Il Volo Professional ~~ Eurovision Wrap Up

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 Hey, Everyone!

Well.  The whirlwind that is Eurovision is over, but we are experiencing — in a small way — how participating in this event can potentially change the artists’ lives forever.  As an American, it was interesting for me to stand by and watch this competition that is such a long-standing part of European culture and try to figure it out — which I kind of did…by the end.  😉

Watching the aftermath has been interesting as well, not only as a fan of music, but as a proud fan of Il Volo’s.  Could they make us love them any more?  At the end of the day, they did not and have not wavered from who we know them to be: young men of pure class and grace, with a fierce pride in their country and a deep understanding of who they are as individuals and as a group.  I have so much respect for the way that they went on what was essentially a world stage and said, “Here we are; This is us.  Pure and simple.”  It’s no wonder the people responded to that.

Along the way, The Guys seemed to enjoy themselves immensely.  They signed records, participated in charity events and made time to help their fans around the event chronicle it all for us.  Here’s one last look at Eurovision as they wrap up a week of recording in Bologna.

~~ Kelly

Record Signing ~~ EMI Record Store

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Random Fans and Fun Behind the Scenes

Working the Crowds and Wooing the press with Family Support

Eurovision Italia Facebook Photo Album ~~ Eurovision Italia; LiJoy


Il Volo Won the 2015 Marcel Besancon Press Award ~~ All About Il Volo

Showing Their Hearts for Humanity

Fondazione Francesca Rava - NPH Italia Onlus
Fondazione Francesca Rava – NPH Italia Onlus

Ramon Vargas per i bambini disabili di Haiti e Messico Photo Album ~~ Fondazione Francesca Rava Facebook; LiJoy

Ramon Vargas Biography ~~

Francesca Rava Foundation ~~

Eduardo Vargas Memorial Fund You Tube

 Eurovision Daily Day Zero ~~ Celebrating Life ~~ All About Il Volo

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Life Ball Website ~~

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15 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Eurovision Wrap Up”

  1. Kelly, you said it…they are simply the best and all of the world knows it whether they choose to admit it or not! Pure unadulterated talent is impossible to beat! Thanks to you , and to all who submitted photos and videos!! Can’t get too much Il Volo!!

  2. Great post today Kelly I agree with everything you said the guys were incredible at Eurovision and we all know even though they didn’t win the jury vote they won the European people’s vote and hearts and so many more fans than ever May their success grow and grow they are so special.

  3. You can’t fool me! There has got to be more than one group of Il Volo. A single group can not be in all the places the guys have been in just the past month. I hope one of those groups comes to North America!!! Soon!!!

  4. KELLY- i am not sure if I am the only one a little SLOW but I need for you to post again instructions on how and what to submit to the BOOK you hope to publish as a gift. IS THIS A BOOK FOR ALL BOYS? WHAT ABOUT PIERO’S BIRTHDAY? IS THAT IN THE SAME BOOK? Thanks

    1. It should be at the top now. Piero’s Birthday and the book are separate projects. 🙂 We are planning to get a book for each of the guys to keep.

      1. I thought the book was the birthday project. Are we supposed to submit different things? Now I am totally confused!

      2. Please send us Birthday Greetings for Piero as we will be doing a birthday post for him. But also send a picture or a comment for all of The Guys for the book. We will be giving each of them one as a gift when one of our readers goes to a few of their concerts in Italy in August.

      3. So the book will be the same for all three of them, is that right?

  5. Thank you Kelly!! We know & now the world knows that these young men are incredible!!! This Flight will continue with the Summer Italian Concerts, the PBS Special, recording in Pompeii, & the Fall release of the new album!! Much to look forward to!!! Grande Amore!!!

    1. I know we shouldn’t wish our lives away, but don’t we all wish it were October already?! 🙂

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