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Tutto quello che vorresti sapere su di noi!
Inviaci una domanda personale entro 24 ore alla mail
Le 30 domande più curiose saranno pubblicate e le prime 3 riceveranno una nostra video dedica. Al termine del ?#?contestgrandeamore? ogni partecipante riceverà un’email con tutte le risposte e un pensiero speciale da tutti noi.



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  1. I just sent off my question. It made me cry just to compose it and send it.

    Ahh me, I have become a sappy pirate in my years on this planet.

  2. Pirate where is the email address where we are supposed to send the question to the guys or am I reading this wrong

  3. Jena, thanks for posting this information. I hope someone can do this all the time because otherwise we might miss requests for voting or doing some project like this one.

    1. Gina – you are welcome. I didn’t find out until a bit late, as I was tired and took a nap after dinner, etc. Woke up about 11p and looked at my Instagram and wow! I quickly figured out the details and called Marie so she could post! It’s amazing how much is really out there and all the different sites, etc. You really have to be connected to several to find out what’s going on. Il Volo must have a direct line to the one in Mex, as they seem to know the most what’s going on. I find it surprising that their own website has very little information on it?

  4. EVERYONE WHO LOVES IGNAZIO please check “Il Volo Mundial Official” Facebook and vote for Ignazio. I am not sure if it said tenor or person of year 2014. You click on his picture. I am not smart enough to copy the web infromation.

    1. If you get to the site, you can do a right click and your system should be able to translate it into English. I was able to find where the voting is (down on the right and it translates to “vote for these characters) and if you click on the link under Ignazio, a short little bio comes up, here it is:

      Cheerfulness and freshness of his twenty years with an impressive tenor voice. From Marsala to the most important international stages the step was lucky and short; participation in a regional song contest and meeting with the songwriter Franco Fasano led to his debut on tv Rai program “Ti lascio una canzone”. Here he met his traveling companions Piero and Gianluca was born – in 2009 – the trio “flight”. Since then, five years of concerts and performances with great artists: from Pooh and Massimo Ranieri, from Anastacia to Barbara Streisand. And very little will come the seal: the flight is in the race for the Festival of Sanremo 2015.

      Here is the site/link:

  5. Hello all! Just got home and it appears the contest is now over. Per the Il Volo facebook site, this message was on there from the guys “YOU HAVE WRITTEN MORE THAN 1000 MAILS IN JUST 24 HOURS! WE THANK YOU ALL WITH THE HEART AND WE WILL ANSWER TO THE 30 SELECTED QUESTIONS IN THE NEXT DAYS. WE ARE REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO ENGAGE YOU AGAIN SOON! WE NEED ALL YOUR #GRANDEAMORE AND SUPPORT IN VIEW OF #SANREMO2015” Along with a beautiful picture! I know we all want one of our questions to be one of the 30 chosen, however, I’m sure even if ours is not chosen, it is probably one we wish we would have asked!! I personally sent them almost 30 questions in my email! Lol! Looks like they will actually be going through the questions themselves, which is nice. Thought maybe they might have someone else sift through them first? Wonder what our little surprise gift will be? I’m thinking maybe a copy of an autographed picture? Of them winning Sanremo, of course!

    I did a little checking last night… if they win Sanremo, they will automatically get the option to go to Eurovision, which will be in Vienna the end of May. So, if they win, and they go to Eurovision, it will be over the end of May – May 23, I believe it said, to be exact? Good news, is that it shouldn’t affect their summer tour, unless they are bound by some kind of contract if they win, like American Idol, or something? If anyone recalls ABBA, they won Eurovision in 1974, with Waterloo. I liked them growing up!

    I hope everyone was able to send in their questions that wanted to do so. I felt kind of bad, as I called Marie at 11:00p last night, as I wanted to be sure she got this posted before she left for Florida! Thank you, Marie!!

    Until next time….

    1. From the facebook page, it looks like they posted their message about 3:00pm EST, so I may have been off an hour, but if you got it to them by 3p ESt, you should be ok?

      1. Okay since I am on Pacific time I think I may have gotten it in just under the wire

    2. Gosh, let’s hope so!! However, you’ve definitely piqued my curiousity! What did you ask that made you sad? I’m hoping maybe others will share their questions and then when they come for the meet/greet, we can ask them some directly? Don’t know, are we allowed to do that? I’ve heard that when you finally get to meet them, you suddenly become speechless?

