Marie’s Excellent Adventure ~ Chapter Three ~ Milwaukee

Michele and I checked into the hotel and met these lovely ladies for dinner.

DSCN0330 marie

They are Allene, Mary B., Me, Jane and Dorothy (You won’t recognize Dorothy’s name. She’s a reader). Michele, Mary’s Daughter Anne, and Dorothy’s Granddaughter were also there. These Ladies were my main reason for scheduling Milwaukee. Laura and Suzy, there was room for you both at the table! We also met a few more Flight Crew members before the show.

The concert was sweet! The Milwaukee Theater was beautiful. The Guys on stage were beautiful! It was their, and our, third concert in as many nights. They got a little slap happy – literally. Gianluca slapped Ignazio hard on the rear and Ignazio paid him back in the middle of a song. Pictures were not allowed at this venue.

Between dinner and the concert I noticed this picture Piero tweeted from his hotel room.

The Milwaukee Theater

Here’s a close-up picture I took earlier from my hotel room.

DSCN0326 cropped marie

I fell asleep dreaming They were in the room above mine.

The next morning Michele came to my room to tell me Ignazio was in the gym. Of course, I immediately threw on some clothes and flew. There he was on a treadmill! He wore earphones and was singing!!! I pretended I was just exercising on an elliptical machine. Soon though, I’m embarrassed to say, the raving fan took over my brain and body. I walked over and tapped him on the shoulder. He took off the earphones and smiled. I told him I had enjoyed the concert the night before and could I please take a picture. He said “sure” and started to step off the treadmill. I stopped him and said “I don’t want to interfere. Please just continue exercising and I’ll snap one.” He said “OK”, smiled (dreamily), put the earphones back on started walking and I took this picture and left.

DSCN0339 - marie


I’m a little ashamed about interrupting him during what I’m sure was a non-fan time. I blame my mom. If I had been raised properly I probably wouldn’t have done that. Michele and I spent a few minutes outside the gym just listening to him sing. You know I wanted to run back inside and… So, Michele and I went down to breakfast.

After we sat down we noticed two of the Il Volo band members at the next table. We recognized the drummer and the guitarist. When they got up to leave I stopped them and told them how much we enjoyed the show. Believe it or not they were thrilled and stood by our table talking for a while. I asked them if I could take their picture. They immediately and happily surrounded Michele – very closely. It might have been her blonde hair and green eyes! I’ll save that picture for her and share this one.

DSCN0341 marie

They left and Barb Vitali sat down at the table across from ours. We told her we loved the concert then left her to her toast and juice. She was in a hurry and said the bus was loading in 5 minutes.

We finally checked out, had the car brought around and how lucky, there they all were loading the bus. We stayed way back by the car and took a few shots.

Bye Gianluca!

DSCN0346 - cropped marie

Bye Ignazio! (I should have run back in that gym and…)

DSCN0342 - cropped marie

Bye everyone! Hope to see you all again soon!

DSCN0347- cropped marie


Oh! Wait a minute. I almost forgot (sure!). Before the bus left. Before Barb and the band. Even before Ignazio in the gym. I spent more than 30.58 minutes alone with Piero. Yeah, I did! That’s next.

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  1. Ha! MORE than 30 Minutes (!) and all to myself. No email explanations. Believe me I spell it out completely in my next post! Hold on to your cappelli!

  2. Hats off to our Ace Il Volo Reporter! Scoop Crider, you never cease to amaze me with your talent. A great read indeed. Thanks. You make me feel so welcome to this incredible site.

  3. Marie, 30 minutes ALONE with Piero?!! Good golly! How did you ever arrange that?!And I have to be happy with just a two-second hug. If and when you and I attend the same concert again, I will follow you around like your shadow!

  4. Oh you lucky lucky bum! Love hearing about the tour through your eyes. Am still waiting for Mari to publish mine, but I understand she is just slammed. So will wait patiently for it. Would much rather have her keep up on the current stuff…history is good, but not when current events are better!!!

  5. Marie, I have a few questions (since Milwaukee was my home before Las Vegas for 20 years.) which hotel were you and they at ? Did they have orchestra with ensemble or only ensemble ?
    The Milwaukee theater is ok – for years when I lived there it was usually looked down on by musicians. I have seen it since it got a re-hab but basic design is the problem. It does, however, hold nearly 4000 which is good for Il Volo. I missed you in Milwaukee by three days. It is great to hear these stories of life on the road for Il Volo and fans.

    1. another question from the former Milwaukean – what restaurant did you have dinner at? For hotel, Were you at the Hyatt ?

      1. Yes, the Hyatt. Full huge orchestra. So large it hid the Boys on occasion. Theater was lovely. Told me capacity was 4,800. Restaurant was a charming Italian place across from the hotel . Name eludes me. Help Minnesota ladies!

  6. I am still trying to figure out if you ladies were staying in the same hotel as Il Volo? Did you know the crew was eating in that resturant? Inquiring minds want to know. I would die knowing they were in the same hotel sleeping as me.

  7. Thanks Marie, for another great post! OMG if I had seen Ignazio in the exercise room, I probably would have been on that treadmill with him! Ha! Wow!!!! You are one lucky lady!!!

      1. You certainly have more self control than me, Marie!! I would have been on that treadmill in a heart beat!!! Oh, my, what a hunk!!!
        Has anything more been said about the possibility of our guys being in Vegas in Nov or Dec??

  8. And….Whatever you guys did to the settings on this site, the faded gray print is now a nice, sharp black! Thank you!

    1. Yes, thanks to whoever is responsible for the improvement in the print. I was having a hard time reading it, but now it is great. Thanks for listening to us and taking care of it.

