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Tonights concert is at the NYCB Theatre at Westbury, NY.

Recognized by audiences and performing artists as one of the most comfortable, friendly, and acoustically-inviting theatres in the greater New York metro area, the NYCB Theatre at Westbury presents a broad range of acclaimed performers geared to virtually every entertainment taste and interest. The venue has a rich and storied history that begins in 1956 when three partners, Frank Ford, Lee Guber and Shelly Gross, stepped out of car to inspect the underdeveloped industrial site that was to become the Westbury Music Fair.

The Westbury Music Fair became a reality on June 18, 1956 when the three entrepreneurs opened their first Westbury production. The show was “The King and I” staring Charles Korvin and Constance Carpenter.

In 1966, recognizing the ever increasing hunger for more entertainment on Long Island, the tent gave way to a state of the art, fully enclosed theatre-in-the-round. The expanded programming enabled Music Fair Productions to present both Broadway shows and top name talent year round.

The first show to be held in the new facility in 1966 was Jack Benny with Special Guest Wayne Newton. Among the many shows to be held at Westbury over the years were performances by Judy Garland (1967), The Who (1968), and Bruce Springsteen (1975) as well as regular appearances by such notable stars as Tony Bennett, Tom Jones, Don Rickles, Diana Ross and many more.

This theatre has special memories for me. I was a teenager (hard to believe) living on Long Island when this theatre opened, it was quite the talk at the time!

“The Boys” were apparently spending time in NY on their day off. New York is a favorite place for them. I’m sure they are looking forward also to the upcoming Radio City Concert.

Twitters and Tweets:
Gianluca tweeted 2 days ago “And love’s kept me cool in July and warm in December.” He has sent us 2 tweets with pictures of himself, one stated “Live from my bed” and the other, last night “Sweet dreams.” He’s keeping fan’s hearts fluttering!
Piero tweeted 2 days ago “Live free, be free #love #my #life”
He also tweeted after the Boston concert “Boston was amazing.”
Ignazio tweeted yesterday with a photo “Eating Edamane,could eat a thousand of them.”

Check out the interview on Team Il Volo “Il Volo”s Four Backstage Secrets” ( The author of the article stated, “The demographic profile of their fan base is one of the most comprehensive I have ever witnessed and consists of Gen X, Gen Y, Baby Boomers and Pre Baby Boomers’ She also says “They are wise and sensitive beyond their years”

Please note also on Team Il Volo the announcement of “Il Volo Private Wine and Dine” being held in Detroit on December 1st.

We are eagerly awaiting Michele’s concert experiences and photos.

On a personal note, LeeLee (from this site) and your “Girl Reporter” are meeting for the first time and going to the Concert in Miami on Saturday! We are very excited!!

Love and Luck tonight, Il Volo!


23 thoughts on “IN CASE YOU MISSED IT…….”

  1. Hey Linda and all. Well, I finally broke free of the picture titled, “Live from my bed”. Took since yesterday to break away! ‘Nuff said!

    Loved the “4 backstage secrets” . None of those were secrets to us! We know way too much! Just reinforces our opinions of them.
    Saw the Wine & Dine Ad. Linda, do you still have any of that money you were saving for bail?

    You and LeeLee together, at all, much less at an Il Volo Concert, scares me to death! However, if you don’t use that bail money on yourselves I would like to have it for some wine with FRIENDS! Please!

    1. Lee Lee take good notes and you report back to us. The Miami show should we wild! MARIE, are you enjoying your 15 minutes of fame? Your face is plastered all over the internet at the Detroit Meet and Greet photos and you are hugging the boys (I think your other hand slipped down to squeeze ignazio’s butt,BUT I may be mistaken on that. IV VOLO SERIOUSLY has your picture before you entere into all M&G photos.

  2. I can’t tell you all how exciting it is to be going to this concert, no less with Linda! In case any of you are wondering, I am not going to try and stop Linda from taking Ignazio (or Piero, or Gianluca – well after all, I’ll need some company). Since I’m driving, if she gets arrested, we’ll be going down together.

