Il Volo in China

This picture is posted on Il Volo website earlier and it officially confirmed that our guys are in China.



There is also this confirmation from GG on his Instragram.  It looks like they are off to a great start with greetings from beautiful young girls (Lol!).



Our guys mentioned that they will appear on a TV show to start the Chinese New Year (aka Spring Festival) celebration.   I am not too familiar with the TV program in China but I think most celebration show is aired on New Year eve.  Chinese Central TV is the official and main TV station in China and its main program to celebrate Chinese New Year is the “Chinese New Year Gala”.  According to Wikipedia this is the most watched television program in the world with average of over 700 million viewers.  However, this show is supposed to air live on New Year’s Eve which for this year is on February 18.  We know our guys will only stay for a week so if they would appear on this show it must be prerecorded.  Anyway I think it doesn’t matter which program they will appear on because one thing for sure is they will attract millions of new fans.  It’s about time to spread the most beautiful voices to the world most populated country!

By the time this post is up it should be morning in Beijing.  From the official photo we know they have been to the world largest square – Tiananmen Square.  Here are my list of places and things that I think its worth for them to do while they are there:

  1. Visit the Great Wall (need no introduction, who doesn’t know about the Great Wall!)

  2. Visit the Forbidden City (largest ancient palatial structure and one of the five most important palaces in the world)

  3. Watch Beijing opera (one of the most important aspects of Chinese culture in art and music, also it has a lot of familiarity with Italian opera)

  4. Eat Peking duck (simply yummy!)

Enjoy and have a wonderful time in China guys!

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  1. I am also new to the website, altho I have been an Il volo lover ever since I saw Gianluca win on Italy’s contest. I am a little reluctant to say so in public, some of my family think I am obsessed with them. Since I am 86 I think I can be if I want to. I am drawn to Gianluca because of the class he seems to have. Today’s young people seem so crude and puffed up if they have any success, it ruins them. I hope their families can keep them grounded and unspoiled.

    1. Jac,there are a few of us that are considered senior citizens and obsesses with the young men. I have to stop calling them boys since they are growing up. I am 79 but lucky to have children and people around who laugh and let me talk about my favorite subject.

  2. Gianluca looks very happy and rested. He needs to remember his scarf….Piero and Ignazio are staying warm. ☺ Very exciting for them to be in this fascinating country. Hoping for a video if possible. The people will fall in love with them, just as we all did and are!!! xxoo ♥

  3. Thank you so much Elaine for your post. I am excited for the boys to be in China…. another notch in their belt toward worldwide exposure. I’m hoping they will be able to visit the fascinating places you mention…and we get pictures. Only one I can attest to…. Peking Duck… (It IS wonderful!) xièxiè

  4. Elaine– I have been to China and it is a very fascinating country. Beijing is very cosmopolitan with wonderful 5* hotels but the air pollution is intolerable. A photo was posted today with our guys wearing masks. Very smart !!! They have to protect their voices against the elements including the cold air. I hope they get to see some of the memorable sights that you mentioned and enjoy feasting on Peking Duck. Yummy !!!

  5. I have been to China briefly. Also I have a Chinese daughter in law who lives in Sydney Australia. I will forward this blog on to her. Joanie G

  6. Does anyone know when Il Volo will release a new dvd? I know I will never get to see them in person , I live in Oregon and I don’t think they will ever come here, also I could never afford the price so I have to rely on tapes. I watch them on my computer almost every day. Hope it is soon. Jac

    1. Il Volo is releasing a CD on February 24th called “Sanremo Grande Amore”. Six songs from previous Sanremo winners and “Grande Amore” the song they are singing in this competition. I believe they will have a full CD later this year. I live in Texas and hope that they will come here soon.

  7. you all should go over to “All things Il Volo” and read Gary’s post and explanations on this China visit, it gives so much light to their visit and how important it really is. it was so quietly done that I thought it was just a casual visit and not as important as it is. after reading Gary’s comments, I am so excited and all of a sudden I see big things on the horizon because I predict that they are going to be as popular over there as they are in North and South America. anyway. go and see His post, it is the first post at the moment, and He put in a video of when they were in Malaysia and we can hear the girls screaming. I am getting scared!!!!!

    1. Thank you Deanne for telling us about Gary’s information on ATIL. I must clear up thought the Beijing TV Spring Gala is different than the CCTV “Chinese New Year Gala” as mentioned in my post above. Beijing TV is a local channel while CCTV is the official TV station of China. The viewership of the BTV new year show is therefore smaller but nevertheless since it’s a populated country, we are still talking about millions and millions of audience.

  8. Gary also listed some of the artists from different countries that will participate.
    Collabro of UK is made up of several young men and just won the UK talent show.
    Hope we get to see the TV show on February 17. It was an honor for Il Volo to be asked to represent Italy. They love the screaming girls and us older ladies wish we could hear them sing. Very exciting times for them and their fans.

  9. My experience in Beijing was a very exciting time but the air was very polluted . I hope that the guys protect their throats.

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