Piero doesn’t feel like fixing his hair. It wouldn’t matter to me if he wants to wear it ‘au natural’. He’ll still look awesome.

    1. Ah, a voice of reason amid all of the insanity. Lynn, I love Piero’s hair au natural, or tousled like in the pool picture….that’s the best. That picture is posted right above my computer at eye level.

  6. Mary, there surely has been a lot of insanity here among the Flight Crew (well at least the 2 who are crazy for ‘You-know-Who). And I fear the insanity will only escalate as it gets closer to the Detroit concert. Please don’t let them distract you from your mission: to hug Piero as close as you can.

    1. Lynn, I sincerely hope that anyone reading our silliness, realizes that we love the boys enough, and hope they the guys (if they ever read these posts) are tolerant enough to know that although we like to have fun with our crazy bantering, our love and appreciation for them is true and sincere.:;;;;;;

      1. I hope so, too, Mary. But we have to have an outlet for all this love & appreciation for IL VOLO. If we kept it bottled up inside of us, we would truly go crazy! The young girls in Latin America scream for them like teenagers did for the Beatles all those years ago. I was never a screamer, even back then. So I am not going to turn into one now, at my age. But I am glad we have each other here in the Flight Crew to kid around with, so I don’t have to scream to let the love out. I hope I made sense-it’s late. But I need to watch the Keek video of Piero & Ignazio relaxing doing what they love-playing & singing REAL MUSIC-one more time. If you haven’t seen it, you must. check it out on Piero’s twitter or on Mundial. Good night.

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