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Hi Everyone,

The South American concerts have been amazing, with record crowds and much adoration by the fans.

The next concert is tonight 10/26/13 at the Teatro Nacional in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic and it’s a SELL OUT.

Teatro Nacional (English: National Theatre) is part of the Plaza de la Cultura (Culture Plaza) complex, located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The theatre is the center piece of the complex and is surrounded by several museums and cultural institutions. The complex is located on the Avenida Máximo Gomez, a central artery of the city of Santo Domingo.

The theatre was designed by Dominican architect Teófilo Carbonell and it was opened on August 16, 1973. The theatre’s main hall, Sala Eduardo Brito, is named after a famous Dominican opera singer and seats 1,600 spectators. The 24 by 25 metres stage can easily accommodate 250 people, while the orchestra can seat 120 musicians. Another hall, Sala Ravelo, is named after a Dominican musician and can seat 189 spectators. This secondary hall is dedicated exclusively to theatrical productions.

The theatre’s facade is articulated by classic arches made of travertine marble. The building has four levels that, in addition to the two main halls, house the administrative offices, a reception hall, the Sala de la Cultura (Culture Hall) and a bar. The Sala de la Cultura, with a capacity of 220 spectators, was created for piano concerts, chamber concerts, symposia, seminars, and cultural events of similar scale.

Other institutions located within the building are the Biblioteca del Teatro (Theatre’s Library), which was funded by Cuban artist Teresita Jimenez and the French embassy, and the Centro de Recuperación, Conservación y Difusión de la Música Dominicana (Center for Recovery, Preservation and Dissemination of Dominican Music), which stores historical information related to Dominican music.

Twitters, Tweets and Keeks:
Gianluca tweeted yesterday, “Going to Dominican Republic!!”
He tweeted also, “70,000 followers!!” Is increasing day by day, THANK YOU!” Gianluca tweeted last night “I’m going to dream” see photo with tweet, another good one from him!

Piero tweeted. “Dinner with #IlVolo family, # happy Birthday Alessio!” See the photo on Twitter or on Mundial of the long table with Ignazio way down at the end with his arms in the air!! Why do I think everything he does is cute??

Ignazio tweeted yesterday, “At the airport, going to the Dominican Republic!!”

I think it bears repeating. Ignazio’s tweet the other day, “Received poster on stage “You changed my world” but the thing is YOU #Ivolovers changed our world!” I think it’s safe to say ALL of our worlds have been changed, theirs as well as ours. May I add it’s all for the better!!!!!

A piece of an interview on RAI noted on Mundial: “confirming part in major cathedral, Italian, special Christmas program in the first days of December” Please note this is translated from Spanish! I am thinking this could be the confirmation of the speculation that Il Volo would be participating in a Christmas Concert at the Vatican. Again remember it’s translated from Spanish and the Vatican is not specified!!!

Check Mundial for good photos and videos.

See articles on Team Il Volo “Il Volo delighted Guatemala” and “Il Volo flying in Honduras”

All things Il Volo also has nice photos and videos!

I received my “Buon Natale” CD today, can’t wait to listen to it!!

We love you Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca! We miss you being here in the US! Wish you love and luck tonight!!


23 thoughts on “IN CASE YOU MISSED IT……”

  1. I will try to do a brief translation. They said it is the first time they come to Republica Dominicana, and Gianluca said his parents went there for their honey moon 23 years ago, the presenter asked if he was conceived there. (the presenter is not good on maths). They talked about the cd We are love, and that they sing pop lyric, not opera. About the duo with Placido, Eros, Barbra and Belinda. Ignazio said Gianluca cried when he saw Barbra, and the presenter said: with Belinda you not cried. And one of the presenters said that many italians go to RD and fall in love with the girls and Gianluca said when he has a Dominicana´s fiancee, he will sing for her every day, and started to sing a song and Ignazio said: his diabetes rises always Gianluca talks about girls because he is “so honeyed” and Piero said, the problem is this day never come and he sings this song for us every day, and one the presenter ask to Ignazio if he was the Gianluca´s fiancee. It was a bad joke for sure (This became a little polemic in the Il Volo Mundial on facebook) and Ignazio was like what? And immediately the other presenter invite them to dance merengue, and ended the interview.

    Ps. I hope I have made myself understandable, and
    Sorry if a made any english mistake

    1. I remembered more funny moments. Piero was talking and Ignazio was going to interrupt him, Piero looked at him, and he lowered his head like a child and said sorry. Another was when Gianluca was talking and Piero began to unbutton his shirt and the girls started screaming, Gianluca looked at him and said: What are you doing? I am talking, more respect please.

    1. Yes Linda, their spanish is very good to me. My native language is portuguese but spanish is very similar with portuguese and italian, so for me is easy to understand.

      Now all of them have improved very much, especially Piero and Ignazio, because first Gianluca was speaking spanish better than english, and now all of them are speaking very well. I think they improved considerable in english too, but this you can say better than me.

      1. Yes their English is much improved. I think Gianluca speaks it the best. He seems to have a gift for languages.

        Josie are you from Brazil?

      2. Their English is really good, especially when not in the spotlight – when I spoke to Piero for a minute outside the theater – his English was really great.

  2. Thanks Josie, it helps a lot. The interview is very interesting and our guys certainly look great! Even though I can’t understand a word, I still can see that they are relax and are having fun. Also there are many nice close up and our guys are oh sooooo cute and handsome! The a Capella are fantastic as well. So make sure to check this video out. It’s thrilling enough just to see their faces, hear their voices, and watch their body languages. I really miss you, Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio.

