It’s Pittsburgh, Tonight!

I’m guessing that the concert is in full swing by now, and I’m sure Pittsburgh is being treated to yet another amazing night.

Most of today has been spent on Brabble, with Gianluca and Piero posting pictures or videos chronically their preparation for tonight.  I’m sure Ignazio is just as busy, but he hasn’t been as vocal.  Ignazio, we miss you!

On a side note, for those that don’t have an iPhone and miss these little insights, have no fear.  Gianluca assured us through Twitter that the Brabble app for Android will be out next month.


In a touching moment, both Piero and Gianluca have remembered and acknowledged that this is an infamous and hard day for the US and posted support (Piero on Twitter and Gianluca on Brabble and Twitter).


But back to Pittsburgh…we want to hear from you!  And see those pictures too!


12 thoughts on “It’s Pittsburgh, Tonight!”

  1. Concert tonight was amazing. They sang for two hours with a fab was like they did not want to leave the stage and no one wanted them to. They were charminableag and funny and absolutely adorable.allcomments heard were them so much.

  2. Reply to Kyalpn: I am so confused as to how to read the items that are in this “blog”? I get lost. There was something someone wrote to check out “IlVolo opera/pop comes to Westbury” I had no clue as to where to go and what to look for…! Audrey Pope

    1. Audrey, haven’t seen you since the other site. Glad to see you here, and hope the navigating gets easy. This site is just lovely with so much good news, positive comments, and down right fun!

      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  3. If you saw a cute picture of Ignazio doing push-ups with Gianluca sitting on him – note the comment: He can push me up cause I’m not very heavy. So I started my usual weight guessing mind game. I have been with him three different times and I am thinking (minus about 4 feet of hair) he is about 5ft. 7 or 8 in. so maybe about 136 lbs. ? Anyone want to guess ?

    1. Myron, I tweeted to you asking how tall Gianluca is, but you didn’t replied. Anyway thanks, now I know.

  4. some people make the comments that Gianluca is the serious one all the time. In concert- as I am sure those of you that have gone this season will probably agree – he is the more serious one (most of the time) but off staff just visiting he is just as laid back and funny and charming as the others. What I have found in those off-stage situations is that their (all three) humor is not mean-spirited but respectful and showing always a lot of care for those around them. If a fan tries to say or do something with a little bit of humor they will jump right in and make it happen. Mutual fun for all.

  5. Can’t wait to hear stories and see photos from those who attended!

    My friend Renee did not find a taker for the ticket but appreciated the effort. They had a fabulous time ~ just stunning! I think the finale after the finale was her favorite part. Someone who was there, do tell about it.

    Perhaps thanks to your experience, Marie and Mary, a couple of Renee’s friends went around to the back (side) exit and faithfully waited until around 1am, until The Boys came out, and they got to talk and get photos together! (Meet & Greet was sold out.) I’m encouraging them to post here. Hope they do!

    Have fun, those of you attending the Philly concert!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

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