  9. The restaurant was The Calderone Club Downtown. Marie…you are pure and sweet charm from head to toe. I will be following in Allene’s shadow as she follows YOUR shadow on the next tour!! Love you! 🙂

  10. Yes! I have easy to read black print now!! Thank you who ever did this fix!! Appreciate it!

  11. Just got back from a gambling trip for 5 days in Laughlin, Nev. Could not wait to open up my tablet to read anything new about our guys. Marie, you are sooo great and so LUCKY. Please don’t let us wait too long regarding your one on one with PIERO. Their taormina concert was awesome. Ignazio was AWESOME. I hope he sings that song (his solo) which he sang when he was 15. He sounds incredible. Get on your keyboard Marie. We will be waiting. Thank you for all you do to keep us abreast regarding our lovely trio.

    1. Spent lots of time at Laughlin. My mom’s favorite gambling City. We would stop there if we still had money after leaving Vegas!

      Do you mean my favorite Baby Ignazio number? Il Mare Calmo Della Sera?

      Thank You!

  12. Marie–You see our guys EVERYWHERE !! As I said in your last post– Next year I’m gonna be everywhere you are and attached to you hip at all times day and night !! You’re a IL Volo magnet !! My heart skips a beat just reading about your close encounters !! Can’ t wait to hear about your 30 minutes with Piero !! You practically had a date with him !!

  13. Marie, its a good thing you did not say you spent 30……. minutes with Ignazio!!!!! I just love your stories, you always make me laugh. I noticed in the picture you took of Ignazio on the treadmill, that the third man down looked like their piano player?

    1. I think you’re correct. I think that’s the piano player.

      P.S. I could not spend 30 minutes with Ignazio and tell about it! I would be all over that poor boy!


    You must have powerful good IL VOLOKarma.You really know how to make a pirate gnash her teeth in envy. I tell you I am someday going to find you and SIT ON YOU UNTIL YOU CONFESS WHAT YOUR SECRET SPELL/POTION/HYPNOSIS OR THE VOODOO YOU DO SO WELL.

  16. PIRATE!!!!! TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!!!! I’ll help hold her still while you do the sitting and the interrogating! Her luck MUST be the result of some secret magic. There is no other explanation! Captain Crider, BEWARE!!! WE’RE COMING FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Ok, One Eye and Bait! I’m beginning to worry! Of course it’s magic. THEY are magic. But (aarrrgghh) I lived chapter four and you didn’t! Neither one of you conspirators did!! Stuff that in you parrot! Threaten to hold me down, will ya!

    1. Marie, I agree with all of the above comments. Piero is my favorite and I would have been tongue tied if that happened to me . Hurry and tell all,

  18. You know, when Marie told us about meeting up with Mr.Dimples in the gym, I couldn’t help but wonder what went through his darling Italiano mind: Consider if you will this scene:
    Marie: ” Helloooo Ignazio, what a surprise to find you here.”
    Ignazio :” OHH, uh, hello nice to see you again dear lady, which cheek do you want to claim today?”
    BUT…he secretly was thinking: “Mio Dios! Come hat fattua tronvarini una tale presa in giro conriglio”
    And the part that Marie did NOT tell us was how she then drug him off the treadmill and into a dark corner and…..welll thats for another time.

  19. Connie! You must have been there too! That’s exactly what happened. In fact…we’re still in the corner and…!

    I know Linda, don’t say it! Heading for the shower.

    1. Oh for crying in my grog, I did not translate Ignazio’s words right.

      He said: “Mio Dio! Come ha fatto a trovarmi? Una tale presa in giro puma coniglietto!”

      Which anyone with a sense of fine Sciliian Italiano knows translates as ” My God! How did she find me? Such a tease cougar bunny”

      Then I would be remiss if I didn’t add the trailing off of his voice ” Aiuto! Aiuto Piero! Gianluca! Buddino! Aiuuuuuutooooooo”

      I am sure no one needs that translated.

      1. I showered, but then did you see what the Pirate said? She needs to stop doing that and leave me alone.

        (Pirate, that works for me! shhh!)

  20. Oh, Marie, did I miss your report on Piero??? What, you haven’t sent it yet. Can’t you stop mooning over Ignazio in the gym and get with it?? We are dying here.

  21. Oh Mary, really soon. I promise. To be honest it’s been done quite a while and I’m dying for you to read it! So much is going on right now.

  22. Marie, somehow I missed that you actually saw Ignazio too…did you tell me that and I got so caught in the 1/2 hour w/Piero story I didn’t hear that part?

    Yes, ladies. If you’re with Marie or Michelle or Elaine–stick to ’em like glue! 😀

    I’m glad everyone can see the comments better. 😃. Word Press makes me look good. 😉

  23. Marie, I just read this and how Ignazio was so nice to let you take a picture while he was on the treadmill! You sure know how to scope him out. I cannot wait to read about your encounter with Piero! I’ll check every day and hope it is printed here soon! How exciting for you! You certainly made the most of your time in Milwaukee! When I went to Nashville, we drove down a street past the Sheraton (I’m pretty sure it was there)that is where IL VOLO stayed. This was about 11:30 or midnight after the concert and from the car window, we could see Gianluca on a couch in the lobby talking to two women, fans or friends, I do not know. But you could see him through this huge picture window (the entrance) we didn’t feel we could interrupt him if he was with someone (damn) so the four of us in the car just sat there and stared for a few seconds! Alas, Marie, I am no where near as lucky as you are to meet up close and personal with these guys!

  24. Thanks Chris. Good to hear from you. You almost had your own close encounter! Just looking at them is phenomenal! So is just listening to them. Like Michele and I did outside that gym door!

    Posting my final chapter today.

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