Briefly, cause I also want to do a review tonight. I know Linda told you and, of course, I have to tell you again !!
Me, Loretta, Mary, Mary’s Daughter (Ann) and grand daughter (Kate) shared a van/cab.  Our driver was nice.  We were talking about seeing the bus in back of the theatre. So the driver drove back there.  There was the bus and a gate that was open and PIERO standing just inside.  We asked the driver to stop. We slid open the van/cab door and Ann jumped out to take a pic.  Piero saw us and came over and JUMPED INSIDE THE CAB with us.  I have pictures!!!!  I asked him if he ever heard of Il Volo Flight crew and he looked  me in the eye and said that he had.  He was so sweet and funny. He actually stayed a while. We gave the cab driver 35.00 for a 1 mile ride!!  (THAT’S MARY BOHLING IN THE PICTURE).  Take note of that door in the background of the 3rd picture!
The cab dropped us off in front of the theatre.  I was talking to two other younger women (I told them I would forget their names but, they promised to blog here.) and I said that I was going to walk back around.  The two came with me. Just as we got to the gate the guard opened it and there was Piero still standing there talking to some guy.  Just as we walked up to Piero THE DOOR OPENED AND GIANLUCA AND IGNAZIO STEPPED OUT.  I swear this is not a dream!!  There were only a couple of other guys standing around.  The two women and I walked up to them and they both smiled at us and just stood there talking to us. Lucky for me the girls were mostly focused on Piero at the time.  That meant that I had Gianluca and Ignazio to myself for a minute!!!!  Someone up there loves me!!  A lot!!! I had a short conversation with Gian.  I have no idea what was said!!! I think I was thanking him for his music.  I looked at Ignazio and I said, “I’m from the IL Volo Flight Crew.  Have you heard of us?”  He said, “sure”.  I said, “Ignazio, (yes I did, I used his name!) have you really?” and HE said “of course I have”  Girls…he said it in a way that was totally believable !!  I swear to you!!!  We talked for a few more minutes.  I don’t remember about what.  I think I was thanking him for being here (He thought I meant Detroit.  I was probably thinking just being alive!) and I told him how much I love his music.  ‘Cause I’m sure he never heard that before!    Maybe I’ll be clearer in the morning.  I do remember that I said, “May I kiss your dimple?” (I swear I did!  It might well be the only shot I ever get!)  He laughed and said, “sure”.  He grabbed my hand and leaned his left cheek to me.  I grabbed his upper arm with my other hand. I gave that dimple the best kiss it ever had!!!  I have to say this. The stubble on my lips felt wonderful!  We both laughed and then the guard found us!!  He said ” you women aren’t suppose to be here.”  We turned back toward the gate  ALL THREE GUYS told us good-bye and went in the door.
DSCN0869 DSCN0868
The other two women and I ran screaming back to the front of the theatre. I immediately called Linda crying and unable to make words!!  She understood after about the third time of me saying,”blbkfhhgf and then he bomegej”.  BTW I have pictures of our dream visit with The Boys but, not the dimple kiss.  I was a little busy!!!
Concert Wonderful!! 2nd row a little left of center.  We sat within 12 feet of Ignazio singing Caruso!!  I have wonderful pictures that I’ll share later.
Meet and Greet awesome!!!  Kissed each one on the cheek and gave ’em each a hug.  Staff took pics. It was nice holding on to them!!
I probably won’t be able to sleep for a month!!!
One of the best days of my life!!!
Maybe it was all a dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

76 thoughts on “YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!”

  1. What a wonderful, wonderful experience!! And to be that close to Piero!And of course to Ignazio and Gianluca!! That would surely make my day, and probably my year!

  2. Beautiful! I think Our Boys really appreciate it when they are loved by so many of us. Bravo!!!

  3. Marie, are you kidding me? It had to be a wonderful dream. How amazing. Wasn’t anyone taking movies of this? It was a movie!!! I am so jealous, no, not jealous, happy for you. I just have to see those pictures and read your dream again…thanks for telling us EVERYTHING..

  4. Happy day for all of you. I am happy for you , too. What bit of luck. So thrilled that you enjoyed the concert and all of it.