  3. Ahh, I thought so. Years ago I had a friend from Brazil. She was a woman doctor interning in the hospital I worked at. She was married to an Indian doctor. We became pretty good friends, I have not thought about her in years, but this conversation has brought the memory back!

    1. Linda, nice that you have a good memory of her. Pity you have lost contact, we are a very friendly people.

  4. Well Josie, then you MUST be going to the concert in San Paulo? I can see them very relaxed in this interview in Dominican Rep. it’s tropical like Puerto Rico , so they should get some beach and relaxation by a pool which is very good for them. It just annoys me that interviewers must always push stupid questions about girls to embarrass them, and insinuate other things as well. this secular media is so biased and ignorant at times, it is a good thing the boys have experience now, so they can put them in their place. one thing I am trying to find out. who is their manager on this part of the tour? I see nothing of Torpedine, or anyone else for that matter, I only see Barbara and the fathers, they must have a manager?

    1. Deanne, I agree with you. I think they are a little innocent and very polite to put the interviewers in their place, but they will learn it.
      I think is Barbara who manages them on tour. They call her road manager. I have heard that before the interview the guests know about what will be asked, but sometimes it gets out of control, it’s unpredictable.
      Brazil is also a tropical country and in a interview for the brazilian tv, they said would like to go to the Rio de Janeiro beaches. well I think they will be crazy, because here the bikini girls is sooooo little.
      There will be 04 concerts in SP I´ll go at least one for sure. I´d like to go in all, but it will get very expensive.

  5. It was fun to watch the DR interview a 2nd time, after I knew more about what was being said. Thanks so much, Josie! Can’t wait to hear after your concert experience in Sao Paulo!

    Do you notice how much Ignazio loves to dance? He was putting on the moves. He’s got a great swivel his knees move that i’ve seen him do on American Idol and the Kris Jenner Show premiere when they sang Surrender / Torna a Surriento.

    I’m glad Our Guys have so much class, even in the face of occasional inappropriate questions or comments by some interviewers.

    Jenny, I’ve been listening to all the Chills videos while cooking dinner. Marie, I gotta say that Ignazio singing Mare Calmo at 13 years old is beyond me. Incredible!!

    If you haven’t listened to Frances Wychorski’s video of Piero at Wallingford, CT, it may be his best performance of No Puede Ser!
    Search YouTube for
    No Puede Ser sung by Piero Barone, Il Volo @ Wallingford CT Sept 29, 2013
    Frances had an interesting experience where her video wouldn’t focus, so she posted the words and translation. Thank you, Frances! Magnificent!

    Sweet night, everyone!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  6. Jeanine, thanks for your comment. Don’t really know where that particular phrase came from, wasn’t planned. Sometimes when I’m writing, something just pops up. You know what I mean?

    Anyway, I have a question for everyone. Have you read the letters, on ALL THINGS ILVOLO from people who have experienced change in their lives, because of Gianluca, Piero, & Ignazio, and their music? Some of the comments posted this week have talked about how the boys should see these stories so that they know just how much of an impact they impart. (imagine that, sound familiar!) Something like a scrapbook. I posted my agreement, and asked that whoever runs that site would consider the idea, or whoever else who might know how to accomplish this. At that time, I didn’t think about the excellent amount of talent here! What are your thoughts? Don’t know if they read them now or not. If, or however it could be done, my hope is that they truly understand. Their gifts go far beyond their voices, their music, or (hate to say this) their looks. Their souls are what touches peoples hearts.

    1. I do know, KittyKam (Katherine, right?). Lovely. I’m glad there’s a scrapbook idea floating.

      I’ve got an idea of my own that is percolating. We’ll see how it develops.
      Love your story (below) Deanne!

      IL VOLO joy,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  7. I have a little story to tell that happened today. I had mentioned before that I had introduced Il Volo to the Musical Director at my Church. I didn’t know him at all before, just saw him often, but with Il Volo enthusiasm I just had to tell him about Il Volo and risk a snub. I spoke to him about them and gave him a CD and also sent him 2 video’s on them. He appreciated it very much and told me he had vaguely heard of them, time passed, and as I listened to their recent solo’s, I just had that urge inside me to sent it to him, he just had to hear that. however, I restrained myself because I didn’t know how he would take it. just a few days ago, their Christmas Cd came out, and after listening to it, I just said I had to give him one. I kept vacillating, and finally today. after listening to that Cd every day, the urge was to great, so I put it in my bag to go to Mass, and after Mass I subdued my pride and when to him and said that Il volo had put out their Christmas album and I wanted to give him a present. He surprised me because he said” I just love them, I have listened to their Cd and they are so good, and they are just babies! and He said “you spoil me” so I took the opportunity and said “I have been longing to send you their solo’s, but I thought you might think me a fanatic”, and I added.”and I am”. He said, yes, send them, I would love to hear them. well!! that made not only my day, but my week. I am on cloud nine just mulling over in my mind what he said. I just wanted feed back from somebody, and I got it unexpectedly. now He thought I was spoiling him. I had method in my madness. he manages 6 choirs, including children, and his son has a wonderful teen choir, he sings too, so I knew I had a wonderful channel for Il Volo being known through him. . I would only do something like this if I was passionate about something. I guess we all know the answer to that

  8. I am not Catholic, but I love Our Guys singing the “Ave Maria” on their Christmas Album. Maybe someday they will sing the “:Lords Prayer”. I would love to hear them do that. If I ever have the chance, I will have the music director at my church listen to the “Ave Maria”. I am sure he would be completely blown away by their glorious voices. In the meantime, I will continue to listen the “Ave Maria” and the rest of the Buon Natale until my cd will be worn down to nothing!

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