    Linda, I’m not sure if Marie’s intent was to have us all go. I think she was hoping for the money for a more private event with FRIENDS! We’ll crash anyway!!

    1. Oh no, she can’t go without us, I have the bail money and besides I won’t give her another chance to kiss him without me being there!

      We won’t get arrested, we’ll make a run for it ( in my dreams).

    2. LeeLee and Linda, Have a wonderful time and don’t worry about holding Linda back from Piero…he’s so yummy there is enough for all…can’t speak for Marie, though, she’s pretty selfish about Ignazio. Be daring, get all you can and run!!

    3. Lee Lee that is so funny–don’t get arrested, there will be no internet in jail and you won’t be able to track all things IL VOLO. Before I went to my concert last week, people at work kept kidding me that they’d see me on the news for hassling IL VOLO. I did the complete opposite, I was so star struck I ran out of the room!!! I have to get my nerve up for next time!

      1. Hi Chris – true, but think of the fun that it took to get us there!! You mentioned you ran out of the room? Are you saying you didn’t go through with the meet & greet? Oh I hope you get another chance!!

  3. I am so envious of those of you going to the last few concerts and will eagerly await hearing about them. And pictures, too!

    Okay, Ignazio is eating edamane in his last tweet. Pray tell, what is edamane?

    1. Allene, Edamame is a bean of immature soybeans in a pod. It is a Japanese dish. we all know how much he loves Sushi, so this has become a favorite Japanese delicacy as well.

  4. Wow Linda! i’m not real sure of your vote of confidence! if you saved enough bail money for all of us to go to that Wine and Dine at $1,000 a ticket, you must have thought I was going to do something horrendous in Detroit!! Would have. Didn’t get the opportunity.
    P.S. If caged, I would feed him all the Edamame he wanted!

  5. Thanks Linda for the info about edamane. I get a big kick out of you ladies and your plans to get Ignazio! If it were me, I’d be after Piero, sigh!

  6. Thanks for the information about edamane, Mary, but it sure doesn’t seem appetizing to me! Linda, I loved it – Fast food edamane places, indeed!!

    1. LeeLee, yes I was at the meet and greet but I didn’t want my photo taken with them, so all I did was walk past them and dashed for the door. I couldn’t bring myself to hug them or anything, I was too star struck the whole time. If you are at the M&G in Miami then please hug Gianluca extra tight to make up for the hug I lost out on! I see where Allene above mentions edamane, I dont know how to spell it, but I’ve never heard of it before and never saw it before. We know that Ignazio tweeted he was eating some the other day. I was looking for pistachio nuts at the grocery store tonight and I saw a plastic container with something green, and I thought they were pistachios out of the shell but of all things it was a pkg. of this edamane stuff! It looked like some kind of lentils. LeeLee please write about the show as soon possible afterward that is if you don’t wind up partying with them afterward if so, that’s all the more reason we need all of the details! You will have the time of your life!

      1. Aw, Chris, what a shame. Next time, I’m sure!!!
        We do not have meet and greet tickets. We were lucky to get the tickets that we did. We’re on the floor, 1st row of the section we are in, but it’s towards the back. Also, the way the Arena is set up, we’re not sure if we’ll be able to get to see them before or after the concert. Won’t be lack of trying, though. Either way, I’m sure one or both of us will let everyone know how it went.

        Now about that edamame stuff, if it’s healthy, I want no part. I’ve seen it, have not tried it, and not real interested to try it. However, if it means luring you-know-who, then I will make the sacrifice.

    1. There are really great videos posted on You Tube done by “nankat” from the Westbury show. During O Sole Mio finale Ignanzio goes over to the drummer and bangs on the symbols, Gianluca is in the audience holding hands with people and kissing a few, they show the jump they do at the end, only Piero and Ignanzio jumped Gianluca did not. Almost every song from the concert is posted, so those of you who aren’t going can see the show, the stage is too tiny and when the songs were caught on video you cannot see from certain vantage points, but it is worth finding. Go to Mundial facebook GIanluca’s page and it shows O Sole Mio that is posted, and from there you can click on all the other videos this nankat fan had posted of almost the whole show.

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