  5. I posted a comment to Marie, but it isn’t here. It wasva great comment, but I can’t exactly remember what it was. Just a lovely report Marie, and i’m so happy you realized your dream! 💞💙💞

  6. Joy! Joy! Joy! I’m so happy for you all. Incredible encounter. Thank you for Sharing the Love!

  7. You girls were truly blessed last wonderful for you. Had it been me I would have fainted and missed the whole thing.thanks for sharing your awesome experience.

    1. Me too, Teresa. Thankfully Marie remembers most of it. Where was Loretta when Marie was kissing Ignazio’s dimples?

  8. The Houston event, I’ve been told, is white and tails – very, very formal ! I wonder if the boys will be in tails and white ? That would be a great picture if they are in tux tails. I tell you – especially if they are fully shaved nice (no stubble) – our guys in tails would be the best looking people in the room.

    1. I know that a lot of people miss the clean shaven look they carried in their youth, but our guys are young men now, and every young man I know hates being clean shaven. lol Even Gianluca mentioned how he shaved once during vacation and “now I have a baby face”…he wasn’t happy about it. I think the days of them being clean shaven long term are gone. They will be most handsome no matter what. 🙂

      1. Kelly, I agree with you! Many of us LOVE the guys new looks – their beards are GREAT – whatever they chose to do, shave, beard, stubble – it is all just perfect!

        I looked up “white tie” as we don’t want anyone to be confused. Funny, the guys were at the Nobel Peace Prize concert last year and I found a great description from – that explains “white tie and tails”

      2. I second that, Michele. I just saw the photo you posted from the Ball and our guys look great. They are perfect just the way they are.

  9. Amazing!!!! What a great story. How happy I am for you gals. Truly an experience of a lifetime…and Linda S. didn’t need the bail money after all. That’s even more amazing 🙂 You think it was a dream? Well wake up and look at the pictures to prove it wasn’t. Can’t wait to see the other pics you took!

    Ignazio, Piero, and Gianluca – if you’re reading this, you have no idea what you have done by being so sweet to these ladies. Through them, we are all feeling the experience.

  10. Funny thing about the Gianluca/ Ignazio meeting is that the whole time we were talking I was thinking, “nobody’s going to believe this” and I kept wanting to take pictures. When you’re right in someone’s face it’s probably pretty rude to set a camera on their nose. I’ll tell ya though. My manners were fighting with my need for a really good close up!

      1. The fact that you saw them outside, and Piero jumped in your cab, and you kissed Ignazio, to top it off, Gianluca was there too in all his glory, I see them in the photos, so seeing is believing, but Get the heck out of here! How did you get so lucky?You were at the right place at the right time. It was miraculous! Wow! Wow! I’d never sleep again in my life if I were Marie.

    1. I have to say I think Marie’s manners had to take a back seat to her enthusiasm…just kidding. Actually the authorities didn’t have to issue an emergency restraining order for Marie and Loretta. They were “in the moment” but not violent or disruptive, so Linda, go ahead and spend the bail money. Those boys are so sweet and understanding of their adoring fans. When in the van (next to Piero,,,,,be still my heart) I said, what do you think about all these crazy women who love you so much? And he said, I like it. And I think they sincerely do.

      1. Mary, how sweet is that?!

        Thanks for your lovely sharing and the beautiful photo of you with Piero in the van!
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  11. Marie, y’all were so incredibly lucky! Piero looks so good in those pictures. Mary, you got to hug Piero! I am so happy for you & jealous all at the same time. All 3 guys look so relaxed & in good spirits.
    Marie, you have an awesome way with words. The way you describe it, it is almost like I was there, watching. Are you in any of the pictures above? I’m guessing you are not the short girl talking to Ignazio.
    But where was Loretta when the dimple-kissing was going on? I guess she didn’t clobber you with her cane, since you lived to tell us this story. I hope you are all going to tell us more about the Meet & Greet later.

    1. Lynn, We were a little disappointed that the Meet and Greet wasn’t more relaxed and informal….just a quick line up and picture taken. We were the last ones to do that. But it turned into a great adventure when Piero saw me waiting to come up and reached out and said, I remember you from the taxi. I had to back up because it really wasn’t my turn, but when I did get up there next to him we had a little visit while others were getting in line. He said, we have to hurry out because we are catching a plane for Houston (at the time M&L&I knew nothing about Houston) but I said, If you miss your plane you can come home with me. Unfortunately they didn’t miss their plane.

