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  1. May they rest in peace…. peace and love to all of the surviving loved ones . We will never forget…

    1. We must never forget those innocent people who merely went to work that day, the bravery of the responders, the leadership shown by Guiliani and the President and the way everyone pulled together.

  2. For the 3000 + victims on that day, a beautiful poem by Emily Dickenson:
    Ample make this bed.
    Make this bed with awe;
    In it wait till judgment break
    Excellent and fair.

    Be its mattress straight,
    Be its pillow round;
    Let no sunrise’ yellow noise
    Interrupt this ground.

  3. There is only one thing that I miss about that period in our lives: in the months right after 9/11 our nation was more unified and pulled together than in decades. I wish our country was like that now.
    If you have never been to “ground zero” in New York please go there sometime. Yes, it is hard to spend some time there – it can be upsetting but it is also kind of “holy” in a way.
    Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts on this day.

  4. I can never forget that day, the image, the innocent victims.

    Barbara Vitali and our guys also tweeted their prayers todays. Thanks.

    Most American are united and our country is still one of the best place on earth! May love and peace be with us forever!!

  5. 9/11 – never forget the innocent victims and the brave Fire, EMS and Police that gave their lives that terrible day. Remember to thank these personnel, no matter where you live, for always going above and beyond.

  6. It was/is definitely, “Where were you…” moment of my generation. I still remember it so clearly. I was guilty of thinking the US was untouchable (not so much a conscious thought but revealed in the wake of it all). I learned a hard lesson that day.

    I miss, as Myron pointed out, the closeness we had as a nation. Everything that divided and continues to divide us today was put aside and we were united by one thing: we were Americans, and that was enough. Too bad it takes a tragedy like this one to bring us together.

    Never will we forget, and we will always be grateful to those that served, to those that served and paid with their lives, and to the families that had to let them go.

  7. We can never forget. The attack took so much away from us. Not only the lives that were lost, the devastation it caused, but it took away our feeling of being safe. Our thanks and gratitude goes out to all. WE WILL NEVER FORGET!

  8. God bless each and every dear soul and loved one, each first responder, each kind neighbor, each global friend who prayed and cried on 9-11 and beyond and so many other times throughout history.

    Thank you, Myron, for your beautiful words about Our beloved IL VOLO boys “who could find a unique pathway to the human heart like no one else.”

    To acknowledge a world that can change, that must change, today
    – I am watching IL VOLO sing “We Are Love” at the Nobel Peace Prize concert
    – and I have embedded their “We Are Love” video on my Reflections Page.

    Thank you, IL VOLO, for your love, your respect, and your magnificent hearts that ARE changing our world one heart at a time!

    In gratitude, love, and respect,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  9. I so clearly remember the horror of the planes attacking the World Trade Building in New York and then the Pentagon also. My heart goes out to all of the families still having to live that horror each and everyday, missing their loved ones. May the victims of this tragic, senseless act rest in peace and may God Bless them and their families.

    I will never forget what happened that day.

    1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us, Marie!

      Go have fun with your sister! Yay!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

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