      1. Jana, I first said that Great artists often establish a cause or charity, if Il Volo did this what would be theirs? I think I threw in words like suffering, the poor and Pope Francis. I composed it quickly because I was rushed once I forced curious or nosey questions away. You see, I work for a church and I am very fond of our Pope and the idea of doing all you can do to ease the troubles of the world. Then I throw in the idea of these three amazing young men that I love, doing something like this….and I figured us fans would get behind it. So the tears came up. So like a good pirate I banished the tears and hit send!
        Believe me I did not say all this in that little email but my emotion was clearly there!

      2. Pirate, what a beautiful and lovely sentiment. Maybe you should have said all that? I hope they think that a “curious” enough question to answer, but they may need more time to ponder the answer? I am Catholic also and am certainly fearing all of the troubles in the world right now…. I hope there will be a world for the guys and their children and grandchildren to grow up in! Maybe they will change the world?

        I did kind of have a “V8” moment a little while ago – that email address and the contest would have also been the perfect opportunity for us to tell them how we really feel about certain things, since it seems they might actually read all the questions themselves? I hope a few people did? Oh, well – maybe next time!? Wonder if it’s still active? If they were smart, they’d delete it quickly!!

      3. During my m&g with them, I already knew in my heart what to do when finally I was in front of these handsome young men. We were so hurried that you could tell the boys did not like it. I hugged Gian first and very tight I might add. Then piero. He was so sweet. He said “hello sweetheart”. He got a very tight hug also. Ignazio got his cheeks squeezed. He said ” you two (my sister & I) were in the front row. I saw you”. That was it. We were told to take 2 picts and move on. Even though it was so quick, the closeness of them stayed with me for a very long time. They have matured even more now. That meeting was in Concord Sleep train Pavilion in Calif., in 8/27/13. Worth every penny of the $300. The concert was unbelievable. Their parents were their (Gian’s mom, Ignazio’s mom and Piero’s dad) along with Barbara Vitali. Can’t wait to see them again.

      4. Prese – that sounds so wonderful, but quick! Nice they let you take 2 pics? Wow $300 is a lot. Wonder if it’s the same price everywhere? I don’t think it was that much for the Detroit one last year? Also had a friend of mine that had a free one, sponsored by a car dealership. Unfortunately, she told me this AFTER the concert! Lol! I know what you mean about hugs…had a friend in Europe many, many years ago now and we gave each other two really big tight hugs and it still brings pleasant memories! Hope you got good pictures! Thank you for sharing. I’ve read a few other meet/greet stories, but there are not really that many of them? They are all a little different, except for the fact that you really don’t have a lot of time….

  6. TCM had a marathon of Mario Lanza movies – his first movie at 6 am and his 8th and last movie at 6 pm. Wonder if Il Volo will be making a movie soon. I ordered “The Great Caruso” on DVD. Caruso died in 1921 – Mario Lanza was born in 1921. Reincarnation? SMacL – what say thee?

  7. ATTENTION ALL DETROIT IL VOLOVERS: The Il Volo Detroit Fan Club is planning a birthday celebration for Gianluca on Wed, Feb 11 at Antonio’s in Dearborn Heights. They are asking you to go to their facebook page and post if you are interested in attending. There are currently about 8-10 that will be going. They are trying to get a headcount to make a reservation, so please go to their site if you are interested. More details are posted there. Antonio’s Restaurant sponsored Il Volo’s afterglow after their Freedom Hill concert last summer…

  8. Speaking of websites maybe unnoticed, don’t know if you’ve been voting here.
    chi vuoi che rappresenti I’Italia all EuroVision Song Contest 2015?

    We never seem to know whether they are pertinent or not, so I just vote wherever.

  9. Don;t know where that one came from. Looks like someone started their own. The 2nd one the one I was referring to. You can vote as many times as you want.

  10. Gary from All Things Il volo announced that Amazon in US is taking preorders for
    “Sanremo Grande Amore” Do not forget to vote for Ignazio for the ‘tenor for the year 2014″.

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