      1. Mary, I love that Piero recognized you and said so! Darn! Would have been nice to have them for house guests, eh? ^_^

        I’m guessing that the Houston gala was not in their original planning and fortuitously was able to be fit in to their schedule. Such an honor and a joy for all!

        And now, rest for Our Boys!

        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  12. WOOHOO! Go IL VOLO Flight Crew! CONGRATULATIONS! And also the new blog. Really like it. I’ve been following you ladies for months and really enjoy your enthusiasm. My husband doesn’t quite get it either….

    1. Haha, Eileen, my husband doesn’t quite get it too. But that is okay, I have this blog and my Board sisters. So welcome, enjoy, and let’s take off together…

    2. Eileen, my husband is the same. That’s why this sight is heaven sent for me. And to know I’m not being too extreme! I have loved sharing with others of like mind. I just love all three guys so much.

  13. Marie!!!!
    Remember my July 16th email to you when I said (among other things about loving and sharing your poem)…
    “You know how THEY dream, Marie? YOU do it! Dream BIG! GO FOR IT!!!”

    YOU DID IT, GIRL!!! Way to go! Oh my gosh, I LOVE the photos and your amazing tale of wonder!

    Can’t wait to hear about the Meet & Greet and about your experiences, too, Loretta and Mary!

    Thank you so much for sharing your photos and for asking about the Flight Crew.

    I am so excited, happy, proud of you and your joyous time and your open sharing.

    Just think back to the day *before* you first experienced the magnificence of IL VOLO, of Our Boys. How has your life changed?! Oh, wouldn’t that be another great column… maybe something for the long quiet days when The Boys are in studio working on an album (or a Disney movie?).

    Love and awe, and thanks, Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca for sharing your love so sweetly,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  14. Haha, Marie, I knew it. My sixth sense told me that something wonderful will happen to you that day. Remember that morning when you email us and said that you will arrive at the theatre three hours before the concert and that you have no idea how to kill the time. I emailed you back and suggested that you should go to the back door and see if you can meet up with our guys. Voila, see what have happened!! I was so happy for you I actually read your story (the email version) four times last night. I totally felt your excitement, your joy, your disbelief. Yeah, it is amazing. Our guys are wonderful. It is like a dream. I know, Marie, I know!!!

    1. Elaine, this is so cool! Good for you! Thank you for helping Marie experience her ultimate dream-come-true!

      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  15. SUPERB story, Marie!! Just exactly like a modern-day fairy tale with you as the princess! What happy, happy memories to cherish for the rest of your life.
    Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty!! I’d love to hear more about your take on the concert…..The best, the good, and maybe the not-so-good, if that’s possible!!! Was there anything you’d like to see done differently? I know that The Boys are almost always perfect in all our minds, but as a rule with anything, there’s always room for improvement or change and I’d just like to know what you think!……. Song presentation, as well as song selection, interaction, staging, lighting, volume, orchestration, etc. I want the whole nine yards!!
    Thank you in advance,

  16. Helen and all, I’ll give you some concert pic’s and more comments then. Don’t know exactly when “then” will be. I work tonight and tomorrow but, soon. Let me just say that it was perfect. Everything you listed, Helen, Perfect! The very, very, best thing was that The Boys were having a great time! It was reflected in everything they sang and did! I am always the first one to want more smiles from Gianluca. GOT ‘EM! He smiled BIG all the way through.

    Here’s a little side scoop. We were last to leave the M&G. We heard them say that They had to rush to that plane to Houston. When Piero was leaving – he had his “Maria” on his arm! I’ll save that story for Mary to tell. Let me just say she was gorgeous! Tight gray dress that almost came down to her thighs! The 6″ red heels didn’t hurt her looks any either! I have a pic of her. It’s not a great pic but you can see her.

    1. What can I say, Helen, HE LEFT with that other girl (just because she is young and pretty) after I told him he could come home with me. Well, I can’t complain too much. He was so dear and I feel so blessed to have talked to him on the taxi van and in the M&G.

