Surprise! Relive Miami with Alaina!

Hi Everyone!

Earlier last week, I told you I was working on something I thought you would really like, and I think you really will.  🙂  It was given by Alina, who wanted to share her experience in Miami with us!

I know that I felt like I really missed out on something special after reading about the amazing environment during that concert, so looking at Alina’s pictures has helped me feel like I was really there..  Thank you!

I do have to say that Alina has asked specifically that her pictures only be used here unless she is asked specifically, so please don’t take these anywhere else.  If you want to share them with someone, they have to come here.  Otherwise, enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Surprise! Relive Miami with Alaina!”

  1. Alina, Kelly, these are so precious, great memories, and masterful!

    What a joy! Love your surprise!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  2. Alina, you are too precious. Thank you for sharing your wealth with us. I already have my favorites, especially the close-up of Piero smiling. You rarely see that full smile. Thanks Kelly you have been working overtime.

  3. Oh, Alaina!!! Thank you so much. I took pictures but they are NOTHING like your pictures. Thanks for letting me relive that fantastic night through your eyes!

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