  17. Hi Marie, we look forward to anything you have to show and tell. On Mundial there is a video of the ‘Maria’ skit. The video taker was focusing on Gianluca more than the other two but she did take a shot of Piero’s ‘Maria’ as they were walking off the stage. I’d love to hear what had everyone laughing so hard.

    We haven’t heard from Loretta and/or Mary yet! Are they still reeling from the excitement?

    1. Hi LeeLee,

      I am glad to read that you are working to get something worked out so you can go to a Concert in Florida. You will LOVE it!

      The Marie skit was absolutely hilarious, the whole audience was totally cracking up at the young girl that Ignazio chose to take up on stage. She just would not react to his singing to her at all and he kept making faces ect. I don’t know if she was scared or what. I can not imagine all young girls acting like that.

      Gianluca first took a very young girl, maybe 2 or 3 years old or so up on stage. She was so adorable, she was all dolled up, but she would not stay on stage with him, so Daddy had to go and lift her offstage. She definitely was afraid. I told my husband, if I was that little girls Mother that I would have run up on stage and sat down beside Gianluca and held my daughter and let him sing to both of us. What an opportunity!

      My opinion was that maybe someone with the girl with Gianluca took the video because it was focused on him and the girl. I do not know that for sure. She did a great job. I was glad to see the ending that showed Ignazio going in the audience and sitting down next to her boyfriend/husband. That was funny.

      Ignazio had the audience cracking up throughout the concert also. He is just such a clown.

      Oh My, Oh MY!, the concert was so great. The boys were just great! Just loved it.

      1. Jeanie, I LOVE your comment that if you were the mother, you would go up on stage and let Gianluca sing to you and your daughter! Smart and sweet! I can see that, like Marie, you will find and make opportunities that bring a sparkle to your days!

        Smiling with you!
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      2. Thanks Jeanine, I am not shy, I would not have let that opportunity pass me by without trying.

    2. LeeLee, reeling, yes, yes, yes! Too tired tonight to write anymore, but it was unbelievable having Piero walk over to the cab and then come inside and sit beside me. He is so natural and sweet …just loved him. So what else is new?

  18. Leelee, Mary had to fly in from Minnesota. She may not be home yet. Loretta, the lucky dog! Has a concert to attend tonight!

    Linda, thanks for holding on to that bail money.

    Say, if you’re all wondering why my comments are this white square thing all of a sudden, it’s because we have purchased a design program to allow a little more flexibility to our pages. The white square, for some reason, is just there. Kelly’s had to have it all along. Not crazy about it.

  19. Linda, don’t spend that bail money so quickly. I’m not giving up on trying to find someone to go to Miami with me. I have a couple of hopefuls lined up right now. If so, there might be trouble brewing in Miami. You are more than welcome if you care to join.\

    Marie, Michele also has the white square. Doesn’t matter, as long as your messages come through loud and clear, they can be any color of the rainbow.

  20. LeeLee, you’re so sweet! I got distracted above. I meant to tell you what they were laughing about. I will include a picture later. Ignazio’s “Maria” was about 13. She sat the whole time with an expression of well…like something smelled. I don’t know how else to describe it. She never moved, just keep staring at him with that expression. Ignazio tried everything to get a smile or anything from her. He made faces and stuff. He would turn to us and smile or just shrug his shoulders. That’s why people were laughing!

  21. Hello to al of you: I have been sitting here with a smile on my face as I read of your experiences at the concerts and sigh, sigh, meeting up with Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio. How wonderful it must be to actually hug our boys, especially Piero. I am still hoping for a miracle that they will come to Minneapolis on their 2014 tour, Please, please, please.

    1. Allene, I had t shirts for the boys that say Minnesota wild with a logo , but I wasn’t able to give them to them–some man with authority, I guess said he would take the gifts and give them to the boys….what are the chances? I wanted to put in a plug for Minnesota, but doubt if they will ever see them.

  22. Marie…….You are such a sweetheart!!!! I know you must be tired from all the travel and excitement, so that makes it doubly precious that you would take the time to post all of these fantastic details about the concert and the M&G!!!!!!
    I am truly thrilled that The Boys were having a good time and that Gian was smiling a lot!!! I am a little worried about him. As i may have mentioned here before, his sleep pattern seems out of whack, and as a result he seems very tired… more so than the other two. I know that their schedule is a killer, especially when they throw in an extra function like the headliner in Houston. Sooooo, I’m happy that he’s happy ’cause he’s My Boy!!!
    Try not to work too hard tonight and tomorrow. We’ll all wait with baited breath for more, More, MORE!!!! (I’m so needy-greedy!)

  23. For those of us who have not been close enough to Ignazio to kiss his dimples, I found a video of him with plenty of close-ups. Search you tube for “Memory” performed by Ignazio Boschetto of Il Volo at the Concord”.

  24. LeeLee,

    I left you a response to your question about what everyone was laughing at during the Marie skit in Detroit. After I posted it and signed off, I wondered if you would go scroll back up and see it or not.

    1. Jeanie, thank you so much for sharing. It seemed everyone was having such a good time, it was a shame you couldn’t see what was going on. I can imagine what that was like to be there to see it firsthand. I did see where Ignazio sat down in the audience. That was so cute. The girl that came back from Gianluca was funny too when she gave him the thumb to get out of her seat. Very sweet.

      I’m so glad you had a good time. Thank you for sharing your experience, It doesn’t look like my plan is working out too well. I have so many people who want to go but it is just a bad weekend for most. Maybe I can ask Il Volo to move the date!! (NOT). It looks like I’ll have to wait until next year. As I said many times, I’ll just have to imagine being there through all of you wonderful folks.

      1. LEE LEE,
        I will keep hoping that something works out for you. It is just so awesome to get to see them. They opened up seats closer on the morning of the concert and I was able to get our seats moved again. We ended up in the third row on the left middle section. Great, great seats. The couples sitting on each side of myself and my husband told us that they had just gotten their seats the day of the concert. So there is hope yet for you. Maybe someone will cancel their plans so they can go with you. Believe me, you and they will not regret it. Our boys are just so awesome, really.

        LeeLee, I saw everything just fine, except for the part where Ignazio sat down and the girl that was with Gianluca gave him the thumb to get out of her seat. That was so, so funny in the video, I am glad I got to see it and showed it to my husband also when I found it. I might have been watching Piero help his girl back to her seat or something else going on. There is no lack of inactivity on that stage. I think that Ignazio was turning towards that girl with Gianluca to sing to her, because of the way the girl with him (Ignazio) was acting. It was just so funny!

        I sure hope none of the boys get hurt when they go up those stairs and jump down at the very end of the concert. That was my first thought. Like everyone else has said, their solo’s were wonderful. I told my husband that they should put the English words up so that people would know the meaning of the beautiful Italian songs that they are singing. I had read the lyrics to Caruso, so I already knew the jist of the song and Ignazo sang it beautifully again. I still love, love, love them singing ‘O Sole Mio. They were singing that on the Detroit PBS Show when it was on here at home last year during the PBS Pledge here and I finally realized there was heavenly music coming through my TV. I asked my husband just who that group was singing and he knew. He told me to get on-line and see if I could get tickets, which I immediately did. The rest is history and I have been crazy in love with the boys and their voices since. I am not sure that they sing a song that I don’t like. I still have “Surrender” going through my head all of the time. I feel lucky that he likes il Volo also.

        Make sure that you see all of the videos from the Detroit Concert on il Volol Mundial Facebook. Our il Volo Clown also took his microphone and laid it down on the state, straddled it and did pushups on top of it and then showed us his one handed pushup on top of the microphone. The audience totally cracked up then also. He is just so funny. They Gianluca with his Elvis Dance and the other two followed with their antics on stage. We certainly left the beautiful Fox Theater happy.

        A little info about the Fox Theater in Detroit. I read on their website that the Theater in Detroit was the first Fox Theater to be built in 1928. The theater can seat 5,048 or 5,174 people if they set up the extra seating in the Orchestra Section. (Which they did for the il Volo Concert again. The live orchestra was up on stage with the boys.) Also the Fox Theater in Detroit was the first movie theater in the world to be constructed with built-in equipment for sound films from way back in 1928 when they first opened the doors. Pretty incredible to me. It truly is still one beautiful Movie Theater and they did a beautiful job of renovating the Theater back in the 1980’s. I see that they bring in big name stars all the time up there. So the people that live fairly close to Detroit have a great opportunity to see great Concerts in Detroit.

        I ask the lady sitting next to me if she wanted to be a “groupie” and follow them around with me. Oh, I wish I had the money to do that. I would be in heaven. Then I could go with you to the concert in Florida.

        I will keep saying a prayer for you that someone comes through for you.

  25. 4thforbridge (also Marie and Elaine), the may be shutting down comments on this subject soon, but you always have such good insightful thoughts, putting a different spin on things. I read Helen’s thoughts above and am worried about the fact that Helen had to point out that she is worried about Gianluca’s lack of sleep. This concert schedule has to be grueling, a different city every other day! Wish they could do it at a slower pace. If anyone on this board are of a “prayerful” nature, just say a prayer for them but especially Gianluca! He wrote that someone was so right for what is wrong in his life. He has it all, there should be nothing wrong, and yes, it is certainly none of my business, but as a fan I just want him to be gloriously happy, as he deserves to be! We’ll keep our fingers crossed for luck for them and keep on the lookout for those smiles!

    1. Been praying for Gianluca especially, since he’s been so tired, and for all The Boys.

      I hope they get a *real* rest between Sept. 8th and 11th. I cannot believe how many back-to-back concerts they’ve performed in. Really too much. *However* that is SO cool that they got to perform at the Audrey benefit! Maybe later this year Houston will just have to invite IL VOLO back for a concert for our Texan friends!

      Blessings abound,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  26. Christine……..I’m 100% with you!!! Above ALL, we want Our Boys to be happy, and I DO say a little prayer almost every night for them to be safe and, as you say, “gloriously happy”. They tell us that they really love what they do, and I believe them! These should be some of the best years of their lives. They just need to stay as rested as possible and healthy!
    And yes!… I am always on the lookout for Gian’s sweet. sweet smile!

  27. MARIE !!… Enlarge the last photo of Ignazio with half of Gian. You can see the 3 of you reflected in Nazio’s sun glasses!!

    Proof, and more memories!

    Love ya!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  28. Christine, I understand your concerns for our guys and specially for Gianluca. We, the Board love them as if they are our families, our life. That is also the basic foundation for this blog – lots of love, lots of prayers for our angels!

    Yesterday Gianluca tweeted – You are so right, for what’s wrong in my life – is a song from his idol Frank Sinatra. I think he must be singing it last night. I remember there was a short video (maybe on Keek) a while ago that he was singing in a car and at the end he has a great big smile. So we know he enjoys singing especially to his idol’s songs. I can imagine he was doing that and enjoying himself last night also. Yes, it is true that our guys have a grueling schedule. But they are young and they are well prepared for these concerts with those workouts and exercises. I also think Barbara Vitali and their team will take good cares of them. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy everything about them. And most of all keep thinking and praying for them and their families. I believe they will and can feel our love and blessings.

    1. Well said, Elaine. We love our boys as family and pray that they are well taken care of and get their rest. I hope they have been reading all our comments on this website as Ignacio said and know that so many people care for them.

  29. Elaine, I thought I knew every word to those old songs, I didn’t know Sinata had a song with that line in it! I thought someone here could enlighten me, I was thinking gloom and doom about the “what’s wrong in my life” sentence til you cleared it up for me, thank you!! As far as Sinatra’s songs go, I was looking up the lyrics for “Marvelous”, which sums up what we think of Gianluca, “He’s marvelous, just too marvelous for words , words like “glorious, glamorous and that old stand by, amorous…I’ll never find the words that tell enough I mean they just aren’t swell enough” I gotta get a life, how embarrasing to go on and on about someone I don’t know, but still, their music makes me happy and I’m not keeping that inside without expressing how I feel, no matter how embarrasing it is!

    1. Gianluca is just too marvelous for words!!! and all the rest of the words of the song as you listed. Not embarrassing. Their music makes me feel so happy too and I don’t know of any other artists that do that for so many people. Love them.

      1. Ann, that is it – You’re so Right (For What’s Wrong in my Life). The song is included in the 1973 album Ol’ Blue Eyes is Back. I looked up the infor on Google.

      2. Thanks Elaine. I’ll look up that album. So glad I told Gian at Barnes & Noble in Chicago that he was Frank Sinatra. He looked puzzled and I had to move on in the line for autographs but I did mention that is because he cares about the lyric, feeling the words (acting) and the artist who sang the song and writer as Sinatra did. Gian would sure be a great actor. Our Boys just keep getting better and better!! I never wanted the concert to end in Chicago and neither did my family.

  30. Jeanine, I did blow up that photo of Ignazio’s sunglasses. Yes, you can clearly see me and the other two women.

    Keep in mind folks, that that was the look on his and Gianluca’s face when they saw 3 crazed fans coming toward them. Did they look like they were annoyed? What true Angels they are!

    Christine! You do to know them! You probably know them better than your next door neighbor! Love on!!

    1. Cool, Marie!

      Yes, just as sweet as can be! I told your story to my 86-year-old mother today, and she loved it. The main “take-away” from our conversation was what great role models The Boys are – oh, especially in thinking about some possibility that they might have a Disney movie made about them and, yes, Gianluca, featuring you three wonderful young men playing yourselves! I wouldn’t have it any other way!
      (Any more word on Disney, anyone?)

      I’m a great ones for little signs and “cosmic winks”. Tonight, after the conversation with my mom, I went to recycle some plastic bags. And guess what?! There, right on top was a plastic bag that said “Disney Park” and had a beautiful photo on it. Now come on… what are the odds of that happening in Oregon right after our conversation?! I’m thinkin’ this is a confirmation that the Disney movie really is going to happen! I’ll send you the photo, Marie.

      Awaiting Disney’s confirmation and celebration!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  31. This doesn’t really follow the above comments, but I want to share a funny story. My granddaughter and daughter and I went up into Canada and at the customs kiosk the man said, are you going to the Il Volo concert? I got so excited that he knew them that I tore open my jacket and pushed out my chest with the new Il Volo t shirt on so he could see it. My girls were so embarrassed, but then I embarrass them a lot.

    1. Too fun, Mary!

      I LOVE it when the older generation can be the audacious ones embarrassing the youngsters… AND showing them that we’re never too old to be vibrantly alive, passionately in love, and be-you-to-full-y our true selves!

      Rock on!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Oh, Mary, that is so funny. 84??
        Thank you for being a spokesperson that we ALL can be vibrantly alive, passionately in love, and be-you-to-full-y our true selves!

        ‘Cause honestly, I’m getting younger every day, and you must have been doing that for a while, Mary. I’d say you’re down at least a couple decades from 84 ! Truly!!

        Sure is fun learning from each other, isn’t it?!
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  32. You both Rock On!

    Mary I have some pictures of you and your lovely girls. (I’ll also send more of the you-and-Piero shots!) I will send them to you if I’m ever home again. Not complaining! Packing for Pittsburgh! Please thank both of them for being so nice! They are both comedians and really livened up the trip. I also noted how tender and attentive they were with you the whole time. Nice Girls! Someone raised them well!

    1. Thanks Marie for the kind words and offer of pictures. I know I am blessed with such loving children–it was almost funny the way they tracked me during the whole event. Glad they were able to view the M&G because they filled in some things I couldn’t remember. Your pictures on the M&G are great….you look beautiful. Those pictures are treasures…but the ones you took are, too. I tried to copy some with my camera. Have wonderful time in Pittsburgh…maybe you will have some good luck with seeing them off stage again.

      1. lol I just now read Marie’s post to you Mary, after I posted how nice and lovely your Granddaughter looked to be. I agree, someone raised them right and it showed in the pictures how loving they were to you.

        Mary, keep on embarrassing them, I do the same thing. I love your story about showing the guard your il Volo Shirt.

      2. Me too! I remember when I was a teenager and my mother used to talk to people in grocery lines how embarrassed I was. Well, now the shoe is on the other foot! Let us share our enthusiasm and love for our guys and if the younger generation is embarrassed, so be it!

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